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I've read more than one book on San Francisco wherein someone remarks upon the strangeness of imposing such a strict (for values of 'strict' that include 16 different grids) grid on such hilly terrain - cities in Europe and South America have worked with the hills, wending the streets around in order to avoid having to cut steps into the sidewalks. Not so for San Francisco. This does afford one some truly breathtaking views of the City at the top of one of the many hills. San Francisco even occasionally stacks hill upon hill - one reaches the glorious summit for which one has labored, huffing and puffing, up a 10% or greater grade, only to be confronted with a downward slope for a block or so and then an even greater ascent.

This morning, I started running west towards the Pacific. This took me up some of the afore-mentioned stacked hills, into the Presidio. The Presidio is one of the places where I can forget both space and time - coming down one of the paths through the eucalyptus and conifers, the view is of old brick buildings nestled in a wooded valley. If you are able to practice selective blindness and ignore the motor vehicles, you could believe you are back in the mid-1800s. I just love the peacefulness of the woods, the few moments of time of feeling truly alone with the wildlife. I even turned my iPod off.

My section of San Francisco isn't particularly green - the overall lack of *green* in the city was one of the strikes against it a long time ago. One of my favorite things about MSP was the fact that I could, if I wanted to, walk or run somewhere that was close to wilderness/away from motor vehicles. I could, for a second, think that I was no longer in a city, just a decently populated stretch of trees. (Being a city person in my bones, I get nervous if I'm away from civilization for longer than a second.) The Presidio, and specifically the path into and through Tennessee Hollow lets that happen for a bit.

After my run in the woods, I turned up into the Main Post and from there to Chrissy Field, where I saw a three-masted and a two-masted ship being accompanied through the Golden Gate and into the Bay by a ship spraying water from its three cannons. I decided to "chase" them by running along the beach, and as I drew near, I could hear the sailors singing. It was a nice warm-up for the Festival of Sail and Parade of Tall Ships next week. I don't plan on going on any of the ships, but I do love watching them come into the Gate. For being a city that is famously only 7 by 7, San Francisco always has something wondrous up its sleeve.
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Cool article in 7x7 (SF mag) - Diary Of A Mixologist. Mixology is certainly the Hot Thing in the world of drinking right now, and San Francisco likes to fancy itself on the cutting edge. (This is also the kind of bartending that Jeffrey Morgenthaler up in Eugene does. His East Of Eden is a triumph of gin.)

The article's interesting and fun, but my favorite are the two sidebars. First, how to behave in a bar:
Get The Most Out Of Your Bartender

DO have your entire order ready, for yourself and your friends. No bartender has the time to meet each member of your posse. And when we finish making your margarita, please don't say, "Oh, and two more of those."
DON'T whine, "My drink's too sweet." Politely say that you like it a little more tart, and we'll be happy to fix it for you.
DO be patient.
DON'T ask to have your drink made extra strong. Would you ask a chef to put an extra steak on your plate for no charge?
DO have your money or credit card ready. The moment to dig through your purse is not when there are 50 people behind you.
DON'T whistle or wave to get the bartender's attention. It just makes it easier for us to identify whom to serve last.
DO tip well. A buck is fine on a beer or two, but not for two or more labor-intensive cocktails.
DON'T assume Corona, Red Bull or Malibu is available. Or that the bartender should be willing to make some nasty, obscure shot you once had in Cabo.
DO refrain from calling out our names if we haven't introduced ourselves first. It's creepy.
DO smile. And we'll probably smile back.

Second - what do you like to drink? (And yeah, #2's pretty accurate.)

What Your Drink Says About You

1. Shot of Patrón. You think you know, but you have no idea.
2. Pacifico and a shot of anything. Fine-dining restaurant employee.
3. Sommelier Sidecar. Your knowledge of wine is not as good as you think it is.
4. Vodka Soda. Marina chick (even if you're a guy).
5. Jack and Diet. Ex–frat boy who spends too much time at the gym.
6. Dark and Stormy. Seasoned drinker who's "on the wagon."
7. Milk of Millennia. You're likely from L.A.
8. Mojito. European tourist who will later ask whether we know of a good disco in the area.
9. Vodka Red Bull. Show us your ID.
10. Pisco Sour. Young woman from a South American country, or a dyed-in-the-wool cocktail geek.

Randomly, Bars, cheap sex, and boozy anthropology. (I found this while trying to find something that describes the soulless yuppiedom of the Marina.)

edit: The above article really does read like "I read something like this in a fic once."
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The sun hasn't really been out this past week. Instead, we have a glowing orange dot in the sky, obscured by haze. The unceasing winds are pushing fog from the west and smoke from everywhere else. The haze has been so bad that I can't see the hill that faces mine most mornings. The smoke is so bad that even the Embarcadero smells of it.

The chill and fog isn't a shock to San Franciscans who know what our summers are like, but the tourists are wandering around in a cold daze, bundled up in the fleeces they bought from a Chinatown shop.

My run this morning took me past the wharf, and I smelled the base smell of beaches - brine, rotting fish, wet sand and wood. A reminder of the ocean that's just over a few hills from me.

California isn't only blessed with gorgeous geography, it's also blessed with geologic activity. Earthquakes, fires, landslides, floods - sometimes I wonder if this is the gods' playground, and they want it back. Then I remember Alaska, and having to keep an eye on the fires that would surround my town, and I'm reminded that it's simply that our land is young and as yet untamed. It's easy to lose track of the land, in a city. The land, however, never loses track of us.
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Dude, it is hot out. Which, for SF, means it's 85 or so, but that's plenty warm. (Heh - it spiked up to 95. That, my friends, is hot. Period.)

A light to burn all the empires
So bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be
In love with all of these vampires

I'm not bitching, because I remember wondering about 3 weeks ago if I was ever going to be properly warm again, but this is a pointed reminder of why places with southern latitudes are probably Not For Me. I am a delicate flower, yo.

In other My State Is Awesome news, California Supreme Court strikes down ban on gay marriage. Goddamn right.
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Originally uploaded by Lulu Vision
Now only if they were sparkly unicorns....


Jan. 20th, 2008 11:04 am
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To my lovely friends who want me to return to MSP, I'm just sayin':

Wind: NW at 7 mph
Humidity: 54%

San Francisco:
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: W at 14 mph
Humidity: 66%

I'm going to ride over the Bay Bridge into Sausalito, take a look around, come back over, and watch the games. You have fun with your negative temps, mmmkay? (I kid because I love....)
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I'm in the throes of my annual Overdose of Stone Fruits. I love them - pluots, nectarines, cherries, plums.... nom nom nom nom. And the farmer's market is so close and has such a great selection. MY FRUITS, LET ME SHOW YOU THEM.

Today is such a perfect, mild, sunny San Francisco day that I would have been absolutely unsurprised if everyone at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market had burst into a spontaneous polka of joy. You know I would have joined right in, too.
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The Chinese New Year Parade is this Saturday - which means that I'll see a lot of dragon dancers practicing for the rest of the week. Awesome.

Hopefully, I'll feel better and actually make it to the parade this year.


Feb. 26th, 2007 09:16 pm
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Full-on thunder, lightning, and hailstorm. Haven't seen one of these since I got here.


(Glad I don't have to be out in it.)


Dec. 13th, 2006 03:06 pm
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It does not feel like winter (I'm ignoring the SADD for now). On my run the other day, the weather was clear, I could see across the Bay, and there was no snow on the ground. I was singing along to Lucero's "Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good", and I was totally agreeing with the line "Summer's winding down," until I realized that it was freakin' December. It ain't summer, but it sure as hell ain't winter. There's no snow! No danger of frostbite! Just rain and gray!

So weird.
Lyrics to Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good  )
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Could my lovely and talented and knowledgeable f-list point me toward/hook me up with the following:

Songs about San Francisco (Bay Area/California will work, but I'm specifically looking for songs that reference SF).

Songs about Minneapolis (St. Paul will also work, but I'd prefer Minneapolis).

I've got a few (Lucero's "San Francisco", Lucinda Williams' "Minneapolis", "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay", Semisonic's body of work, etc.), but more is better in these cases.

Thanks, y'all.


Aug. 24th, 2006 10:26 pm
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I love my neighborhood, I really do.

Most of the time. The weekends, I start getting a little pissy about the fratboy/B&T crowd. But the weeks are usually good.

Tonight, though, there's been a crazy man underneath my window alternately ranting incoherently and blasting Rod Stewart from his boombox. He's young & white, and I'm assuming schizophrenic, just from my observations of him. He yells at the Harley riders as they roar by, which is every 20 minutes.

It's part & parcel of living in a big city - specifically SF. I know this, and I can't really get angry about it. I do miss my quiet neighborhood in MSP sometimes, though.
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You know how all of a sudden your cat will go ballistic, puff out his tail, start poinging sideways and attacking random atoms that have the misfortune to be in his way?

That's my brain every once in a while when I realize I live in California.

I mean, I know I live in California, as evidenced by the whole 415 thing, as well as the running-past-the-ocean thing, as well as the not-Fringing I'm doing. But there's the knowing, and then there's the grokking, and clearly my comprehension is like unto molasses, because I still get surprised by the simple fact of my geography.

Ah, well. At least it makes my head an interesting place to be.


Jul. 24th, 2006 04:45 pm
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Wind: W at 13 mph
Humidity: 40%
Mostly Sunny
73° | 59°
Mostly Sunny
69° | 57°
Mostly Sunny
68° | 56°
Mostly Sunny
68° | 56°
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: N at 0 mph
Humidity: 51%
Chance of Storms
91° | 68°
Chance of Storms
90° | 68°
Chance of Storms
90° | 68°
Chance of Storms
89° | 65°
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: SE at 13 mph
Humidity: 26%
Mostly Sunny
77° | 54°
Mostly Sunny
72° | 53°
Mostly Sunny
69° | 53°
69° | 51°

So. Huh. It is an article of faith with me that I Do Not Like Heat. I’m a Northern girl, born and bred, but I’m not a large fan of cold, either. However, you can layer up with cold. Heat, there’s only so much you can strip off.

SF is famed for its microclimates, for the fog in July and August, for the ocean breeze, basically for not being SO BLOODY HOT. Much like the cold I commented on earlier this year, we are unprepared for heat. Very few private businesses and homes have A/C, unlike MSP.

But right now? Looks like everywhere's feeling the burn.

Sure, there's no global warming. Uh-huh.


Mar. 9th, 2006 02:35 pm
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We might be getting snow soon. Probably not in the lower parts of the city, but still. Cool. (How FUCKING weird is that that I'm thinking snowfall in March is cool?? Very weird, I tell you what. Normally I'd be all "Oh, look. More snow. Snowsnowsnowsnowsnowsnow. So tired of snow.")

Also, for your daily surrealism, The Muppet Matrix. A little disturbing, yet funny.

ION, this full-on body pain can stop any. time. now. I feel like I've been beaten with a sack full of oranges. Aleve is not helping. May have to break out the Perc when I get home. I'm obviously getting sick, again. Grumble.

I need an "Ow" icon. Also a "dumbass" (referring to me) icon. Alsoalso a "friends" icon (not the show).

Since I'm clearly not going out tonight, I guess I can play with those. Or search for some. Or, you know, I could sleep. That might be a good idea.
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At the bar tonight, I mentioned to K (after he gave me a backrub that loosened me up enough to give me a headache - I am one large bundle of stress) that I'm feeling very lonely right now. He nodded, looked around, and said, "Well, at least you're among family."

That I am. That I am.


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