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The story as told by Geoffrey Campbell:

Before there was anything, before the great flood covered the earth and receded, before the animals walked the earth, or the trees covered the earth, or the fishes and whales swam the seas, an old man lived in a house on the bank of a river with his only daughter. He didn't know if his daughter was as beautiful as hemlock fronds against the springtime sky, or as ugly as a sea slug, because it was dark all the time.

The world was dark, inky, pitchy, all consuming dark. The reason it was so dark was that the old man kept the sun hidden in a box, inside another box, inside an infinite number of other boxes. The smallest box was so small that all it could contain was all the light in the universe.

Raven was not satisfied with the darkness, since it led to an awful lot of blundering around and bumping into things, so Raven devised a plan to get inside the box that contained the sun. He went to the stream where he knew the old man's daughter drew water every day. He waited for the sound of the daughter's footsteps, and then he went upstream and changed himself into a hemlock needle and floated into the basket she used to collect water. When she drank the water, she swallowed the hemlock needle without knowing it. Raven floated down deep inside of her and found a comfortable spot where he transformed himself into a small human being. Then he went to sleep and began to grow quickly. The daughter kept this secret from her father.

Suddenly the old man became aware of a new presence in the house when Raven emerged triumphantly in the shape of a human boychild. He had a strange appearance, with a long nose and a few feathers sticking out here and there. He also had an unusual voice that contained all the sounds of a spoiled child or an angry raven.

The old man loved the boychild. He made many toys for him and invented games for him to play. As Raven became more bold, he began testing the boxes. He decided that the biggest one contained the treasure, yet when he raised the lid all he could feel inside was another box.

Raven continued to play the spoiled child and persuaded the old man to remove layers and layers of boxes until there was only one small box left. When a radiance filled the room Raven knew it was time to break into the box and snatch up the light. The old man watched as the boychild transformed into a beautiful raven. With a downward flap of his wings, Raven flew up through the smokehole with the light.

And from far away the light shined into the eyes of the eagle, and he saw his target and flew after Raven. Raven's grip on the sun loosened and a piece dropped from his grasp. This piece fell to the ground and broke into one large piece and many other smaller pieces. These bounced back up into the sky to become the moon and the stars. Raven flew as fast as he could until he finally had to release the sun into the sky, to float above the clouds and the mountaintops forever.

The old man was saddened by the loss of his treasure, but when he looked upon his daughter he could see that she was as beautiful as the frond of the hemlock tree against the spring sky. He began to feel a little better.
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Looking at the things I'd like to do in 2007, I notice 2 major omissions:

Working in theater again
Getting another tattoo

The theater I understand - I've not really felt the drive to participate/create, and that's been making me upset. I figure if it comes back, yay. If not, I'll find something else. As it stands, putting pressure on that part of my life is counterproductive.

The tattoo, though - I know I want to finish my back, and I know of another I'd like. Don't know why I didn't mention those, except perhaps I feel like I can't go forward with other ink until I finish my back. (Those links lead to pictures of the current tats that are a little obscured by corset laces, but you get the general idea.)

So - the original idea was to have a line of kanji up my back, each one representing a trait that I need to learn how to embrace or bring out in myself. From the bottom, they're luck, chaos (now covered by the lotus, symbol of peace), happiness, male courage, without fail. I'd need at least 5 more traits and to find the kanji for each - which feels sort of... odd... now. The only one that calls out is ki - energy/force/spirit.

What also calls out is a tattoo of a phoenix or a raven on my back - done by Rob Merrill, who is justly famed in SF for his blackwork and outstretched birds (he's also the one who did the lotus for me). The phoenix feels very appropriate for me - it's not as immediate as it used to be, but she's always with me. Raven also feels appropriate, but I have apprehensions about putting Trickster on my back, where I can't see him. Plus, if I got Raven, I feel that I would also need to put Otter somewhere.

Ideas for Phoenix: 1 2 3 4 - none of them are perfect, but that's why I would go to Rob.

Raven - Rob's already done a perfect raven - it's on the back of the Original Pretty Tattooed Boy. I'd trust Rob to design something appropriate and beautiful.

The span would be wider than the rest of my tats, obviously - coming to the middle of my shoulderblades, at least. Something with wings spread, ready to take flight or in flight.

And then there's the other tat I want that I haven't decided where to place it - a heart & dagger, with the words "my tattooed heart".

Yay ink!

(Of course, all of this is purely hypothetical right now, because I need to be saving money. But it's there.)
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At this picture of my tats.

Actually, at the larger picture that shows more skin.

When I look at my back in the mirror, I don't see the variations in skin tone. Oh, I see some, of course, but not the almost mottled quality that occurs in the pictures. In the pictures, I can pick out where my waistband normally rides, old bruises that have left their mark, and just general life scars.

Looking at my tattoos forces me to contemplate a side of my self that I don't normally see and the subtle variations thereof. I kind of like that. To quote Alexa, "I've gone and found deeper meaning".


I have to find my next tattoo. I have to decide what I want to commemorate or remind myself of next.
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First of all, thank you to everyone who suggested foods for our Oscar party competition. We ended up doing pigs in a blanket with bay leaves, Vietnamese spring rolls, and sushi, all in a platter above bunches of dry ice. It was a lot of fun, and we won! Go Team Us! Of course, dodoheads that we are, we forgot to take a picture of said winning entry, but believe me when I say it looked fantastic. Also, the pigs in a blanket were GONE before the show even started. The one time I listen to the little voice that whispers "You're making too much food" (and Zach telling me that I'm making too much food), and the voice was wrong like a wrong thing. Oh, well.

Friday - went up to St. Cloud to run "Daisy". Came back, and Z & I went to a small house party. We did not stay long, as most of the attendees were younger than us and had decided to make it a party in the style of college parties. And by that, I do not mean toga, I mean pathetic attempts at porn. It was a "Cock Tail Party". Yeah. Not in the mood, and since I was asleep within 15 minutes of getting home, I clearly needed the rest. Zach just needed to get out of there.

Saturday - Got my next tattoo - Courage. He also redid my Chaos tat, as it hadn't healed very well. Ooof. I was not physically prepared to get two tattoos done, and it happened to be the first day of period, so I was very pain-sensitive. Also? It has been discovered that I am allergic to the tape they use to keep the bandage on. That was not fun at ALL.

But it's gorgeous and I love it and it will heal. Until then, ibuprofen is my friend.

Saturday night, I went up to St. Cloud again, gratefully sped out after our final performance, and went to a party over at Sally's ([livejournal.com profile] redwright). It was fun, there was a lot of fantastic food, and some very nice people. Zach and I left early for us, which has become a trend. This "getting older thing"? For the birds.

Sunday - Z & I slept & lolled about until it was time to assemble the food & go to the Oscar party. Where we won for food. As I mentioned. :) The Oscars? Meh. Wanted to lick Mr. Depp, adored the hobbits, loved Jennifer Garner's dress. S'about it.

Well, there was discussion of marriage and how we'd like to observe it and who we would include, etc. Which was nice.

I started to do the "what were you doing a year ago" meme, but quickly decided that I did not need to go back there. I think I'll skip the "year ago" meme for most of 2004. Maybe I'll pick it back up in October.

E_juliana and Bigpenguin
  • Doing their best to adopt no rockin' children.
  • Hope to share their hearts for the foreseeable future.
  • Believe in attraction at first sight.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy
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Ran 4+ miles last night. Not long, true, but fast.

Unfortunately, I had napped before running, so I was late, so I didn't eat between getting home from my run and going to the Guthrie to see Night Of The Iguana. Not a good idea. Even worse? Having a few drinks after the show. I do not feel well today. But I did have fun.

Seeing Zach on the Guthrie stage was pretty damn cool. I was/am very proud of him. Even if his costume consists of leopard-print briefs and sandals. And that's it. Hee! Sally and I sat together, and we hung out with Linda Sue and Tim before and after the show. Actually, after the show, most of the actors hang out at the Guthrie bar - "The Dram". It used to be in the backstage/offices area, and was dark and moody and just generally appropriate for a bunch of old soaks. Now it's in the lobby and is echo-y and not bar-like at all. Sigh. But hanging out with the NY actors was quite enjoyable. I think some of them might come down to the Market tonight.

11 days until the marathon. Yes.

I have no idea how to post a picture here from my hard drive. I am pathetic. Anyway, I was going to show everyone my next tat, the one I'm going to get for myself when I finish the marathon. I have three right now, all going up my spine. They represent characteristics that I either need to be reminded of or that I need to work toward embracing. From bottom to top, it's the Chinese symbol for the Year of the Rabbit, reminding me of my roots and the luck I have in my life. Then comes the kanji for "chaos", and then the kanji for "happiness" (the icon I used for this post). The next one is the kanji for "courage", which has the added bonus of slightly looking like someone running.

I love my tattoos. I want more. I want to finish this line of desireables (all the way to the neck, baybee), and then start getting more. Moremoremore. Body modification is addicting.

Anyway. I'm babbling, and not about very interesting things. Must nap this afternoon. As well as slay the Lutherans that are breeding in my sink and lift weights. Very exciting.


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