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This is primarily for [livejournal.com profile] lala_lisa and [livejournal.com profile] maidengurl, but everyone is welcome to check it out and request any tracks.

Below are the track listings the I use as running soundtracks. I've got a couple other mixes that I made for other purposes that I use, too, but these are my mainstays. They're not arranged in any particular order, since I just put my iPod on shuffle and go. (I learned very quickly that having a set track order will make me lazy.)

Country - I use this set for long runs. )

Bandom - for when I need a little more irony in my morning run. )

Just regular running music )

And, finally,

(Mostly) punk running - good for speed and aggression )

Damn, that's a lot of music. I apologize for the lack of tables - I don't know how to rock those yet. But! If you want any tracks, let me know and I'll flip them over to you.
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Today was my first run in a while - between being sick and then Vegas on Thursday and Friday, I've not been able to really run. The few runs I was able to bang out while sick sucked, to say the least. (This also led to me gaining about 7 pounds and then bitching to la_perkins about being fat. She, amazingly, did not kill me, but just ignored me with her usual aplomb.)

So! Today, I drag my ass out of bed at dark o'clock, grab my iPod, and go. The first 3 songs are Mindless Self Indulgence, Gym Class Heroes and MSI again, which, awesome. Then, my iPod played me nothing but MCR. It even fucking ended the run on "Famous Last Words", which makes it impossible for me to quit until the damn song is done.

Clearly, my iPod wants to save my life. I'm okay with that.
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Actually, I have a country-based running mix, but I think I need a "sprinting" one. And maybe a bandom one. And maybe a Celtic punk one (though that would probably overlap with the sprinting one a lot). And then just a general "songs that make J happy to run" one. I forsee much music geekery.

One of the first ones that would go on the "sprinting" one would be Kazzer's "Pedal To The Metal". I enjoy the hell out of it for some weird reason. Also, it makes me think of [livejournal.com profile] serenada and [livejournal.com profile] cass404, but for different reasons. (cass because it's driving, serenada because it sounds like something you could put a Krav montage to.)

Also, I would like the rain to stop now, please. I'm tired of rain. I'd like to go running without the Gore-Tex.

In totally unrelated news, I kind of need this bike.

Mmm, Marina-bashing. Always fun, and rather hilarious in this case.

I have a rant brewing about the current/ongoing political jackassery going on in my neighborhood, specifically about one Mr. Aaron Peskin and his cohorts/asskissers in the Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Association ([livejournal.com profile] debg, can Solange or JP take them on?), but I'm waiting until my blood pressure comes down a little bit. But Peskin and Hizzoner Newsom can both shut the fuck up and sit down.
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On the other hand, I've been thinking these up on my mid-day runs for a while now. I take my lunch hour and run the Embarcadero and then go home, shower & go back to work. It's a nice break.

You're a runner if...

Your cocktail shaker is most often used for protein shakes.

You judge every song on how easy it would be to run to. (Hint: Bob Seger is uniformly excellent.)

You'll spend more money on your running kit than your work clothes.

Your get excited about how the lead characters run in movies like The Bourne Identity and Casino Royale.

You're a runner in San Francisco if...

They're not tourists, they're obstacles.

"Against The Wind" is always really freakin' appropriate.

A ten percent grade is a mild slope.

The panhandlers & buskers comment on your running style.

You have to fight with the pigeons and seagulls for running space.

Instead of stray dogs, you worry about grumpy sea lions.

You have to dress to combat driving rain and sun & heat. In the same run.

You seriously consider stopping in for a shot of Fernet as you run past your favorite bar. Or any bar. (That last one might be just me, though.)


Nov. 17th, 2006 09:56 am
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Gah. I need all new running gear. The running gear I have is either a) dying/too small or 2) it's appropriate for running in snow/sub-freezing temperatures. NSM with the cold and snow here in San Francisco. I need gear that's suited to damp/mist/soaking rain: a hat, a Gore-Tex jacket, a waterproof/wicking bra, lighter gloves.

I am so very picky about my running bra, though. No racerback, because I hate the feeling of something between my shoulder blades. Encapsulation, not compression. Preferably black, of course. I think I found a couple that will work: Inner Frame or Distance.

I'm going to go over to Lombardi or Title 9 for the rest of it, but I really can't afford much. I may have to do the jackass thing of trying things on in-store & then trawling the Internet for deals on the gear I like. The jacket's going to get vitally important soon, though.


Sep. 20th, 2006 10:14 am
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Random squee-ables:

  • [livejournal.com profile] aimeejmc will be here on Friday! And there will be rampaging and dinner and wandering and the Komen Race For The Cure! Yay!

  • First weekend of October, I will be in Nashville with [livejournal.com profile] smonsterbite, [livejournal.com profile] luluminion, [livejournal.com profile] wildgreentide, and [livejournal.com profile] alterjess! Huzzah!

  • I may crosses fingers have a bartending gig. More as things develop. Bounce!

  • I have a gift cert. for a mani/pedi and another one for a massage. Yum!

  • I will be seeing Lucero in October and I just got their new CD & buttons in the mail. SQUEE!

  • I'll be seeing Joan Jett in November and The Dixie Chicks at some point with [livejournal.com profile] la_perkins! Music-licious!

  • I've been working out often & consistently for over a month and I'm seeing very good results. Healthy!

  • I have a very good man in my life, and I'll get to introduce him to more friends this weekend. Awwwwwww.

So, what's good in your life?
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hugs September tight, sticks out tongue at August

ION, it was a lovely foggy day here in SF. Couldn't even see the tops of the buildings. Yum. Now it is warm and sunny and I get to leave work 2 hours early and whee!!!

I had a great night last night - made dinner for Martin & myself, went for a run, made lemon bread & rumballs (RUMBALLS!), futzed with my iPod playlist (thanks again, [livejournal.com profile] la_perkins), went to bed at a reasonable time.

The run - oh my, that was wonderful. I miss morning runs, true, but night runs are also fun, especially when I hit the Municipal Pier. It's so lovely and quiet, and you can see the lighthouse at Alcatraz and the moon on the water and smell the ocean and hear the waves and feel the city right behind you, but nothing's intruding on that little slice of time. I actually had to pause and take in the view, just because it was so pretty.

You wanna know what's pathetic? [livejournal.com profile] hecubot sent me a couple Ennio Morricone pieces for my listening enjoyment. Of course I already knew "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" - who hasn't used that piece for a showdown-type feeling in their show or movie? No one, that's who. Anyway, I've recognized a couple of the other ones, which confuses me, because I'm not large on the spaghetti Western genre. How do I know this music? Warren Miller. My dad loved his movies, and we watched them all the time. So, yeah. I associate Morricone with skiing. Sad, really.

YAY for long weekends! YAY for September!

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A work friend just informed me of two races, and I've dragooned [livejournal.com profile] aimeejmc into running at one of them with me. Whee!

1st: Komen Race For The Cure, Sunday, September 24th, 9 a.m. 5K out-and-back, Embarcadero. Very good cause, short & sweet, fun! I could even possibly get a PR there.

2nd: Bridge to Bridge Race, Sunday, October 1st, 9 a.m. 12K point-to-point, Ferry Building to Crissy Field. Partially flat, but there's a 30% grade in there. I know that hill. That hill is eeeeeeevil. Still. 7.5 miles is a respectable distance, and one I'd like to get back up to. I definitely wouldn't be trying for a PR on that course.


Aug. 31st, 2006 10:18 am
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Been a long time since I've made a post about running. I guess theater wasn't the only thing I lost the spark for in all of the emotional drama of the past year. Plus, I've had that illness that just manifests itself as exhaustion (yes, it's actually an illness - I've been very good the past month or so). So. Even though I've managed to get out & run 3 times a weeks for the past 3 weeks, it's still not been fun.

Last night, though. Last night was fun. I kind of feel like I'm developing a respiratory infection (thank you so much, Martin), so I didn't wear my GPS/stopwatch and just let my body dictate how fast I went. I'm sure I was slow as hell, probably at 10:30 pace, but I felt like I could run forever. It was lovely. I cleared about 4 miles until I decided it was time to go home. Those runs are the best - when you feel like you can run and run and run, and your legs won't give out, and your lungs aren't on fire, and it's just a good day.


I've modified my goal again. I wanted to run the Filbert Steps, but, my right knee and my right quad have started complaining very loudly, especially when I'm running hills (of which there are a lot in SF. Shocking, I know). The knee is a known issue - the quad is a worrying recent development. I think perhaps the new shoes aren't that great for me, but I can't afford another pair right now. So, orthotics and lots and lots of yoga are the current plan. Also, much more flat-surface running, which translates to the Embarcadero and China Basin, if I'm feeling up for it. The Marina is flat, too, but there's a BIG FUCKING HILL in between me and it. Which, really, is better for everyone concerned. Less chance for me to go on a yuppie-kicking spree.


I miss running. I miss the joy, the addiction to it, the quiet peace of running in the mornings, the exhausted feeling of accomplishment after completing a long run. I miss the sun coming up over the Minneapolis skyline as I ran the western edge of Lake Calhoun. I miss the quiet crunch of the snow and the sound of my breathing in the dark. I miss that zone.

I don't know if I can get that zone back here - my easily-accessible running routes are not zone-friendly. Too many people to dodge (and swear at), which is fun in its own twisted way. And me being me, if something is not easily-accessible, I won't do it. It's okay - there's a different kind of joy here. I just need to get it back.
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Especially when it tells you to quit.

Mile 10, my knee gave out on me, and I went home.

I'm sad and disappointed, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Thanks for your support, everyone.
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Okay, I guess I'm running this thing. Any spare "don't bonk"~ma from around 8:00 am - 12:30 pm CDT would be appreciated.

Also, if you're in the Cities, I'm planning on running a 10 minute mile, so you can come out and wave, if you feel like it.

Gah. I might just have more nerves about this one than about the first two.

Gah. 26.2. Gah.
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I find this charming. Therefore, my list:

1) Autumn is coming up fast, and autumn in Minnesota is one of my favorite things in the world. The smell, the colors, the sounds... So very nice.

2) Both of the shows I'm working on are on track to sell very well. They're also very good pieces of theater. Doing good work is very cheerful-making.

3) I'm in the best shape I've been in in a while. All the better to run the marathon with, my dear....

That last one is the one I've been thinking about the most, actually. In the past few days, my body has been in a really good place in terms of running. Yes, I'm tired, but I'm very close to the weight I'd like to be for the race, and I've got more muscle tone than I had before, which will help propel me the 26.2 miles. Also, my form has greatly improved from last year (I started copying Meb). This week is the final push, and then it's tapering for three weeks until the marathong. that also means that I have to stop drinking after this weekend. Less time running=less calories burned, and I don't need the empty ones from booze. It'd be fine if the various casts weren't so damn sociable.

There are still aging-related changes that I don't like - I've whinged about them before, so I'll restrict myself to noting that I really don't appreciate the increased healing time. All in all, though, I feel good (I knew that I would now), and I'm ready to run a good, possibly final race.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have calories to consume before tomorrow's 20-mile run. Carbo-Loading "R" Us.
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So, yes. The weekend. Not very exciting - Z & I slept through most of it. I did, however, run 18 miles, and I am here to tell you that there is a severe qualitative difference between 15 miles and 18. Severe. However, I bless whatever running gods there are for the treadmill, because no matter how long it took me to finish (I was running for 3 hours and 18 minutes, but the total time spent on the endeavour was quite a bit more), I finished. I bloody well finished. I can't do a long run like that on my own - the last time I ran more than 15 miles outside, I had Carl on the bike next to me yelling encouragement. When I tried it last year with Z following me in the truck, my knee/ITB forced me to give up at mile 12. The knee was screaming on Saturday, too, but not so bad that I had to quit. (It's not actually my knee, it's my ITB being way too tight, which makes the pain manifest in my knee. If it was an actual knee injury, I would have stopped long before.)

I do think this is my last marathon for a while. I came to a realization and acceptance on Saturday - the accident had further-reaching implications than I want to admit. I'm much slower to recover now - even for things as mundane as scratches, the healing time is elongated. I've already noted the insane amount of sleep I need, and Z says this also has increased since mid-November. Plus, my face keeps hurting. All of which adds up to the decision to drop mileage down once the marathon is over.

I was all set to turn my focus to capoeira and learn new skills, but the friend/instructor has sort of dropped off the face of the earth. Grumble. It's probably for the best time-wise, but I'm a little disappointed.

Auditions for The Rainmaker are tonight and tomorrow. Oy. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the people, but there's always some that are just painful to watch. At least this is cold readings and not monologues. Monologues can get interminable.
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really need to not drink as heavily or stay up as late as I did this weekend. I cannot afford this rock'n'roll lifestyle. Either Saturday or Sunday by themselves would have been fine, but the combo is killer.

I did have fun, though. Friday night, we opened The President Once Removed to a mostly positive crowd, and then Z & I drove around to each of the other 14 Fringe venues to drop off postcards. We missed Fringe Central or whatever they're calling it this year, because it's at the Suburban World which was on the wrong side of the Uptown Art Fair. We hates the Fair, precious. Anyhoo. Finished that, watched some Eddie Izzard, went to bed.

Saturday, Z worked & I ran 13 miles and cleaned the apartment. After his shift, Z brought home a couple friends of ours and we all sat up drinking and talking politics, religion, et al., until 4 a.m. Hoo. I was not happy Sunday morning or afternoon, I tell you what.

However, Sunday did have Kung Fu Hamlet in store for us, and nothing can be that bad when you're watching a cheestastic kung-fu rendition of Hamlet. Holy hell, I laughed a lot. V. funny. Then, we cleaned up a bit more, napped, and then went to the Market for karaoke, which was a little crazy last night. In the good way, not in the scary postal worker convention way. Lots of dancing. I sang "Shoop", which is one of my favorite sings evAR. But, I did drink, and I did stay up until 2. So I'm paying for it today. Eeesh.

New iconage, yay.

Tonight, a bunch of "us girls" are going to see Lick!, which is apparently a spoof on male dancers. Ya gotta love Fringe.
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Nothing major, really. Just a serious case of Short Timer's Syndrome. Not much to do and no motivation to do it.

Have been having problems with 1) getting enough calories into my maw and 2) vertigo. Went to the doctor, who drew blood for #1 (at least I've not gained any weight during this most recent eating mania) and told me that I have Benign Positional Vertigo for #2. I now have a scrip for PT for my inner ear, to get those wee stones back into place. Yippee.

Let's see, what else? I met Angela Bassett, Courtney B. Vance, and Reginald Vel Johnson last night. That rocked. Reggie is a big sweetie, Courtney is quite charming, and Angela is guh. So pretty. So nice. So tiny. It was cool. We have another Big Guthrie Shindig to go to tonight, which should be fun. This is, of course, after I run 8 miles. Don't wanna. Well, okay, do wanna, but will whine about it.

Speaking of running - prior to starting this traing program, I had had to reset my mental "standard run" thought processes, increasing the mileage up to 6 miles instead of 4 as well as increasing the tempo. Now, I have to reset the "standard run" mileage every two weeks, increasing every time. From 6, I'm now at 8. From 8, I go to 9, and then up to 10. Sheesh.

Oh! I also picked up Marvel 1602 at the used bookstore yesterday. So nice. I'm not a huge comic fan, and I tend to prefer the DCverse, but as it was written by Neil Gaiman and deals with one of my favorite periods of history, I had to own it. Mine, all mine....

Also, also - we saw Batman Begins on Friday night. It was precisely what I wanted it to be, and I'd like to see it again. (I loved the Blade Runner-esque visuals in some spots.)
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I decide that I need to watch Pippen on the treadmill. Although it's nice enough to run outside - I think. I'm just so lazy about slapping on sunscreen, and the treadmill is miles easier on my knees, even with the incline on. Since I've already proven that I'm prone to knee pain/irritation/injury, I think I'll be sticking with the treadmill as long as I can. If world-class marathoners can do it, so can I.

Yes, I'm justifying it to myself. There's a little voice in my head going, "You're not a REAL runner, j. You're a wimp. You know the treadmill's doing all of the work for you." I need to beat the crap out of that little voice. I also need to get my mileage up.

I'm looking at the training plan I picked, and I can see it's just not going to work. I won't have a problem making mileage (I don't think), but I can't tie myself down to "I will be long-running every Sunday" or "I will do my tempo run on Wednesday". There's days when I know I can run 12 miles without a problem, and then there's days when making it 4 miles is an uphill slog through waist-deep mud, and those days rarely follow a regular pattern. Also, I don't like how they've structured their tempo runs. So, I guess I'll list off the workouts that need to be done in that week, and go through them as seems appropriate for that week (keeping in mind that tempo runs should always precede long runs, and rest days are important). Gamma girl strikes again.

I'll be in Eugene this weekend, and I hope to take advantage of the town's excellent park & trail facilities. We'll see if my mom is okay with that much "alone time", or if family obligations prevent such workouts.

Need to remember to carve out time for weights and yoga. I always feel much better and see faster results when I do.
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Zach started rehearsals for His Girl Friday at the Guthrie yesterday. Apparently Angela Bassett is quite wee, Courtney B. Vance is a funny, funny man, and Reginald Vel Johnson is just cool. Also, both Mr. Vel Johnson and John Guare will be coming to performances of Streetcar this weekend (there are rumblings of Other Stars appearing). Eeeeeeeee.

My plan for getting a head start on marathon training got derailed by the holiday weekend and The Miracle Of Womanhood. Feh. I'll happily take the blame for too much indulgence, but I dislike it when my body rebels on its own.

Watched Ocean's 12 last night. That was a fun little film. I think I liked it better than the first one, if only for the woman playing Linus' mom - Cherry Jones. Love her. Well, I also think that while the first one is very much a caper, this one had a few more twists of intricacies, and that made the movie more fun to follow.

We also saw The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy on Monday. Finally. I quite liked it, and I desperately covet a yarn Marvin.

Am still very thrilled about the Streetcar reviews. It's already translated into one gig for one of the actors, and will hopefully produce more. Fingers are crossed.

Another new icon. V. appropriate for today, I think.
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So, I'm looking at the Runner's World training plans. They've got two for intermediate-level runners, one being detailed and planny and the other being much more like "go for a tempo run today - 6 miles". I think I like the planny one best, though I'm not planning to follow either of them strictly. They're more guidelines than a code.

Anyway. I'm doing the math and following along for what they recommend for someone going for a 10-minute pace, which is a bit slower than my goal (4 hours and 20 minutes, which is a 9:55 pace), and I realize that if I wanted to, I could run a 4 hour marathon this year. I could probably run a nine-minute pace. I'm already running faster than what they lay out for the first few weeks, and for about the same distances, too.

Guess I've found my pie-in-the-sky goal: a sub-4, 9:00 pace marathon. Realistic goal: 4:10 - 9:33 pace. Acceptable: 4:20 - 9:55 pace.

And now, quizzes!

Curses, foiled again. )

Betcha the Leos get Han Solo. They're greedy like that. )
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Ran 6 miles this morning. Go Team Me! The next two weeks are likely to wreak merry havoc on my workout schedule, what with having to be at rehearsal at 6 p.m. every weekday, so the more morning runs I can get in, the better off I will be.

I slept all day yesterday, which makes it the second Sunday in a row. I'm choosing not to get down on myself (even though it meant I didn't make my mileage goal), because I'm still processing all of the Richard III crap and work has been amazingly stressful and sick-making. Good news is, the carpeting dudes are now supposed to only carpet at night, so I won't have to worry about glue poisoning. Just the fume poisoning from the wallpaper paste or whatever they're using.

Marathon training begins mid-June. I need to reach my mileage goals each week before then, otherwise I'll be cranky with myself. That's 4 weeks. I can do that. It's only 20-25 miles. That's easy. Said the woman who just mentioned that she'll be in exercise hell for the next two weeks.

I just registered for the Twin Cities Marathon again, and promptly got all choked up as "You Get What You Give" started running through my head. (That song is played on a constant loop at one of the water stations near the halfway mark.) I am a total goober. Total. Fear my goober-tasticness!!

Z is making noises about running it next year. Amazing. I love it.

IOPainfulN, I managed to gouge a perfectly straight three-inch deep scratch into my back the other night. It's right in the bra line area, and right in the soon-to-be (eventually) tattooed area, so there's no getting around it and there's no way to put a band-aid on it by myself. I can barely get the lotion on it. Ow. Owowowow. Whine. Sniffle.

Am currently creating eleventy-billion cover letters for various jobs that would get me the hell out of here. We shall see if any pay off.

I've been dreaming a lot lately - stress dreams that involve friendly acquaintances. I guess because I feel socially insecure right now? Dunno.

"Don't let go, one dance left...."
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Yessir, it's been 6 months since I decided to take a header off of a veranda. Another 10 days, and it will have been 6 months since my surgery to correct the damage caused by said header. 2 titanium plates, countless Percosets, and half a year later, I am here. Now I get to go to the doc and find out if any nasssssty bloodborne illnesses found their way in during all of that excitement in various hospitals. If the answer is negative, I get to get another tattoo. Yay!

My bodily recovery has been nothing short of amazing. None of my dentists nor the CT scan tech could tell that there had been any damage to my right cheekbone (until they started working on the affected area, of course). I wonder if it's too late to send a thank you to the ENT specialist who restored my face?

The mental recovery - we know how that's going. Slowly, slowly....

I have to move cubes today. Not only that, but I'm also the one in charge of moving all of the mail station crap. Not that that's ever been expressly pointed out to me, but I know it just the same, because I am the maid of the floor. I'm sure I'll do it wrong, just like I set up the copy room wrong (oh horrors, I set it up how it would be best and easiest for me to use it, because I'm the one who basically lives in there).

Uber-competitive people and perfectionist bosses annoy the everliving fuck out of me. "I *must* win! Ha ha, I won and you didn't! Nyah ne-nyah nyah nyah nyah!" "This isn't the way I want it, and it's your fault. Don't take any initiative, because you won't do it the way I want you to." A hearty fuck you to both classes of people. I wish I could actually say it to faces, but Miss Manners and our bank account forbid such dangerous living.

I ran 9 miles on Wednesday. I meant it to be 10, but I accidentally knocked the Emergency Stop button out at 9 miles and figured it was a Sign. Yesterday, I slept from 6 until 10 and from midnight until 7 this morning. Hmmm. Perhaps one should not run 9 miles and then go out drinking until 1:30 a.m. unless one can sleep in the next day? It's a thought. Since my general health and well-being improves dramatically when I have a 9+ mile run every 10 days (at the very least), I'll have to remember that little fact.

Not much going on this weekend. Take Me Out closes. We have Streetcar rehearsal on Saturday. We found a stage manager for Streetcar! Yay! I'l probably still have to house manage most nights, but that's a better deal. I won't have to watch the show every night - I'll be able to hang out in the lobby and read books. I like that kind of gig.

It's frickin' rainy and cold. Dammit. It's May! I should have packed my winter sweaters a long time ago!

I'd best go pack up my cube. Whee.

What are you planning for this weekend?


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