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Sorry, couldn't resist.

So, yeah. The weekend. I did have some apprehension surrounding it, for what I think were good reasons, but none of my fears were realized. It was the best possible visit and weekend that I could have hoped for.

Friday - I was picked up at MSP by [livejournal.com profile] briandmage, who took me to lunch at the Chatterbox, which is a very SF-feeling place. After lunch, I toured B's new (salmon-colored) home and then we went over to [livejournal.com profile] redwright's house. Much hugging and chatting and me ooh-ing over the home improvements ensued. S took me to the uptown Leaning Tower, where I met up with Marcy & Adam and their two daughters, Lisa & Spencer and their son, and Sean & Jen. I didn't recognize the Tower! They totally remodeled! Sigh. After dinner, I hauled ass down to Intermedia Arts to see [livejournal.com profile] scoundrel01 in Great Moments Of Kung Fu Theater History. Hi-larious. I especially liked the Kung-Fu Ionesco bit.

Post-show, Mike and I went back to his place so I could frass with his roommate (Bean) a bit while Mike warshed up and changed, and then we went over to [livejournal.com profile] dorajar's for a small gathering o'peeps. Mo, Mikey, Brian, Sally, Fred, Alisa, Dustin, Bob, Matt, and Dave were all there, and it was good. It was very good. I introduced everyone to Fernet (or, as they call it now, Ferret) and Corb Lund (mighty neighborly, mighty neighborly), we saw the "Rehab" video (no, no, no), there was much chatting and one-on-one time, and we were all very happy. Also, we had cowboy hats! It was a good time. Sally and I wandered home and hopped in the hot tub, and then beddy-bye.

Saturday, Sal and I went party-shopping and dress-shopping, because I LEFT MY DRESS IN SF. Augh! So we had to scour Dayton's/Marshall Field's/Macy's for a dress that would appropriately show off my tat and still not make me look preggers. We finally found a cute black-and-white polka-dotted halter dress that is vaguely rockabilly (and not at all stripper-like!). We finished up the shopping at Beyerly's, and then home, where I napped and they cleaned. Bad guest, no biscuit.

That night, I went with Sal to her show - I ended up having to park the car as she ran in to the theater, because downtown was insane. We found out later that Prairie Home Companion was at the State that night, with Wilco performing. I had to remember where my cheap super-secret parking spot was, but I got to see the show! It's amazing - Autistic License. Just wonderful. And then Sally and I sped back to the party - which was already in progress. That was the second time I've "returned to the fold" at a Sally party, the first one being after my accident. Both times, I was nervous as hell pre-party, wondering how it was going to be.

Oh, the party was wonderful. It was great to see so many people, and to have so many people see me happy and healthy, as opposed to the hollow shell I was when I left. I did my usual Sally-party thing of hanging out in the kitchen, right in front of the sink. At least that way people have to pass by me and say hello, right? PLUS, The Baron Von Raschke himself showed up to my party! How awesome is that? (Fred is in a show at the History Theater about MN wrestling, and it stars The Baron.) We partied far into the night, with a post-party hot tub. Yay. So much love contained in that night. So much.

Sunday, we staggered around, Fred made bacon and Grand Marnier French toast, Sal and I went to Target, and we all made calls to our respective mommas. Mo & Mikey came over to hot tub, and then we all went to karaoke at The 1029 Bar. The 1029? Large with the WTF and the amusement. It's a Nordeast bar, so it feels like a small-town dive bar. It's also a cop bar, and we were pretty much the only people doing karaoke that night. This made for some interesting expressions on the faces of the regular patrons. I heard one woman call her friend and said, "There's a bunch of theater people doing karaoke at The 1029. You gotta come down here and see this." Highlights of the night included Mo doing an interpretive dance to Carolyn's "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", Mike (and Terry and Fred) dancing to Sally singing "Everything's Comin' Up Roses", Mo and Sal and me singing "Rehab", Terry, Carolyn, Fred, and Mike singing "Bohemian Rhapsody", Carson singing some Motorhead song and "Apeman", Sal singing "I'll Fly Away"... Much hilarity. Oh, and Carl stopped by! Awesome. It was great to see him.

Monday, I just packed up and waited for Mikey to pick me up for lunch at Wasabi, where we were joined by Mo, Brian, Debbie, Sally, and Heather (my college roomie). After lunch, I said my good-byes to most everyone and went with Heather to see her husband John and their new house in north St. Paul. Then, I flew home. And left my cowboy hat on the plane, which upsets me all out of proportion. I choose to blame the toddler that was in the row with me - he was small enough to sit on his parents' laps, and he would. not. shut. up. the. entire. damn. flight. I'm pro-kids, but that was a little trying. To his parents' credit, they were doing their best to keep a very active toddler occupied and quiet - he just wasn't cooperating. I think they even gave him toddler Benadryl at one point, which didn't seem to have an effect. So. I miss that hat - it had a lot of great memories attached to it.

It was a wonderful and odd weekend. Minneapolis is at once familiar and strange - I know where most everything is, but it repeatedly struck me how flat/green/spread-out it is. It felt a little isolating, actually - everyone in their own houses, doing their own thing. I think I would have to still be in theater if I had stayed - otherwise I'd be too apart from everything. Given how much healthier I am out of theater, that's a little scary. I miss everyone so much, it physically hurts. But it felt so nice to be back in SF, to see the Bay, to be among a lot of people. I spent the weekend listening to people talk about their houses and theater, and I have no personal stake in either. My path has seriously diverged from the life my friends lead, from the life I was leading. I still mourn what I had, while being happy in this new life. I enjoyed all the love from this weekend, and it was brought home to me that I probably cannot return permanently. When I left Alaska, it was gladly. I knew all along I didn't belong there. When I left Minneapolis, it was because I had to. I never quite fit in, but I managed to carve out a niche for myself. I miss my friends and that community so very much.

However, living here has been incredibly good for me. It was remarked a few times how much more relaxed I am now, how much more able I am to roll with things. I don't worry about my place here, I don't worry about being wrong, I'm not in fear of saying the wrong thing. (Well, I do, because I'm me, but you get the drift.) Part of that is not being in an unhealthy relationship any more, and I do think part of it is how accepting California is. And, part of it is due to the relationship with Martin. He's taught me a lot - or, at least, listened to me and offered comments as I've worked through things.

I need a French phrase or German word for feeling happy and melancholy at the same time. Happiness at the present situation, but keenly missing the past. Something. That's where I am, at any rate.

Almost no pictures were taken last weekend, so here is a fuzzy one from Edwin's cellphone:

Ari, Carolyn, and Juliana, 5-11-07 Ari, Carolyn, and Juliana, 5-11-07
Carolyn and I are (drunkenly) trying to look like Bond girls. Ari is, of course, Bond. Ari Bond.

I swear

Nov. 16th, 2006 03:53 pm
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I think I will remember karaoke in Nashville until the day I die, especially the entire bar bellowing along to "You Never Even Called Me By My Name" and the mildly baffled looks on the faces off [livejournal.com profile] alterjess and [livejournal.com profile] wildgreentide.

So. Much. Fun.

Still can't believe the bar ran out of Jack, though. I thought that was piped into every home in Nashville!
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Seriously, y'all. She's, what? 68, and she can still kick everyone's ass. Check out the following clips on YouTube (I know I can embed video now, but I'd like y'all to not hate me):

Tina Turner performing "Proud Mary" on Ellen in 2005

Tina Turner performing "Proud Mary" on the What's Love Got To Do With It? tour in 1994

In contrast, Beyoncé sang "Proud Mary" at Tina's Kennedy Center Honors. While Beyoncé was certainly paying homage to Tina (girl definitely did her homework, the clip is worth watching just for the speaking bit), she could not hope to touch the greatness that is Tina Turner.

And for reference, the Ike & Tina Turner Revue on Ed Sullivan

For the hell of it, Tina, Cher, & Elton John on VH1 Divas Live in '99 (the sound's not synced with the video, but it's still pretty damn cool).

(I think I need a Tina icon with the words Big Damn Hero. Anyone wanna make it for me?)

The reason for this mild obsessiveness is that I sang "Proud Mary" last night, and it Kicked. My. Ass. I sang it well, and I did about half the choreography, but HOLY HELL is that song hard to sing at the proper intensity/energy. (Yes, I know training would probably help with that. Hush. I'm only a karaoke singer - a good one, but still.) The fact that this woman can do this at 68? She is a Big Damn Hero.
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Half the regulars must have been at Star Wars. Not complaining, though. We had a great group of people at our table, and I got to talk to every single one of them. I like it when there's less people, because we get to be more rowdy. As in - someone drank beer out of someone else's clog last night. Whackiness and hijinks continued to ensue. (I love the word hijinks. I think it's the three dotted letters right in a row.) (And now I just realized that I repeat my love of the word hijinks every 8 months or so. I should pay more attention to what I write.)

I also talked to a friendly acquaintance who was there the night I fell. He has a better memory of what happened than anyone else, so I got to hear further details (though I didn't need to know what the impact sounded like. Really, I didn't).

Stayed out too late because I was talking, but I did get a 9-mile run in yesterday before rehearsal, so I'm not kicking myself too hard. Must get food soon, though.

18 paper resumes going out today. 5 emailed resumes went out yesterday. I also applied to 6 internal positions. Nothing like work-related stress dreams to kick my ass into gear, is there?

(I've started listing music lately, but it's only what's in my head here at work. No radio in the cube for the juliana. She finds it rude.)
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Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup,
They slither wildly as they slip away across the universe.
Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind,
Possessing and caressing me.

I sang the Fiona Apple version of "Across The Universe" at karaoke last night, and now I fear that I'll never be able to get it out of my head. Despite liking the song ever since I'd heard it as a wee thing, I never quite understood the mantra "jai guru deva om", and I assumed Lennon was singing "start a new day". As I'm not one for analysis or even looking up the lyrics (unless I'll be singing the song), I was under that misapprehension until yesterday. Whoops.

Karaoke was fine - lots of people showing up after Fringe shows, some conventioneers, and the usual mix. I stayed out too late. Again. Very tired today. However, we will have ice cream and cupcakes later on in the day, so it all works out.


May. 6th, 2004 09:42 am
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It was a late night, but we had fun. There were some annoying people at karaoke (including another birthday celebration for someone who was clearly just 21), but they cleared out pretty early and we essentially had the bar to ourselves. That was fun. There was also a rare late-night drunken foray to the SA, because it was Z's birthday and he needed food. (I'm normally under strict orders to not allow the 1 a.m. SA runs to occur.) So. That was that.

I'm in my new cube, and it's not great fun. It's more centralized, so EVERYONE walks by. Yeargh. Oh, well.

Meme Time!!

7 Deadly Sins )
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Not a busy weekend, but enjoyable.

Friday, house managed for Come Back To The Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. It's an okay show. Two of the actors turned the best performances I've ever seen out them, which is always nice to see. I'm not a big fan of the script, and the lead actor didn't do anything new. But it wasn't a bad way to spend the evening.

Saturday, I did very little. Partially because my back is leading an all-out revolt, and partially because I didn't want to. So I didn't. I cleaned my apartment and went over to Zach. He taught me how to play cribbage so I can play it with my grandpa when we go up this summer. (Side note: I adore playing board games. I'm glad Z does too, though we have to find another trivia game.)

Sunday, we got Z a different bike brace (to make a real bike stationary - I had given him one that acted as a treadmill, but it was a touch too small for him), went to the Timberwolves game, had dinner, went to karaoke. I'd forgotten how much I love watching live basketball, and watching Kevin Garnett play is a joy. He's so tall, and he and his teammates use that advantage ruthlessly. He's also very aware of where everyone is on the court, and makes most passes without even looking at the recipient. I love watching someone who is so good at what they do, and so in control of their body. It's fabulous.

Karaoke last night was just the right mix of people to keep me hopping, and I failed to drink enough water. Blast. I'm not really hung over, just logy. I did get up early enough to make a smoothie for breakfast, so very little is lost.

Sang "Rock This Town", "Come Dancing", "Express Yourself", and "Welcome To The Jungle". I am a bear of very little voice right now. Carolyn is back from her Florida tour, Sally is back from her work hell, and Brian stopped in before traipsing off to San Diego for 5 weeks. Chatted with Heidi and Ben for a while. I want to like Heidi, I do, but there's something... I don't know. Something about her creeps me out, and I can't quite pin it down. Hrm. Anyway. Usual cast of characters, nothing too exciting occurred, and now it's Monday. Yippee. We're seeing Buried Child tonight, and then we start rehearsals for Driving Miss Daisy. Whee. First time stage managing in a dog's age, but it's a good cast and a good paycheck.

I've already mentally spent half of my first paycheck. I don't even know when or how I'm getting paid, but I'm ready to:

- fetch my drycleaning
- get my next tattoo
- buy a month membership at the Y

I'm also considering fixing the car, but I need to get an estimate first. Oy. They haven't declared a snow emergency yet, but if I have to move the poor thing, I want to just move it to the mechanic. I don't think it can take much more than that. If I had a bay (and tools), I'd be tinkering with the damn thing myself. But I don't, so I won't.

No word on new job yet. Have emailed chatty friendly thank-you note. Should have sent actual letter. Is it too late? Should I call?

Want to go dancing tonight. Won't, due to poverty. Grump.

Work time.

Come dancing,
All her boyfriends used to come and call.
Why not come dancing, it's only natural?

(Man, I love the horns in there....)


Jan. 22nd, 2004 02:22 am
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Whuf. Interesting, interesting night. Yes.

Sang 3 songs - "Jack and Diane", "These Boots Were Made For Walking" (request), and "I Want Your Sex". I was iffy on singing the last one, because there were conventioneers.

Ah, conventioneers. The bar is very close to the convention center, so conventioneers will occasionally stumble our way. I'm normally grateful for the business, but... Well, it's much like when a small town is adacent to a military base (like Fairbanks). The GI's are miles and miles away from home, having to at least fake like they are enjoying themselves, and, as a rule, are on the make. Conventioneers, not being 18 nor having a freshly-shaved head, are not quite as bad, but I think you get my point. When they walk in, they get watched. Especially when the group is entirely male. Most of the time, it's not an issue. Tonight, it wasn't really an issue. Some were pigs, but most respected the space.

However, there was still that heightened watchfulness, which, in some of my friends, translates into a readiness to fight. Why? Because they're idiots. Anyway. This time, it was my friend DP. DP is a bartender-cum-actor/tech director, and he has had to 86 many a person from his bar, sometimes needing to do so multiple times for one person. The brother of one such person walked in with 15 minutes to go, and plopped his ass down at our table. He holds a grudge against DP. Fair enough. However, it's our table and has been for over 4 years. We don't know him, we didn't invite him. DP was making noises about fighting, and Idiot Dude (ID) was baiting him. Finally, since DP, Z and I were sharing a cab home, I plopped down next to ID and asked him why he was at our table and why he was bothering my friend.

Now, you have to understand. I don't do that. I am non-confrontational in the extreme. But I've been working on standing up for myself and my friends, so I decided to try to avert the mayhem. DP, not helping, told ID that he was in real trouble now that I was in the mix. ID asked why he should be scared now that a woman was talking to him. This was followed by a leaning back by everyone who was watching, waiting for the explosion. I told ID that he needed to go, that this was our table, that he was bothering us. He replied that he was going to sue me, that this was America and he knew his rights (oy. [livejournal.com profile] theferret has something to say about that attitude, but I can't find the post), that he couldn't be removed from the table. I told him that it was a privately-owned establishment, and they reserve the right to kick out or move whomever they wish. He demanded to see the papers declaring that it was a private establishement. After a few rounds like this, and after our friend M got into it as well, I caught the barback/bouncer's eye and jerked my head toward ID, asking him to kick ID out. He tried, and ID threatened to sue his ass for a breach of Constitutional rights.

Finally, ID left, calling DP out the entire way. DP was more than ready to follow him out, but M and I managed to persuade him that jail time would be non-conducive to him getting to rehearsal. Three was much patting of the back and manly thumping, as well as compliments on how I handled ID. The cab came, and we left.

There's not many nights like this. I wouldn't go if there were. But sociologically? It's fascinating. And personally? I'm kind of proud of myself. I wish I had had the wit to cut this drunkass down so he would have left on his own. but that's something I doubt I'll ever have. What I do have now is the knowledge that I can tell people to stop bothering my friends and take a complaint to management if they want to or if I need to. A little bit of faith in myself. That's pretty cool.

Man. It's past 2 a.m. I will be an incoherent wreck tomrrow. Oy.
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Researching things for my own Sooper-Seekrit Project. Fun times.

Last night was the most fun I've had at karaoke in a while. Almost everyone at our table followed the 80's theme, and we were amused. Another table attempted Bon Jovi and then John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John, and we were less amused. The Bon Jovi is not easy to sing, people. Better be good before you try.

Z and I stayed up until 3 a.m., talking and disclosing and generally moving closer. It is of the good.

Tonight, go with Sally to see Ryan in 1940's Radio Hour. Hope I stay awake.....


Jun. 19th, 2003 09:35 am
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Karaoke last night was interesting. It was a birthday celebration as well, but the guy who was celebrating is not universally well liked within our group. In fact, he ended up getting over half a beer dumped on him by Jen, which most of us found hysterical.

Yes, we can be mean sometimes. But really, if you spent any time with this guy, you would have found the egregious abuse of alcohol funny as well.


Ran yesterday. My course was 7 miles, but I only managed to run about 5 of it. After that, my stomach started hurting, my head started pounding, and my legs felt like they were made out of lead. I kept telling myself, "Know this feeling. Embrace it, because you'll be quite familiar with it by the end of the marathon." Didn't help too much. So, I alternated walking and running the rest of the way home.

I'm not too sure what the problem was. I drink so much water that it's highly unlikely I was dehydrated. Either the heat got to me, or I really shouldn't eat lima beans 2 hours before I run. Possibly both.


I feel like an ass. Someone tried to saw through the cable lock on my bike yesterday, which pissed me the hell off. I told Zach about it, and he brought over his rigid bike lock for me. So, what did I do this morning? Dropped it on the key, bending the key to all hell. Me=dummy.


Hell, yes. Fits nicely in with the dance night theme I'm going to tonight....

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