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Cage The Elephant is really the best bellwether we have for the 90s revival. Also, catchy tune. Too bad Live105 seems to have changed its programming to "a lot of 90s tunes, some late-80s tunes, and an occasional new tune". Fuckers.

OMG Favre SHUT UP. Also, if you put on the purple and gold, you will join the ranks of Names I Do Not Speak. Think about your legacy, son.

Still no nibbles on the job front, and CA is being slow about paying me unemployment. I need my money, fuckers!

CA may have whackadoodles and Prop 8, but at least we don't have Michelle Bachmann and Norm Coleman. Having met Norm, I can safely say he is a slimeball of the highest order.

I bought a red Trixie2 dress. I probably won't be going to the Kentucky Derby party I bought it for, but any chance to look bombshell-ish, right?

I whacked my head on Saturday, and I now have a spider bite on one of the tendons on the back of my neck. Between that and the wind, I'm having a hard time getting motivated for a run.

So, say I wanted to do a personal project and make a mock-up of a fake magazine. Would I be insane to try to make it All About Shakespeare's Characters? I would, wouldn't I? Focus on the form, not the content. Right. (Still, a rock-style magazine populated by bands based on Will's stuff would be awesome, IMHO.)

I had fucked-up dreams last night, all about bookstores and highschools and floods.

I should really go for a run.
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In which Patrick Stump shows us his mad genius.

Cellists headbanging whilst playing... well I won't spoil that part for you.

And if I'm going to be linking to headbanging cellists, I need to put Apocalyptica in here. Hall Of The Mountain King. One.

ESPN feature on Roller Derby. A lot of the footage is from the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, MN. Whoo! These women make miss playing rugby. Not enough, to, you know, go out for any of the teams here, but still.

More seriously, Amazing slide show of a wedding photo shoot interrupted by the quake in China

It looks like the Summit Fire is coming under control, thankfully.

Almost into the weekend. \o/!!
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My favorite new phrase is Épater le bourgeois - also known as "shock the mundanes". Sounds so much classier in French, doesn't it? I'm glad I didn't know this phrase in high school - I would have been that much more unbearably pretentious. (Side note: one of the things I love about San Francisco is the fact that everyone is either non-mundane or unshockable. An LA Dodgers cap will draw more glances than a burly dude in a pink tutu and blue clown wig.)

Oh my god, I wish I was half as brilliant as this woman. From Jezebel: "Today's obsession is Gallic artist Sophie Calle (right), whose latest art installation involves taking a breakup email sent to her by an ex-boyfriend and having 107 other women -- including a copy editor, etiquette consultant, forensic psychiatrist, journalist, clown, and famous actress (Vanessa Redgrave) -- analyze and/or interpret the missive." Here's the WaPo article.

Europe unveils Space Plane for Tourists. Personally, spending $200K in Euros for 90 seconds of weightlessness, just so you could say you've been in space, seems a bit excessive to me. Why not spend 4 times that much and attempt to go to the space station? If you have that much give in your budget, I mean.

Fantastic optical illusion. I especially like getting to play with the colors and seeing what the visual opposites are.

Cat + Penguin = ADORABLE! (Not the bloodfest you might think)

On Tuesday, July 3, Joan Armatrading will be at the Great American Music Hall. Tickets are $51, though. Bother - I'd like to see her.

The latest Martin Munkacsi exhibit at MOMA - Think While You Shoot! - looks fantastic. I should probably shift myself to go.

Bad news for those who have DSL through AT&T: AT&T is going to start blocking pirated content. This is a reversal of their previous position that took no responsibility for any media on their network.
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From Wired:

Why French DSL Service Is Like a Rude French Waiter

PARIS -- France has more broadband DSL customers than most countries, including the United States. But if you happen to be one of the millions of customers having major problems with your connection, then life can be a living hell. High-tech service in France is like service in a Parisian cafe -- intermittent and snooty.

Not a day goes by when 60 Millions de Consommateurs, the French equivalent of Consumer Reports, isn't inundated with complaints from DSL subscribers about a faulty connections, abusive pricing practices or incompetent technical support. Nearly half of all complaints are DSL-related, the publication says.

"Imagine if one customer out of four complained that a bakery's bread was not fresh," the publication wrote.

The rest of the article is interesting, and the level of service described would have most Americans howling in rage. I just adore the fact that bread is held to the highest expectations in a major publication. Brilliant.

And now I want a warm roll and dark chocolate. Le yum.
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Rhapsody On The Sea. Very affecting, actually. Cute, but affecting.


Sep. 20th, 2006 10:14 am
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Random squee-ables:

  • [livejournal.com profile] aimeejmc will be here on Friday! And there will be rampaging and dinner and wandering and the Komen Race For The Cure! Yay!

  • First weekend of October, I will be in Nashville with [livejournal.com profile] smonsterbite, [livejournal.com profile] luluminion, [livejournal.com profile] wildgreentide, and [livejournal.com profile] alterjess! Huzzah!

  • I may crosses fingers have a bartending gig. More as things develop. Bounce!

  • I have a gift cert. for a mani/pedi and another one for a massage. Yum!

  • I will be seeing Lucero in October and I just got their new CD & buttons in the mail. SQUEE!

  • I'll be seeing Joan Jett in November and The Dixie Chicks at some point with [livejournal.com profile] la_perkins! Music-licious!

  • I've been working out often & consistently for over a month and I'm seeing very good results. Healthy!

  • I have a very good man in my life, and I'll get to introduce him to more friends this weekend. Awwwwwww.

So, what's good in your life?
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hugs September tight, sticks out tongue at August

ION, it was a lovely foggy day here in SF. Couldn't even see the tops of the buildings. Yum. Now it is warm and sunny and I get to leave work 2 hours early and whee!!!

I had a great night last night - made dinner for Martin & myself, went for a run, made lemon bread & rumballs (RUMBALLS!), futzed with my iPod playlist (thanks again, [livejournal.com profile] la_perkins), went to bed at a reasonable time.

The run - oh my, that was wonderful. I miss morning runs, true, but night runs are also fun, especially when I hit the Municipal Pier. It's so lovely and quiet, and you can see the lighthouse at Alcatraz and the moon on the water and smell the ocean and hear the waves and feel the city right behind you, but nothing's intruding on that little slice of time. I actually had to pause and take in the view, just because it was so pretty.

You wanna know what's pathetic? [livejournal.com profile] hecubot sent me a couple Ennio Morricone pieces for my listening enjoyment. Of course I already knew "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" - who hasn't used that piece for a showdown-type feeling in their show or movie? No one, that's who. Anyway, I've recognized a couple of the other ones, which confuses me, because I'm not large on the spaghetti Western genre. How do I know this music? Warren Miller. My dad loved his movies, and we watched them all the time. So, yeah. I associate Morricone with skiing. Sad, really.

YAY for long weekends! YAY for September!

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Elmo is a 45-year old African-American with a deep voice. (NYT, registration required, visit bugmenot.com if need be.) I've found Elmo kind of annoying, but Mr. Clash's story is pretty damn cool.

Killa and T. Jonesy's Star Trek sings "Knights Of The Round Table" is up on DevilDucky, and is hilarious.

Man shoots hanggliders at Ft. Funston, then turns the gun on himself. The victims are friends of a friend - please spare a good thought or three for them.

Crap. I should stay more on top of things - PopScene's 10th anniversary bash tomorrow should be pretty damn awesome. Of course it's sold out - also, why are The Killers looking like a 70s rock band?

I'm sure many people have already seen Stylus Magazine's Top 100 Videos Of All Time, but in case you haven't....

[livejournal.com profile] serenada, do you know of Corky & The Juice Pigs at all? (I'm assuming they've been in Montreal a few times, but I could be wrong.) They're well worth the watch.

Huh. Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski lost the primary, so the race is between Tony Knowles and Sarah Palin. Murkowski used to be a Senator - he, Don Young, and Ted Stevens have been in political office for as long as I can remember, and for much longer before that - almost the entire life of Alaska as a state. (My family is, of course, supporting the Democrat Tony Knowles.) I also notice that the natural-gas pipeline is a major issue for both candidates. I know it's a factor in BP shutting the Pipeline down - they want the gas pipeline, and are reminding AK exactly how dependent the state is on those companies. My question is - what's Canada's stance on this thing? This is bigger - in both a financial and security way - than the Alaska-Canada Highway. If Canada doesn't want it, it's a non-issue. Or, at least, it won't be happening for a while.
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Apparently, at 6:06:06 today, the temperature in Minneapolis was 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even if it's not true, I like it. And I can't help but feel it's oddly appropriate. :)
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So - went to see Sisters at the Warfield last night. They were good, but the sound mix was hella muddy, even after I moved out of the pit, and the copious smoke started bothering me after a while. (Gods, I feel old typing that. Stupid bronchitis.) However, we got in for free and got semi-VIP treatment, so I'm not complaining a bit. I was just happy to see them.

The Warfield is possibly one of the most beautiful theaters I've seen. Wow.

I was too lazy to go all-out, so I went for my Standard Gothy Concert Ensemble - all black velvet - tank, long skirt, swoopy overdress, with black boots and the usual makeup. There was some beautiful corsets wandering around last night.


Diablo Cody rocks my world. If you haven't heard of her, check out her blog and then read her book.


I am in lurve with the shirt I'm wearing today. The cut is a pretty standard women's button-down, but the cuffs and the fabric make it. It's a black stretchy fabric with satiny pinstriping, and the cuffs are long enough to be French cuffs, but with only one buttonhole. I know they're meant to be folded backl, but I'm wearing them down which makes me feel like Rusty Ryan, who would totally be my Seekrit Fictional Boyfriend if he weren't so in love with Danny already. (Apropos of Teh Pretty - I think this picture should go up on a certain site, iff'n the admin likes. Such nice hands he has.)

Right. Back to clothing. (Rusty is such a clotheshorse. See! He's perfect!) The shirt is from H&M. Their selection is pretty hit-or-miss when it comes to things that flatter me, but when they hit, they hit. I have my new favorite blazer from them, too.


I definitely need this Avenging Unicorn Play Set.


I think tonight will be mellow. I'll probably try to run, and then maybe walk up to Safeway & Trader Joe's. I need to break down and get one of those wheely-cart dealies that the old ladies in Chinatown are always dragging about. A mile is fairly long to be carrying groceries & 20 pounds of cat litter & 10 pounds of cat food all by myself. Oh, and I have Hustle & Flow from Netflix. Awesome.
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Watched X-Men 2 last night. Fun. Logan remains a sexay woobie, and Jean Gray continues to be my girl (though with far more self-control than I ever had). We even have the bad taste in men in common! Whee! (Scott so needs to get over himself. Arrogant fuck.) (I may be bringing what I know of comic canon into that. I don't care.)

Sooooo looking forward to this weekend. 4 of us are going up to Calistoga and hanging out in hot tubs, shopping, whatever. It'll be nice.

Work is trying to kill me, but I am happier than I was 30 minutes ago, for I have nummy unagi and tempura to sustain me. Bless.
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Phew. Long weekend. Very long weekend. Need to not do that to myself so much. Damn. V. tired. Am like to falling down.

Plus, no rest tonight or tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going straight from work to the CalTrain depot to meet a friend from Minneapolis who now lives in LA who's working in Palo Alto this week - we're going to wander around South Beach and have dinner before he has to go back to work.

Tomorrow, I go straight from work to dinner with another friend and then we go see Cats. Why Cats? Because I won two free tickets from Theatre Bay Area. I wouldn't have gone to see it otherwise - I've never seen it, actually. Just didn't appeal. However, I am never one to turn down free theater, and since said friend is depressed, I figure it's good to get him out of the house.

Linky! The new X-Men 3 posters have been rolled out. Nummy Wolverine. And I want Jean Grey's outfit. Yes.

Right. 20 more minutes, then dinner. Then maybe karaoke. Possibly not. I am that tired. And that Random. Phew.
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Zach started rehearsals for His Girl Friday at the Guthrie yesterday. Apparently Angela Bassett is quite wee, Courtney B. Vance is a funny, funny man, and Reginald Vel Johnson is just cool. Also, both Mr. Vel Johnson and John Guare will be coming to performances of Streetcar this weekend (there are rumblings of Other Stars appearing). Eeeeeeeee.

My plan for getting a head start on marathon training got derailed by the holiday weekend and The Miracle Of Womanhood. Feh. I'll happily take the blame for too much indulgence, but I dislike it when my body rebels on its own.

Watched Ocean's 12 last night. That was a fun little film. I think I liked it better than the first one, if only for the woman playing Linus' mom - Cherry Jones. Love her. Well, I also think that while the first one is very much a caper, this one had a few more twists of intricacies, and that made the movie more fun to follow.

We also saw The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy on Monday. Finally. I quite liked it, and I desperately covet a yarn Marvin.

Am still very thrilled about the Streetcar reviews. It's already translated into one gig for one of the actors, and will hopefully produce more. Fingers are crossed.

Another new icon. V. appropriate for today, I think.
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Half the regulars must have been at Star Wars. Not complaining, though. We had a great group of people at our table, and I got to talk to every single one of them. I like it when there's less people, because we get to be more rowdy. As in - someone drank beer out of someone else's clog last night. Whackiness and hijinks continued to ensue. (I love the word hijinks. I think it's the three dotted letters right in a row.) (And now I just realized that I repeat my love of the word hijinks every 8 months or so. I should pay more attention to what I write.)

I also talked to a friendly acquaintance who was there the night I fell. He has a better memory of what happened than anyone else, so I got to hear further details (though I didn't need to know what the impact sounded like. Really, I didn't).

Stayed out too late because I was talking, but I did get a 9-mile run in yesterday before rehearsal, so I'm not kicking myself too hard. Must get food soon, though.

18 paper resumes going out today. 5 emailed resumes went out yesterday. I also applied to 6 internal positions. Nothing like work-related stress dreams to kick my ass into gear, is there?

(I've started listing music lately, but it's only what's in my head here at work. No radio in the cube for the juliana. She finds it rude.)
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Yessir, it's been 6 months since I decided to take a header off of a veranda. Another 10 days, and it will have been 6 months since my surgery to correct the damage caused by said header. 2 titanium plates, countless Percosets, and half a year later, I am here. Now I get to go to the doc and find out if any nasssssty bloodborne illnesses found their way in during all of that excitement in various hospitals. If the answer is negative, I get to get another tattoo. Yay!

My bodily recovery has been nothing short of amazing. None of my dentists nor the CT scan tech could tell that there had been any damage to my right cheekbone (until they started working on the affected area, of course). I wonder if it's too late to send a thank you to the ENT specialist who restored my face?

The mental recovery - we know how that's going. Slowly, slowly....

I have to move cubes today. Not only that, but I'm also the one in charge of moving all of the mail station crap. Not that that's ever been expressly pointed out to me, but I know it just the same, because I am the maid of the floor. I'm sure I'll do it wrong, just like I set up the copy room wrong (oh horrors, I set it up how it would be best and easiest for me to use it, because I'm the one who basically lives in there).

Uber-competitive people and perfectionist bosses annoy the everliving fuck out of me. "I *must* win! Ha ha, I won and you didn't! Nyah ne-nyah nyah nyah nyah!" "This isn't the way I want it, and it's your fault. Don't take any initiative, because you won't do it the way I want you to." A hearty fuck you to both classes of people. I wish I could actually say it to faces, but Miss Manners and our bank account forbid such dangerous living.

I ran 9 miles on Wednesday. I meant it to be 10, but I accidentally knocked the Emergency Stop button out at 9 miles and figured it was a Sign. Yesterday, I slept from 6 until 10 and from midnight until 7 this morning. Hmmm. Perhaps one should not run 9 miles and then go out drinking until 1:30 a.m. unless one can sleep in the next day? It's a thought. Since my general health and well-being improves dramatically when I have a 9+ mile run every 10 days (at the very least), I'll have to remember that little fact.

Not much going on this weekend. Take Me Out closes. We have Streetcar rehearsal on Saturday. We found a stage manager for Streetcar! Yay! I'l probably still have to house manage most nights, but that's a better deal. I won't have to watch the show every night - I'll be able to hang out in the lobby and read books. I like that kind of gig.

It's frickin' rainy and cold. Dammit. It's May! I should have packed my winter sweaters a long time ago!

I'd best go pack up my cube. Whee.

What are you planning for this weekend?
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But I don't.

On various posting boards, I keep typing entries and then deleting them, as they rarely make sense even to me. Either that, or they're fullout snarks at people, and I either don't want to get into it or I'm trying to practice kindness, whichever suits my mood that day.

I had Fun With HairDye last night. My first time attempting a demipermanent (RAW from Hot Topic - seriously, my hairstylist recced the reds to me), and whoo-boy. I don't think I'll be using the demis much. I'd rather do the hair-damaging full permanents, at least as long as I'm keeping the hair short. Then again, I can't seem to find a scarlet that I like in the permanents, which is why I got pointed at the demis, but have you seen my bathroom? White tile and white grout - not a good combo with the red. Plus, this demi smells like patchouli. Bleagh.

Watched Star Wars: A New Hope as I ran my long run yesterday. Turns out they did give us fair warning that this was the last time we could buy the original versions. Sigh. Han shot first, dammit. I so love that movie, in all of its cheesy 70's cheap plastic glory.
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I've been feeling pretty damn tongue-tied lately. Partially because nothing is really stirring me to write anything. I don't - I've felt kind of bleah lately. Like I've lost whatever little charm and/or talent I had in the first place. I'm hoping a lot of it is due to the work situation and recovery, but still. Annoying. Even more annoying? I'm repeating myself.

I'm listening to The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack tonight, and I am forcibly reminded of 1) how freaky the song "Time Of The Season" is and 2) how much I love Scott Weiland's voice. I prefer it when he's straight-out singing instead of wailing/howling, but I'll listen no matter what.

Other things I love: The Matrix. It's my new favorite long-run movie, because I can get so wrapped up in watching the pretty and retro-fitting Reloaded and Revolutions into one sense-making movie. Also, watching Carrie-Anne Moss kick ass in tight shiny clothes is quite the motivation.

We just had a smoking ban on bars & restaurant instituted here in the Cities. You would think the sky is falling down for some smokers. I don't know, NYC and California seem to have weathered their bans just fine, with no jack-booted squads showing up. We've got bigger things to focus on and actual rights being lost. A public health regulation seems small potatoes to that.

I've not been spending much time out lately, and some of that time feels, well, wasted. I'm not able to connect with good friends for many reasons, and it's starting to bother me. At the same time, I've realized that an early social pattern of mine was to hang out with people that I didn't have much in common with beyond a superficial level and (more importantly) had a mutual disdain for. I musn't allow myself to fall into that pattern again. Better to be a recluse, which is what I seem to have turned into anyway.

On running - I've realized that I'm capable of far greater speeds that I thought previously. I've had to consciously restrain myself from running too many miles. because I am concentrating on getting my speed up. My next goal is an 8:30 mile, which I should get in a couple weeks. After that, a 26:25 5K (8:30 over 3.1 miles), which should be attained by the end of the month. I also need to remember that strength training and yoga make me a much better runner. Especially yoga.

CT scan was clear, bloodwork was clear, so I think the headaches are a part of my recovery. We'll see what the doc says.


Feb. 14th, 2005 09:23 am
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I completely forgot today was V-Day. Shows how much importance I place on the day, huh? Even so, I managed to put on a red top. Not that hard, considering that everything in my work wardrobe is either black or red, but still. Funny.

The weather has been Teh Craxy the past few days. Rain yesterday, snow today, who knows what for the rest of the week. Oddness.

The show opened well. We had photo call yesterday after the matinee, which would have been fine, except that the photographer has little to no people skills and he brought his 4-year-old son with him. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to be posing in a cage as a go-go dancer/whore and hear a tiny piping voice asking Daddy about whatever random toy the child has? And then the shots of all of us grinding merrily away, where we had to hold difficult poses and listen to him wrangle the child. Yeeeeeargh. Those who know me know I have very little modesty around adults, but even I have Issues with displaying like that around children.

I was quite virtuous yesterday, possibly to make up for the copious amounts of napping I did on Saturday. I managed to work out before the show, and then I cleaned the living room and culled clothing from my closet. I'm finally giving away my rugby jersey. Kind of sad, but I'm still keeping my Gustavus Rugby jacket & sweatshirt, so it's not too much of a shock. There were clothes in storage that I haven't worn in over 5 years, and going through them brought home how much I've changed in the intervening time. It's a very good thing, as the rugby is the only thing I miss from past lives, but still odd.

Poor Z. He got home from Trivia Weekend yesterday with an aching back and exhaustion. Apparently the driver's side windshield wiper broke as he was driving home from St. Cloud, and he had to spend the rest of the drive leaning over into the passenger's seat in order to see. Not the best way to spend a Sunday evening. Poor guy went to sleep before I did, which is a rarity in our household.

Happy days to everyone. May those who hate the day get through with a minimum of crap, and may those who love it enjoy it to the fullest. Me, I'm going to treat myself to some gyoza. Nothing says loving like Japanese appetizers, dammit.
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I would commit unspeakable acts for a tophat like this one.

Warning: Gizoogle is hilariously addictive, particularly when you have a theater staff page to run through it.

J'adore La Coquette. I don't remember who on my f-list originally linked to her, but merci beaucoup!

Papa Don got Z & me addicted to a silly, silly RPG called Adventure Quest. We have spent as many hours as we possibly can playing this silly little game. It's still a lot of fun.

Go Fug Yourself and Manolo's Shoe Blog are still guilty pleasures.

Continuing in the fashion theme, Style.com has proved fascinating, with an homage to dandies being the latest article to catch my eye.

This is one of my favorite comics evAR.

I'm cheerful. Why am I cheerful? I should not be cheerful. I should be groggy and cranky. Instead, I am groggy, sore, and cheerful. I digust myself.


Jan. 21st, 2005 02:28 pm
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To all the New Englanders who were trying to tempt me their way when I complained about the cold and ice here, I say: Neener.

I will not mention the 6 inches of snow we're currently getting. I'm just glad we live right behind the Guthrie right now, so we don't have to deal with idiot drivers.


I am very sad that Satsuma season is over. I am trying to console myself with Clementines, but they are not the same. They are dry and bitter compared to the sweet juicy tartastic goodness of mandarin oranges. I've never found a citrus fruit that I like as much as mandarins. Hell, only raspberries and cherries top mandarins in my Pantheon Of Fruit.


Rehearsal is going well. I only wandered onstage for a total of 10 minutes out of a 3-hour rehearsal session last night, but my attention was absorbed by Leading Women: Plays For Actresses. I tore through 5 full-length plays - which I will review in my next post.

I'll need to bring crosswords or something to work on during shows, though. I'll have a lot of downtime, but not enough to allow myself to be absorbed into a book. Besides, I enter an incredibly private headspace when I'm reading, which is not conducive to performing.


Have I mentioned how much I love our treadmill? Because I do. It's so easy to just hop on for 20 minutes and then hop off. I could never do that with running outside - I either need to bundle up or apply sunscreen, and once I've gone to that trouble, I don't want to have it be a wasted effort, so if I don't have enough energy for a full run, I may as well just stay in and nap, and then I get out of shape. I do miss the outdoor runs, but they will return soon enough.

Other good things - If I feel like doing a hill workout, I can just program it in instead of having to calculate how many blocks I've run and what that distance is in my head and where I should go next. It also keeps me to a strict pace, which I'm incredibly lazy about doing on my own.

I'm a little obsessed with getting into shape right now, because I fear what the costumer will put me in for Measure For Measure. I am playing a whore, after all. I did have the goal of getting into super shape before the end of 2004, but I got a little derailed. I look upon this as catch-up. This week has been very good, with some sort of exercise occurring every day. (Monday's was before my tummy rebelled.) I hope I keep this up.

I think I love the treadmill most because it gave me another context to run in, so it revitalized all of my running. Yes.


Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] lysana - my Humor type:

Sunny/Dark: 1/10
Dry/Gross: 5/10
Traditional/Offbeat: 4/10
Active/Passive: 6/10

You are a SGT--Sunny Gross Traditional. This makes you a John Hughes.

Your sense of humor makes you the ultimate every- person, just I'm-a try not to trouble nobody. You're laid back. Like la-a-a-aid back. You might be from the Midwest.

You enjoy the occasional weird or dark humor, and the right joke out of nowhere can really make you laugh out loud. In fact, the funniest stuff for you is the stuff that takes you off guard. If you can see it coming, you don't want to see it arrive.

You probably don't think this site is all that funny. So it's weird that you're here. I appreciate it, though. Maybe I'll cut back on the ranting and say something nice for a change.

Your Active humor score of 6/10 means you are ju-u-ust right. You're probably pretty popular -- a walking social lubricant. You know how to take someone from on edge to relaxed, and from relaxed to larfing. You're kind of like an episode of Arrested Development. That show is good. Anyway. Rave on, funny one.

If you want to take it to find out yours, go here.


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