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Hivemind help: I'm making a couple CDs for my work friend Ben. Ben is most often my co-bartender in crime, and our musical tastes overlap to the point where I can make a silly reference about, say, Taking Back Sunday, and he'll get it. So, I've rhapsodized, as I am wont to do, about both Lucero and MCR to him. He's heard some Lucero and likes them, but hasn't really investigated them further. MCR has, so far, failed to grab him. Which is fair, because what I heard of MCR on the radio failed to grab me (I blame you people for the eventual flail).

SO. What should I put on the Lucero and MCR CDs, respectively? I already have ideas for both, but would appreciate hivemind input! (I'm also going to make him a CD of Random Shit Juliana Likes, which will include Midtown, FOB, Corb Lund, and whatever else I feel like tossing on there.)

Songs already on the Lucero CD: San Francisco, All Sewn Up, Nobody's Darlings, And We Fell, I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight, Anjalee

Songs already on the MCR CD: Demolition Row, Teenagers, House Of Wolves, Thank You For The Venom, The Sharpest Lives

Thoughts! Concerns! Battle it out in the comments! (Oooooh, we could have a song deathmatch...)

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Famous Last Words? I Never Told You What I Do For a Living?


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