Sep. 9th, 2005 01:50 pm
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Remember I mentioned that Z has a bruised sternum a couple days ago? Nope! He's got a cracked sternum. Poor thing. No weights, no running, possibly no biking for him for the next month. And apparently it forms a callus as it heals? Aiiieeee.

My poor sweetie. I'ma go clock his friend that accidentally cracked his sternum. Only I get to hurt my husband, dammit!
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But I really didn't MEAN to!

I have an unfortunate tendency towards klutziness. Zach can tell you about the many times I've accidentally gouged, poked, scratched, spindled, or mutilated him. I have very poor spatial awareness (unless I'm dancing), and since Z is so often the closest one in my vicinity, he bears the brunt of it. It becomes even worse when he's injured - I'll often forget completely and do something that hurts him. Case in point: he's got a bruised sternum, and I kissed him right on it the other night. Poor guy.

I don't think it's self-absorption that makes me forget that he's injured - rather, it doesn't fit with my mental image of my husband. He doesn't get injured. He's got weak knees, a tendency toward insomnia, and occasional back twinges, but he's not injured. Rather, he's the picture of heartiness. I think this is as much for my own mental health as it is the truth - if I didn't think of him this way, I'd go nuts worrying about everything that went wrong. Therefore, when he does get injured, I have a very hard time incorporating that into my radar.

So, basically, [livejournal.com profile] bigpenguin, this is a public apology for all of the times I've injured you already, and a blanket apology for all of times I will injure you over our long, happy life together. I'll still apologize ceaselessly when I do, but the world at large knows how sorry I am and how much I didn't mean to.

Love you, sweetie. And I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!
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Wuf. Long weekend.

The party on Saturday was very nice. Some unexpected (but welcome) people showed up, other loved ones showed up, my mom & Z's mom got to bond, many people gave me champagne or prosecco (P, I drank the champers you gave me on Sunday night. Thanks, sweetie), it was all good.

Karaoke at the Market was fun. A little raucous, but what else do I expect? Z got amazingly drunk, so I decided to drink Pineapple Upside-Down shots in retaliation. I don't know why, don't ask why, there was no logic. My mom ended up having to drive us home. Poor Mom.

Monday, we staggered out of bed, dropped my mom at the airport and went out to Valleyfair! The first two rides we took were on their two wooden roller coasters, High Roller and Excalibur. Z then talked me on to Wild Thing, but I don't think I opened my eyes at all during the ride.

Have you ever been on a ride where you went beyond the fun scared and into the edge of sheer terror? That was me on Steel Venom, and I seriously thought I was going to die during the ride. That's one of the scarier things I've ever done, and I'm not eager to repeat it. There would have to be some serious cash on offer to get me back on that thing, like 6 figures or more. I've never cried on a ride before, but I cried on that thing. Ugh.

After that, there was no way in hell Z was going to get me on the Corkscrew, but he refused to go on the Power Tower, so we called it even. There were a few rides that we both agreed would be a bad idea in our slightly hungover state, mostly the ones involving being upside down for a good length of time. We did go on the spinny-type rides that I enjoy, like Mad Mouse and The Monster and Tilt-A-Whirl. Best part, though? The water park, with the various water rides and slides. They have 3 waterslides called "Fast, "Faster", and "Fastest", which were a LOT of fun, there's a couple raft rides, one with people and one solo, and then there's the gentle float that goes all the way around the perimeter of the waterpark. Just you and your inner tube, floating. Yum. If they had a wave pool in there, it would be perfect.

All in all, we spent 7 hours at the amusement park. Pretty fun. Pretty expensive, but that's why we haven't gone before.

Also, I lucked out and didn't tan very much. Go Team SPF 45 and Multiple Re-Applications of Such!

The physical and financial recovery from the weekend is going to take a bit. I was in bed on Monday by 9, last night by 8:30, and it's a sure bet I won't be going to karaoke tonight, but instead will be in bed by 10:30. I'll be lucky if I get a run in. Also, we love ramen and we love the fact that produce is cheap right now, yes we do.

Worth it. It was all worth it.

Can I go nap now?
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We're coming up on the end of Week One of Zach's Grand Get In Shape Plan, and it's been interesting. He's getting advice from 3 separate sources - me, a woman he works with who is also a boxer and a trainer (R), and a man who is a martial artist (M). There hasn't been that much conflicting information yet, but the differences have been enlightening. I've missed a few things, primarily because my focus is so different from Z's. As a distance runner, I do not strength-train prior to running. I only do it after a run or on a completely different day. Z doesn't have that worry, so M told him to lift weights prior to cardio. As a freaky hippie eater, I try to avoid high fructose corn syrup in its entirety. R told Z not to worry so much about it, that there are a few things in which HFCS is okay to eat. Little shit like that. I'll defer to both of them, because R is used to whipping big guys into shape and M knows about being a guy, being a guy in theater, and being a guy in theater trying to get and stay in shape.

I'm currently in the middle of my own "Oh, fuck, I need to get in shape" plan, which is fun. We open Friday next, and I'm wearing a very skimpy outfit for a couple scenes. Vanity is a lovely thing.

I've also been concentrating on getting faster. My 10-K pace last year was 10:00, and I'd like to get it down to 9:30 in time for the Get In Gear Run. This is all part of a grand plan to run Boston sometime after I turn 40 (the qualifying time drops to 3:50 - which is a little less than a 9-minute mile pace over 26.2 miles). We'll see if this actually happens, since a lot can change in 12 years. And if I happen to speed up enough to qualify when the required time is 3:40? I won't complain.
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I'm looking forward to a weekend where I don't have to do anything. I don't have to run. I don't have to go up to St. Cloud. I don't have to plan anything.

We are going to two shows, Pygmalion at the Guthrie tonight (free!) and Flags at Mixed Blood tomorrow (also free!!). However, these are non-stressful things, especially because they are free!

Zach and I took an hour and a half walk last night. Nothing too strenous, mostly strolling, but it was good to get out and move. We walked down to Hennepin and Lake, over to Lyndale, and then back up, with a stop in Cheapo and Sebastian Joe's. Z got more music for Measure For Measure at Cheapo, and I got two Pink albums. bounce I lurve Pink, and not just because I am exactly in her range. Her abs are also kick-ass. What? I can be shallow...

Pardon while I squee over a couple bands that I love: Scissor Sisters and The Killers. Z & I missed both bands when they came through the Cities last year, due to (as usual) performances. However, the Scissor Sisters are coming back through in December, and the only show we've got is one we've directed, so we're free to go see them. Yay!!

Scissor Sisters are... well... they sound a lot like early Elton John, there's one very Pink Floyd-esque song on their album, there's a cover of a Pink Floyd song that makes me just gleeful... They are very eclectic and poppy, and quite fun to listen to.

The Killers are sort of a Duran Duran meets the Cure meets... well, you get the idea. Very Brit-esque 80s guitar-driven pop. Fun.

That's something that drives most of my musical choices, actually - fun. Glenn Gould had fun with Bach. Carmina Burana is fun to listen to. I can dance to most of my music, and that is fun. I've never bought into anything that has required me to be dead serious all the time, be it mope-y goth or uber-pretentious arthouse. Mergh.

OMG!!! 9 minutes to go until I can leave work!! I won't survive......
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I'll talk about Carmen first, since it's been on my mind for 48 hours.

We saw the remount of Carmen at Theatre de la Jeune Lune, a company that came over from France a couple decades ago, and a company that is like no other I've seen. Most of that is due to the French roots, I'm sure, but Jeune Lune is very odd, as a rule. I disagree with who they are run on occasion, but I will admit that they always make bold choices. The choices don't always work, but one cannot accuse Jeune Lune of being bland.

Carmen was originally produced last year when most of the Jeune Lune company was in New York, opening Hamlet. It stars a powerhouse pair of sisters, the Baldwins, with Jennifer playing Micaela and Frasquita and Christina playing Carmen.

It was an amazingly done show. Don Jose is a baritone instead of a tenor, but it worked for me. The stage was simple - a thrust with entrances underneath the main audience and on the back wall, as well as a door a story up that had a path down for the mountain scenes. The costumes were very simple, with the exception of Carmen's last dress. The script was arranged so that it almost felt like a drama with singing than an opera-opera, and it worked.

The only problem I had with the show was some of the ensemble's acting. I had to remind myself that opera acting is not our acting, and adjust accordingly. That problem was not present with the four leads, thankfully.

Hmmm. More tired than I thought, because I can't really come up with an analysis. Oh, well.

Yesterday, I ran 8 miles and then ran around like a madwoman trying to find a bloody skirt. I forgot that IKEA had just opened up across the way from the Mall of America, and so was not prepared for the madhouse that greeted me when I went to the MOA. Oy. I did drop off the fabric for the corset & meet with Z's cousins who are decorating the reception, so I felt a little accomplished. When Zach got home from work, we went through the rest of our CD collection and picked out songs for the reception. We now have approximately twice the amount of music we need, which is good, but the winnowing process will be harrowing. Harrowing, I tell you.

This morning, we got up early and went to the Farmer's Market with Z's mom. I love going there, especially with Sadie. We went to her favorite flower guy, who creates monstrous bouquets for only $10, and talked about what I want for the wedding. Then we just wandered about, and I got the world's densent watermelon. Seriously, this thing is 16 pounds and is not all that large. Also got tomatoes and avocados for guacamole, but I'll wait to make that until tomorrow. Or Tuesday.

Dropped Z off at work, went to REI for a new sports bra & CLIF shots, and then went to the fabric store and got taffeta and netting for the skirt. Dropped that off, went into Uptown to get Bodyglide and return the library book, and I decided to stop into Ragstock to see what they had in the way of fun clothing. Lo and behold, what did they have? Friggin' ballerina skirts. I was only saved from a meltdown by the fact that they only had purple & ice blue.

Gave Z the truck, regaled him with my shopping expeditions, and came home to clean and bake oven-"fried" chicken for us and our friends who just had their baby. Oh, and chop up 16 pounds of watermelon.

Now, I think I'll go to bed. Yes.
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Well it’s a pretty good day
I’m looking forward to tomorrow
To have a pretty good day
Yeah we’ll have a good day.

Last night, I commenced the pre-celebration for my birthday at karaoke, and sent out an email to that effect. People showed up that I hadn't seen in ages. For a while, there were just 5 of us - L, who's in my show; MA, who is dating L and is a good friend of mine; JJ, who is MA's best friend; JF, who is our lovely stage manager; and me. So it's a fairly close-knit group, and we had some fantastic banter going. It was just wonderful to be in a group that was trading focus back and forth, and not telling story upon story. I love the stories, but I miss the banter. More people showed up, people sang songs for me (including "Devil Went Down To Georgia"), there was much affection. It was very nice.

An unexpected benefit to being with Zach (or any non-jealous theater person, I suppose) is how freely I can get and give physical affection from the straight boys (the girls and gayboys never care). I still wanted to be affectionate when I was single, but misinterpretation abounded and forced me to back off. I need a lot of platonic physical touch - the more I get, the better I feel about myself, and the more I can give. It's a nice little cycle when it works.

Continuing the trend of Good Things, I received a huge birthday bouquet today from Mom and Barndad, full of snapdragons and Gerbera daisies. So. Pretty.

We're in the cusp of strawberries to raspberries season, meaning that there are tons of both at the Farmer's Market Downtown today, most of them direct from Bayfield, WI. I've already polished off a pint of raspberries, and I'm working on the strawberries now. Yum.

Tonight, I have rehearsal with the Three Hags, and then shopping & cleaning for the party. Tomorrow, I clean some more, run 7 miles, and go up to Alexandria to see Z's show. Saturday, I bring Z home, and we party. Sunday, karaoke again. Monday, collapse. I'm looking forward to it.

I put the following quiz in for the Magic User answer alone.....

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Like a dummy, I forgot my Mizunos up in Alexandria. I've not fully adjusted to the ASICS yet, but I guess I'll have to.

Ran somewhere between 4.5 and 5 miles this morning. I'm not too sure of the distance, which says to me that I need to get a GPS pedometer thing-y. Okay, not really, but it is something I'd like to have eventually. New toys! Fun stuff! I'm having to balance conflicting signals from my ankles and right knee - the ankles want more stability and asphalt running, and the knee wants a softer surface and trail running. The ankles won out this morning, as it's still pretty muddy on the trails.


Z comes home this weekend!! bounce bounce I do like having the place to myself, but I'll be glad to have him home. Not in the least because I find being alone in our apartment a little scary. It's basement level and right on the sidewalk (instead of having a small bit of lawn between the sidewalk and the building, like most of them here), so it's easy for me to freak myself out. So, I go up and get him, and we have a part-ay for my birthday. Good times.


Hmmm. Had more, but work ate my brain. Again.
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Wow, I've really not been updating much, have I? Whoops.

So, last weekend, I went up to Alexandria, which is where Zach has been since before I got back from Alaska. That's right, we haven't really occupied the same space for nigh on a month. No wonder I'm getting so freaky. Zach is up at Theatre l'Homme Dieu, performing as Lenny in Of Mice And Men (actually, it closed Sunday), and then directing Last Of The Red-Hot Lovers, which opens tomorrow night. Homme Dieu is amazing. It's like summer camp for actors. Actually, that's exactly what the St. Paul Pioneer Press called it. All they have to do up there is go to rehearsal and learn their lines and then go sit around the campfire. Verra nice, in a rustic sort of way. So, I was up the weekend of the 4th with some of the other spouses in which over $300 of illegal fireworks from North Dakota were set off), and then half of the small theatre Mafia descended on TlHD for Don and Tina's wedding last weekend.

The wedding was quite lovely. It was on the grounds of an oldold church that had been the main church for the area back in the late 1800's. Almost everyone was in some sort of Hawaiian print, the vows were touching and funny, and the first kiss as bride and groom was the kiss at the end of the song "There's A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow". (It was much less cheesy than it sounds, honest. More goofy.) Then, everyone piled in cars and went to a picnic area about a mile away and we barbequed.

Most ovary ache-inducing moment: a couple of our friends - Lloyd and Lynn - have a two-year old boy named Lloyd (we call him Lloydlet). I first met him when he was 10 days old and they brought him to a party. He was a cheeky active monkey then, and he hasn't slowed down. He was right in the middle of the football toss game some of the guys had going, doing his best to catch the football that was as big as his torso. After a while, the guys got bored with football tossing and decided to play baseball with the football and the pinata stick (don't ask me why). Lloydlet was very determined to participate, so Zach scooped him up in his left arm and used his right arm to pitch. When the ball was tossed back to him, Zach would let it drop on the ground, hold Llyodlet by his ankles, and let the kid pick up the ball. It was kind of like the skill claw games you see in arcades, and possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Oy. Ovaries aching all over the place.

After the BBQ, we all went to go see (or do) the show, and then there was much carousing. A good time was had by most people. There were some people whose got very drunk and decided that playing in the mud would be the best idea evah. Those people also had fun, but the people who had to clean the muddy people off did not have as much fun. Or so I hear. I was asleep by then, thankfully.

I go back up Friday morning, see Z's show, and then bring him home Saturday, just in time for my birthday party. It will be very nice to have both of us home.
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Did we know about this place? Victorian Trading Co.??? If not, why not? I am now in love with this tiara. Yes.

Ahem. Panicking about various schedule and time and yeargh. Unfortunately, none of the involved things are negotiable.

So far, my compromise consists of downgrading my marathon training program from "Intermediate" to "Beginner", with the caveat that I will run more if I can and have the time. We'll see.

"I've got my Fringe show to plan, my wedding to arrange, my marathon to train for, and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped."


May. 6th, 2004 09:42 am
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It was a late night, but we had fun. There were some annoying people at karaoke (including another birthday celebration for someone who was clearly just 21), but they cleared out pretty early and we essentially had the bar to ourselves. That was fun. There was also a rare late-night drunken foray to the SA, because it was Z's birthday and he needed food. (I'm normally under strict orders to not allow the 1 a.m. SA runs to occur.) So. That was that.

I'm in my new cube, and it's not great fun. It's more centralized, so EVERYONE walks by. Yeargh. Oh, well.

Meme Time!!

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My weekend primarily consisted of moving and of cursing the tension/PMS that was making me slighly nauseated. Grumble.

However, I'm set to start sleeping at the new place tonight. Yay! I still have over half of my crap to move. Boo! But I have until the end of the month. Phew.

Fun things consisted of seeing Gremlin Theater's Orphans on Friday. It was upsetting that only 20 people showed up for their opening. Only 20 people showed up for American Buffalo that night, as well. I don't know what the hell is going on with independent theater in this town. We're turning in great shows, getting glowing reviews, and we can't get a fucking soul in the goddamn seats. Gah.

The other fun thing was going into the Star Tribune on Sunday for a photo of the "Small Theater Mafia": Fifty Foot Penguin Theater, Gremlin Theatre, Pigs Eye Theatre, and Starting Gate Productions. Graydon Royce, a local critic and an advocate for smaller theater, is doing an article on all of us. Hopefully, we'll get the front page of the Friday or Sunday Arts Section. I'll be sure to link when it shows up.

The new apartment is like something out of "Wild Kingdom". Damien (my cat) and Hank & Daisy (Zach's cats) are all puffery and hissing whenever they pass by each other. Of course, Damien is an absolute angel whenever I'm in the apartment: purring, rolling onto his back in view of the other cats, slinking by, etc. Zach informs me that this is not the case when I'm not there. Little shit. I hope they'll adjust soon. because I don't know how much more Z & I can take of 3 a.m. running fights. At least they're not allowed in the bedroom.....

Le job - le sigh. Am searching. Am uncertain. Am cranky.

Rehearsals are good. Everyone's have a lot of fun and laughing a lot, which is very important. Now I just need to memorize my lines. It's just that I have these HUGE chunks of text, and I know the flow, but the precise words aren't there. Dammit. The kissing is working well, though. Heh.

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I took Friday off. It was just too hard to get up and come race about here like a rat in a maze. It had been too hard of a week, and I needed too much rest. So I called in, slept in, and then went for a 6-mile run. First one in a long time, that. Also, the first time in ages that I've run during the middle of the day, and not the dawn or the gloaming. It made me notice things, like the fact that the lakes are two feet shallow in spots. I hadn't realized exactly how bad the drought was until I saw (and smelled) that. Scary scary stuff. It's easy to ignore the signs when you live in an apartment in the middle of the city and are too busy to realize that the middle of April has come and gone, and the trees have barely started to bud.

They're budding now, though. We had a massive thunderstorm on Sunday, one of those fun ones where the sky doesn't look real just before it opens up. Fantastic. There should be some rain tonight, too. I love rain.

I signed up for a 10-K to be run on this Saturday. I'm not expecting to do well - hell, I've barely trained - but I needed something to kick me in the ass and make me go out and run. I've not been running very much, partly because I'm tired and lazy, and partly because I hurt my back in some indefinable way. All I know is that it hurts a LOT to sit for very long, but it doesn't bother me while I'm walking or running (much). I don't know what the hell is wrong, so I called in for a doctor appointment. All very odd and slightly bothersome. However, I'm sitting on a heating pad right now, AIFG. Those who have dealt with back injuries before, what should I do or watch out for? The pain is mostly in my mid-to-lower back area, and it flares the hell up whenever I twist. Anything?

We took the apartment that I talked about before. The pros outweighed the cons, and there are things I can do to the shower room to make it more useful for soaking. Like turning it into a makeshift steam room. We'll see.

Rehearsals for Picasso at the Lapin Agile started last night. It's going to be a fun time. Fantastic, really funny cast. And then me. :)

We have a hall reserved for the post-ceremony party, which is good. We need to be out of there by midnight, which is bad. We'll probably be renting a limo/bus to haul everyone over to an as-yet-to-be-determined hotel/bar. These things need to get worked out soon, but it's not urgent. Yet.

Work is, well, work. Lots of. My raise still hasn't gone through, but I am reassured that it will be retroactive whenever it decides to appear. Yay money!

I've been staying out of most of b.org partly because of the afore-mentioned work, and partly because of the overwhelming influx. Can't cope, don't wanna. May duck back into Bitches if this keeps up....

All in all, I'm pretty happy. Must remember to focus on that instead of the petty little shit. Also, must remember to focus on that when it's reported that people think that Bush has a better understanding of what to do about terrorism than Kerry. Head, meet desk.
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Okay, notsomuch. I just always have that song running through my head on Easter.

It's been a nice enough weekend. Zach and I went to a housewarming party last night for a couple very good friends of ours. They bought a house this past month, they're getting married in July, and she's pregnant and due in late October. I guess I'm not the only one pushing boundaries in 2004. But they seem happy and healthy and well, so it's all good.

Z's mom saw the show last night, which made me very happy. She's not been out much in the past year, so any socializing is a treat.

Friday was the after-work in-office party that I alluded to earlier. It was nice enough for having to socialize at work. I had picked out some fantastic wines (thanks be to corporate for picking up the tab), and the food was delicious, and everyone seemed happy. I only had a glass or so, but it knocked me a little further on my butt than I had anticipated. Sort of nervous-making when I had to do a show in a few hours. It was fine, but yipes. Neither Zach nor I have the tolerance that we used to, and I don't think either of us have adjusted yet.

Apartment - still iffy. I'm leaning towards taking it, but I'm still unsure.

Reception - still iffy. Haven't heard back from the space yet.

Allergies - knocking me on my ass. This is by far the worst I've ever had them. No good.

Gronk. Show tonight. Only 30 reservations on the book. They'd better be loud laughers....
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Some days, I wish I could be as hysterically hyper and random as [livejournal.com profile] datlowen. But then I realize that that would take too much energy. I'll settle for the random, I guess.


Ran yesterday morning. It was good, and it was fast. The problem was that someone fell into pace 5 steps behind me, making me feel like a rabbit. (The race kind, not the bunny kind.) My stupid stupid competitive streak won't let someone who is close to my pace overtake me, so I kicked it up a notch. Which made that person actually use me as a rabbit. Which made me run about 5 seconds faster than my usual race pace. I need to do that more often. Run faster, not be a rabbit. Although, if rabbiting makes me do that....

The word rabbit has now lost all sense to me. Rabbit rabbit rabbit.


So I ran in the morning, and then biked into work. I love my bike, as it is big and tough and was Robin's, but it has some bad habits that seem to be ingrained (hey, just like Rob!). Chain slippage, gears not quite in place, etc. I'll take it in again, but they haven't been able to find the cause yet. I'm only worried about the MN Red Ribbon Ride. My daily commute is one thing, but I'd prefer it to be in top shape for a ride that is 100+ miles per day.

Huh. Looking at the website, I see this year's Ride is sponsored by Chipotle. Huh. Well, at least I like their food, if not their corporate parent.

The upshot is, I'm biking in to work instead of walking in now. Which means I'm going to try to get in a 7-mile run tonight. We'll see if it works.

It looks like Zach and I have found an apartment. It's within spitting distance of the Walker museum (old Guthrie), garden-level (which I don't like), 2-bedroom, gigantic, etc. My biggest objection to the place is the bathtub. More specifically, the absolute lack of one and the slightly institutional feel of the shower room. Yes, shower room. The shower is bigger than some of the bathrooms I have had before.

My second objection to it is that it was clearly a gigantic studio apartment, and then they decided to put up some walls to make it a two-bedroom, so the interior walls are extremely flimsy.

Zach says it has sort of a bohemian feel to it, and he's right, even if the thought does make me sing "La Vie Boheme" from Rent. We're going to spend a small fortune on fabrics for draping and muffling and whatnot. We'll also probably be allowed to paint, which will be nice. I'm tired of white walls.

The best part about the place? Private entrance. There's a door that leads into the building proper, but there's also an entrance that goes right up and out into the street. You'd better believe that will be our main entrance.

All in all, not a perfect place. On the other hand, as I've been saying, 2004 is all about pushing boundaries. I tend to find places that are already perfect (see my last two apartments). This one can be made to be ours, and I think that's a good thing. I also think that I'll be doing most of the initial ours-making, as Z is, howdoyousay, hella busy for the next 6 months. And if it's truly hellish, we can move in a year. The joys of renting.


Apr. 6th, 2004 01:00 pm
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Trying my best to be a busy little worker bee, as I am still tracking my time. It has helped me to see exactly how much I bounce around from task to task.

Whenever I've got something that doesn't require much thought, like labelling envelopes, I'm also desperately trying to figure out this whole reception dilemma. I've got calls out to the theaters that I think might be possible, I've checked out local park boards & their facilities, and I researched the rates for the hotel that is in our building. Day-UM. Far too much money for the hotels. Haven't heard back from the theaters or the available park sites. Trying not to panic.

Painted the theater American Buffalo set with Z last night. It was a nice little interlude in the hecticness that is threatening to overwhelm us. Or him, rather.

Tired. Busy. Gronk.
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(said in best groggy Chris Knight voice)

(Now if I only had some "liquid nitrogen" for the vending machine.)

My nails are painted black again. This makes me happy and is strangely comforting. Is it an identity thing or is it just that I don't want to see how easily damaged my nails are? Probably both.

Wedding plans continue. We need to find a space for the reception, as our hosts are strangely uncomfortable with the thought of 170 people tramping through their house. Now ensues a discussion of hall vs. other (aka theater) vs. relative's large home out in the 'burbs. Oy. I wonder if the local VFW is available....

Have Maroon 5 stuck in my head. May need to purchase CD. Maybe just listen to some Al Green.


Anyway. The weekend was fine. I slept a lot. Again. One of these days, I'll actually have to be productive on a weekend, and then it'll all go to hell.

Friday's show was good, but the audience was sooooo quiet. You would've thought it was a Sunday or summat. Friday was also the day my direct supervisor saw the show. And lastly, Friday was the first time that the costume got a vocal reaction. It was all very interesting.

After the show, Zach and I went back to his house and stayed up until 4:30 stamping and labelling postcards for American Buffalo. Oy. We watched Real Genius and Blue Hawaii whilst postcarding. I have an unholy love for the first movie, and take far too much enjoyment in the second movie. Also, Blue Hawaii is a perfect example of why pale women should not wear bright coral lipstick, no matter what Glamour says. Oy.

Saturday's show started out excellently, but we collectively lost our concentration midway through the second act. Why? Because the audience was laughing much more than we were used to, so we started waiting and thinking, "Is this line going to get a laugh? This one?" Dangerous. But good for the actorly ego.

Sunday's show - meh. It was fine, there weren't any major screwups, but it was a small house on a Sunday. Sort of a comedown after Saturday's uproarious laughter. I did go to karaoke afterwards, though. Haven't been in a while. Shouldn't have sang, but how can I go to karaoke and not sing? Impossible.


Gronk. Don't want to be at work. Missing Zach. I think I'll take a Tuesday or Wednesday (Z's days off) off soon, and we can go to the Zoo. Yes.
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My inner self has decided that it is Spring, no matter what the weather says. I am exercising every day, I'm dreaming of travelling, and I find myself indulging in fantasies of completely inappropriate flirting. I'm restless, in other words. Wanting to find something new and shiny, to leave all of the struggles and scrapes behind. Wanting to reinvent, to not have to be Me anymore, to try everything I haven't tried before.

But if I did, once I did, what then? I would become bound down by the new people's perception of me, by the new life, by my new self. It would become Old, and I would be dreaming of New once more. I would tear up stakes again, and reinvent myself all over. How many times is that truly possible?

Part of the reason I know Z is the best match for me is that even when I'm craving the New, I'm happy to be with him. I don't need to wander, I just (kind of) want to. He understands that feeling well.


Mar. 8th, 2004 12:36 pm
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So I took Friday off to help me catch up on my sleep and generally recover from this horrific mood I've been in for the last few months. Good idea, right? Not when I decide to drink like a fish (I'm not the only one who had this idea - check out [livejournal.com profile] stephl's description of her weekend).

Friday, we slept in, lolled about, and then went to lunch. I LOVE having the day off and hanging out in a bar for lunch. It always feels vaguely seedy and fun. Came home, worked out, and then Z & I went to the opening of "Driving Miss Daisy" at the Showboat. It went fine, but Z had had to correct a few bad habits that had formed during the St. Cloud run. The audience was smallish, but they seemed to like it. We were convinced that the Artistic Director of the Guthrie was in attendance until we actually heard the man speak. No Irish accent - no Joe Dowling. Hmmph.

Prior to the show, we went to dinner at the only restaurant near the Boat. It was, to say the least, odd. The place tries to be about 5 different things at once - a neighborhood bar, a swanky club-style restaurant, a sports bar, a family restaurant, and a party area. There is a pull tab booth next to the mahogany-inlaid bar. I've decided that every place I eat in St. Paul that is not located in the immediate downtown area will have a surreal experience or two for me. Part of that has to do with the fact that St. Paul is a small town in its heart. I don't know what the other part is.

So we drank before the show, and then during the show, and then we decided that it would be wise to go to the Market after the show for a few drinks. Oooof.

Saturday, Zach had to go to work, so I got up, drove him in, and then came home and worked out and cleaned for the party that I hosted that night. Baked bread, made pico de gallo, usual things.

The party was a lot of fun, even though there was a moment where I wished I wasn't hosting so I could go home. But people enjoyed themselves, ate up all the food, and it ended with my friend David and I staying up until 4 a.m. discussing politics, which is the usual cap to my parties. All well and good. What was not good was my falling asleep on the couch when David left. I didn't even change out of my dress. Zach had to come get me at 8 when he woke up. Le oops.

Sunday, I finally returned Carl's Buffy DVDs to him, and he gave me a ride to the Market so I could get Z's truck. I went to the airport to meet an Anarach friend of mine during his layover, and we ate at the Mall of America. Dropped the friend off, realized I had forgotten my purse, and went back to the MOA to fetch it. While I was there, I decided to wander around a bit and lo and behold, I found a Coat. A full-length black leather coat on sale for $135 down from $400. I lurve it. I wasn't planning to spend that much, but I lurve it. It's heavy, and as it slid home on my shoulders I thought, "Yep. This is the one." So, got the coat, picked Zach up, we went over to Sally's for dinner. Had an incredibly tasty dinner, Zach dropped me off at home, I ran lines for a bit and then went to sleep.

Woke up today, still stiff and sore, and walked in to work because the bus drivers are still on strike. It's been snowing on and off for the past 2 hours or so. I'm not looking forward to the walk home.

I cannot go out at all this week. Cannot. Remind me of that, will you?
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First of all, thank you to everyone who suggested foods for our Oscar party competition. We ended up doing pigs in a blanket with bay leaves, Vietnamese spring rolls, and sushi, all in a platter above bunches of dry ice. It was a lot of fun, and we won! Go Team Us! Of course, dodoheads that we are, we forgot to take a picture of said winning entry, but believe me when I say it looked fantastic. Also, the pigs in a blanket were GONE before the show even started. The one time I listen to the little voice that whispers "You're making too much food" (and Zach telling me that I'm making too much food), and the voice was wrong like a wrong thing. Oh, well.

Friday - went up to St. Cloud to run "Daisy". Came back, and Z & I went to a small house party. We did not stay long, as most of the attendees were younger than us and had decided to make it a party in the style of college parties. And by that, I do not mean toga, I mean pathetic attempts at porn. It was a "Cock Tail Party". Yeah. Not in the mood, and since I was asleep within 15 minutes of getting home, I clearly needed the rest. Zach just needed to get out of there.

Saturday - Got my next tattoo - Courage. He also redid my Chaos tat, as it hadn't healed very well. Ooof. I was not physically prepared to get two tattoos done, and it happened to be the first day of period, so I was very pain-sensitive. Also? It has been discovered that I am allergic to the tape they use to keep the bandage on. That was not fun at ALL.

But it's gorgeous and I love it and it will heal. Until then, ibuprofen is my friend.

Saturday night, I went up to St. Cloud again, gratefully sped out after our final performance, and went to a party over at Sally's ([livejournal.com profile] redwright). It was fun, there was a lot of fantastic food, and some very nice people. Zach and I left early for us, which has become a trend. This "getting older thing"? For the birds.

Sunday - Z & I slept & lolled about until it was time to assemble the food & go to the Oscar party. Where we won for food. As I mentioned. :) The Oscars? Meh. Wanted to lick Mr. Depp, adored the hobbits, loved Jennifer Garner's dress. S'about it.

Well, there was discussion of marriage and how we'd like to observe it and who we would include, etc. Which was nice.

I started to do the "what were you doing a year ago" meme, but quickly decided that I did not need to go back there. I think I'll skip the "year ago" meme for most of 2004. Maybe I'll pick it back up in October.

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