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Halloween in August? Halloween in August?

I was in the Walgreen's near my work, and there's an entire aisle of this. On August 27. ??

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Alaska Range Solstice
Alaska Range Solstice

Welcome back the light, and be kind to each other.
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Hugh Jackman, David Hobson, and Peter Cousen singing "We Three Kings".

It's ADORABLE. Three stage actors (well, Hobson is an opera singer) getting to play around with a beautiful carol. Love.

Also, my favorite version of "Carol of the Bells". Because Claymation is never not funny.

Watch this one just for the penguins.
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The icon is from a field near my hometown - Alaskan poppies just hanging out in the breeze, soaking up the sun. Aren't they pretty?
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Bonfires everywhere....

I've been listening to Vince Guaraldi a bit much, I think.

We were graced with a citywide glaze of ice yesterday, and today has the distinction of being the first day the snow has stayed on the ground for more than 4 hours.

It's odd to note the difference in celebrations from one community to the next. Here, Winter Solstice is a time for quiet reflection and drawing inward. In Fairbanks, it's a social holiday. Not as social as the Summer Solstice, but a time for public celebration nonetheless. As odd as this is for me to say, I think I like the Alaskan way better. The light has come back. What better way to welcome it than a big old party? There's always a slight element of mourning in Summer Solstice celebrations, because the light is going away again. And when you lose 7 minutes of light a day, it's damn noticeable.

All this contemplation has made me realize that this year was one of the last chances I have to celebrate the holidays up there. Clearly not happening this year, but perhaps the next.

I've been trying to find a picture of what the sun will do up there today, and I've found a few interesting sites:

An excellent photoblog of an Alaskan winter train ride (note: Z & I (and my mom, and everyone else who visits us) have gone white-water rafting on the Nenana River that shows up in here. In the summer, of course.)

Just general Alaskan winter stuff. Scroll a little more than halfway down to see the picture of the sun's trajectory today. Or just go here.

Our celebrations tonight will consist of decorating cookies to give as gifts. I had hoped to be out and about to give the cookies tonight, but it was not to be.

The wheel turns, and we face another cycle. Peace and love to everyone.
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Well it’s a pretty good day
I’m looking forward to tomorrow
To have a pretty good day
Yeah we’ll have a good day.

Last night, I commenced the pre-celebration for my birthday at karaoke, and sent out an email to that effect. People showed up that I hadn't seen in ages. For a while, there were just 5 of us - L, who's in my show; MA, who is dating L and is a good friend of mine; JJ, who is MA's best friend; JF, who is our lovely stage manager; and me. So it's a fairly close-knit group, and we had some fantastic banter going. It was just wonderful to be in a group that was trading focus back and forth, and not telling story upon story. I love the stories, but I miss the banter. More people showed up, people sang songs for me (including "Devil Went Down To Georgia"), there was much affection. It was very nice.

An unexpected benefit to being with Zach (or any non-jealous theater person, I suppose) is how freely I can get and give physical affection from the straight boys (the girls and gayboys never care). I still wanted to be affectionate when I was single, but misinterpretation abounded and forced me to back off. I need a lot of platonic physical touch - the more I get, the better I feel about myself, and the more I can give. It's a nice little cycle when it works.

Continuing the trend of Good Things, I received a huge birthday bouquet today from Mom and Barndad, full of snapdragons and Gerbera daisies. So. Pretty.

We're in the cusp of strawberries to raspberries season, meaning that there are tons of both at the Farmer's Market Downtown today, most of them direct from Bayfield, WI. I've already polished off a pint of raspberries, and I'm working on the strawberries now. Yum.

Tonight, I have rehearsal with the Three Hags, and then shopping & cleaning for the party. Tomorrow, I clean some more, run 7 miles, and go up to Alexandria to see Z's show. Saturday, I bring Z home, and we party. Sunday, karaoke again. Monday, collapse. I'm looking forward to it.

I put the following quiz in for the Magic User answer alone.....

LJ RPG Quiz )
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A sincere wish for a happy and prosperous New Year, whenever it falls.

Deep peace on the running wave to you
Deep peace on the flowing air to you
Deep peace on the quiet earth to you
Deep peace on the shining stars to you
Deep peace on the gentle night to you
Moon and stars shine their healing light on you
Deep peace to you

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This time last year, our office started getting inundated with Harry & David's & Godiva packages.

I am not very patiently waiting for the traditional chocolate offering.

I want chocolate. I have chocolate-flavored Viactivs.

That will have to do, I guess.......
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Running on ice really starts to hurt after a while. I need to get my hands on some of those treads that [livejournal.com profile] persephonemoon linked to a while back. Of course, if certain asshat homeowners, landlords, and supers would be timely about clearing snow and ice, I wouldn't have to worry about it. It makes me very mad to be walking on a public sidewalk and confront a sea of ice. What if [livejournal.com profile] chicating was visiting (which would be very cool. no matter what)? What about the people on crutches? What about people with plain old balance problems? Grrrr.

Speaking of injury, I've managed to further damage my right knee. Dammit. I hurt the tendons in that knee 10 years ago, not 4 months after having orthoscopic surgery on my left knee. I avoided (expensive) surgery and PT on my right knee by being very careful to stretch out properly and strengthen the surrounding muscles, etc. I guess 10 years is a pretty good record, huh? Damn. I'll check out PT and see if I can alleviate the symptoms before it gets bad enough to require surgery. Don't want surgery. Don't have time. At least, not until August. Maybe late April. Maybe.

So, I'm planning to run the L.A. Marathon in March. And [livejournal.com profile] redwright is making noises about joining me for either N.Y. or D.C. in October. And now I'll be riding with Zach for the Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride in July. I'm very curious as to when I became a jock. Not complaining, mind you. Just curious.

Made a new shortbread recipe last night and mailed it off to sundry peeps. Let me know how it turned out, please? I was far too full of starch to even think of trying a piece last night.

"Carol of the Bells" is stuck in my head. The thunderous piano version that my stepfather does. Luckily, this makes me happy.

I'm worried about Zach. He's sick, and very tired, and seems a little.... lost? Which is worrisome because he's opening a show Friday night. Also, he's never sick. Seriously. The man is a bull. Sigh....

Since I am a bad daughter and did not go "home" for Solstice, I've offered to come up on July 20th. Zach thinks he will be able to come up with me, and I might even get to see my cousin Laura. Which would rock.

I'm a little sad that I won't be making holiday cookies and booze for all and sundry, but it's probably for the best, as I am poor and am trying to save up. Z & I are talking about home ownership, and I would love to get LASIK done before that. I might make one small batch of cookies. Just for myself, 'cos I'm greedy like that.

The weekend

Dec. 1st, 2003 08:38 pm
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T'was fun, even with all the dramatical happenings.

Wednesday, worked, teched, and then went to the Market for karaoke. Many people were there, some that I hadn't seen in a while. Good times, even if I only got to sing once ("Slide").

Thursday, got up early and Zach and I cleaned the entire apartment, top to bottom. There was an amusing moment when Z didn't have anything to do (he was waiting for me to finish sweeping so he could start mopping), and nowhere to rest. 3 minutes later, I realized that I couldn't hear him and went looking for him, eventually finding him hiding in a closet. With the cat. I damn near died from the cuteness.

After cleaning and (completely gratuitous) food shopping had been accomplished, we went over to his aunt's house for their family celebration. That was.... interesting. It was the first Real big gathering since Rob died. Easter was only 5 days after Rob's death, and everyone was still sort of in shock. Zach doesn't remember a thing about Easter. So, Thursday was a little hard for the family, especially since Rob's birthday was only 6 days earlier. I'm sad to say that I didn't quite realize how badly it was affecting Zach until we were driving home. The gathering was good, of course. Just difficult.

Got home, got prepped, and our guests started arriving. We officially had Too Much Food by the second arrival, and the food just kept coming. Sally made the turkey and wonderful green beans as well as a double challah, RPK & Carl brought frozen veggies because they are boys through and through, Bob brought an amazing wine, Glenn brought a gorgeous array of cheeses, David brought pumpkin cheesecake, Matt brought 2 pumpkin pies, Kelly arrive late and brought another pumpkin cheesecake and a layered spinach torta thing. Zach brought spinach dip & Hawaiian bread, and I made mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables, and banana-cranberry bread. We were stuffed little monkeys. After eating, we played games and watched Eddie Izzard and just generally enjoyed each other's company.

I did not go to work on Friday. Too tired. I did run, and then discovered Zach's truck had gone kerflooey again. So, I went to tech, had dinner with Carl, and opened A Tuna Christmas. It's a fine show, if a completely whoring one. :) The guys in it, Michael and Jim, are two very lovely human beings, and are very patient, all things considered. It's their third year doing the show, and the producer was very slow to get them dressers (2 of which are absolutely needed), deck crew, and board ops. I would have been screaming in frustration long before they even let on anything was wrong. So. The downside to the darn show is that I have Christmas carols in my head, and the country versions at that. Gah. At least I'm not working retail, though.

Saturday was a two-show day, and I didn't go home between shows. Just stayed at the showboat, slept and read scripts. After the second show, Michael dropped me off at Zach's, and Zach and I stayed up for a while, talking and looking at house listings. Eeeep.

Sunday, exercised, did the show, ran 9 miles, picked up Zach from his closing show and went to a party at his director's house. That was quite fun, as it was the cast of The Foreigner, which Peter directed, and Othello, which Peter is in. The annoying part was the presence of Norm Coleman and the producer of The Foreigner and of Tuna Christmas sucking up to him the entire time. Gah. However, Peter's wife Karen owns 4 horses and needs people to help ride them. We got into a huge discussion of riding styles and favorite breeds and whatnot, and she might let me go ride her horses. Eeeeeeee! It's not even residual 12-year-old reaction that makes me so excited about this. This summer, when I went riding with Carl, I remembered how much I enjoyed it, and how natural it feels for me to be in the saddle. I'd love it if that worked out.

Um, what else was there? Well, Zach is sick with a nasty non-productive cough and a sinus infection, so naturally he has a show opening on Friday. Sigh. My marathon training continues apace. I had to reschedule a play reading because I took the tech gig. I felt a little wistful last night when talking to Angie and Brian, who are getting married this month. She's very excited and having fun with the planning and her mom and family's helping and yaddayaddayadda. I guess it's partially that I don't have a very cohesive family. We all love each other, of course (I may be excluding the Baptist Missourians from this, as I never talk to them), but we're all very independent and well, rather lazy when it comes to communication. I didn't even know that my aunt Karen was going blind until a year or so after she told my grandparents. Yipes. And hearing Angie's tales and watching Zach's aunts flock around his mom is wonderful and heart-warming, but it makes me a little wistful for something I've never had. Which is silly, because I'm incredibly grateful for my chosen family. Even though I have a very hard time keeping in touch with them, too. Le sigh.

So, over this Thanksgiving weekend, what did I remind myself that I'm grateful for?

- My family, both blood and chosen.
- My health.
- The Buffistas. You all have held my hand, smacked me when I needed a clue, given great advice, and just generally been there.
- The amazing human capacity for love.
- Champagne.

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Deck the Halls
You are 'Deck the Halls'! Lets be honest, it isnt
Christmas you are celebrating, is it? In fact,
you know full well that there were no shepherds
in the fields in December, and that the date of
Christmas was put at midwinter specifically to
coincide with the older celebrations of Yule
and the birth of Mithras. An unashamed Pagan,
you take great glee in the number of carols
referring to holly, evergreens and winters end,
and will sing them with gusto. You know where
they really came from. And you do enjoy the
seasonal celebrations, regardless of their
name... A merry Yule to you!

What Christmas Carol are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Not surprising. My favorite seasonal song is actually "Baby, It's Cold Outside", the Dean Martin version. Yum.
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Yes, A Charlie Brown Christmas is now on a permanent loop in my head, and will stay there for the next month or so. At least it's good music. At least I'm not stuck in a retail job, listening to their version of seasonal hell.

I will be working this holiday season, though. I didn't want to work through the season, but since I can't afford to do all the things I wanted to have time off to do, I decided to work. But it's not retail, and it's not serving. I'm teching A Tuna Christmas, which is the holiday version of Greater Tuna. Cute show, funny guys. We start teching tonight, in downtown St. Paul. Oy. 8 shows a week, but since 2 are weekday matinees, I'll only have 6 or so shows per week. Still.

Right. It can support my aging car, and my running habit, and my socialising habit. I just don't wanna.

It's also affecting my decision to go to Alaska for Yule/Solstice. I'd actually have to leave on the 23rd, and therefore miss Solstice. I'd be there for Xmas, and then leave on the 26th. That's too far to go for that short of time. BUT, my uncle and one of my cousins will be there. I'd like to see them, darn it. Grumble.

A month ago, I wrote:

[T]his time of year means I can rest. I can draw in, and I can rest. If the Light does not return, I continue to rest. If the Light does return, I will go back to my whirl of a life. But I cherish this time, this rest, this quiet, this settling, this drawing inward.

I can rest.

It's very pretty, but I haven't lived up to it. Between training for the marathon and falling back in lurve, I've been much more active than I usually am this time of year. Sure, I may still seem like I'm hibernating to the untrained eye, but believe me when I say that my calendar is a veritable whirlwind.

Speaking of training, last night was my first run in powder. Man, that was hard. But fun. All quiet and nice. Peaceful-like.

Right. Off for a 4-mile run, and then off to tech.


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