Apr. 29th, 2009

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Cage The Elephant is really the best bellwether we have for the 90s revival. Also, catchy tune. Too bad Live105 seems to have changed its programming to "a lot of 90s tunes, some late-80s tunes, and an occasional new tune". Fuckers.

OMG Favre SHUT UP. Also, if you put on the purple and gold, you will join the ranks of Names I Do Not Speak. Think about your legacy, son.

Still no nibbles on the job front, and CA is being slow about paying me unemployment. I need my money, fuckers!

CA may have whackadoodles and Prop 8, but at least we don't have Michelle Bachmann and Norm Coleman. Having met Norm, I can safely say he is a slimeball of the highest order.

I bought a red Trixie2 dress. I probably won't be going to the Kentucky Derby party I bought it for, but any chance to look bombshell-ish, right?

I whacked my head on Saturday, and I now have a spider bite on one of the tendons on the back of my neck. Between that and the wind, I'm having a hard time getting motivated for a run.

So, say I wanted to do a personal project and make a mock-up of a fake magazine. Would I be insane to try to make it All About Shakespeare's Characters? I would, wouldn't I? Focus on the form, not the content. Right. (Still, a rock-style magazine populated by bands based on Will's stuff would be awesome, IMHO.)

I had fucked-up dreams last night, all about bookstores and highschools and floods.

I should really go for a run.


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