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BMW's Premium Selection's new ad campaign - "You Know You're Not The First" - uses an nude, underage-looking model in a provocative pose, equating women's sexuality with a second-hand luxury car.

Using sex to sell product is not new, has never been new. This isn't even the most egregiously sexist ad I've seen lately - Dolce & Gabbana and Heineken are tied for that one - but still.

What the fuck, BMW? It's not like I can buy your cars any way, but still.


Oct. 23rd, 2006 10:18 am
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Just spent some time trying to explain why I wear black all the time and the aesthetic/ethos of Goth (& punk, tangentially) to a co-worker. She's nice and we work closely together, which is why I took the time, and she's more informed than your usual bear, but it was still... odd.

Trying to explain my personal aesthetic is tricky in any circumstance: I'm not one or t'other - as in most everything in my life, I'm wandering merrily along my own little weird path, picking and choosing what I like best to (often inadvertently) create the Juliana Aesthetic. The constants are black nails, silver rings, black clothing, short & dyed hair. Everything else is negotiable, as long as it's flattering/cut close to the body (I'm aware that the two are occasionally mutually exclusive). I don't like extra fabric or things that get in my way - I'm clumsy enough that extra fabric/fripperies are just an accident waiting to happen.

Or, I can just admit that I still try to dress like I'm in The Matrix, but with more skirts.

ION, I really wish people would learn to apostrophize properly. Seeing crap like "All manager's must be [blah]" and "Product1 is discontinued, Product2 is taking it's place" is business writing is driving me batshit. Especially when it's (short for it is) my boss. Bob the Angry Flower is much more eloquent on this subject, of course.

I know, I know. Much more important things in the world, plus I abuse commas like it's going out of style, but there are times when someone needs to take a stand. Dammit.
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Yessir, it's been 6 months since I decided to take a header off of a veranda. Another 10 days, and it will have been 6 months since my surgery to correct the damage caused by said header. 2 titanium plates, countless Percosets, and half a year later, I am here. Now I get to go to the doc and find out if any nasssssty bloodborne illnesses found their way in during all of that excitement in various hospitals. If the answer is negative, I get to get another tattoo. Yay!

My bodily recovery has been nothing short of amazing. None of my dentists nor the CT scan tech could tell that there had been any damage to my right cheekbone (until they started working on the affected area, of course). I wonder if it's too late to send a thank you to the ENT specialist who restored my face?

The mental recovery - we know how that's going. Slowly, slowly....

I have to move cubes today. Not only that, but I'm also the one in charge of moving all of the mail station crap. Not that that's ever been expressly pointed out to me, but I know it just the same, because I am the maid of the floor. I'm sure I'll do it wrong, just like I set up the copy room wrong (oh horrors, I set it up how it would be best and easiest for me to use it, because I'm the one who basically lives in there).

Uber-competitive people and perfectionist bosses annoy the everliving fuck out of me. "I *must* win! Ha ha, I won and you didn't! Nyah ne-nyah nyah nyah nyah!" "This isn't the way I want it, and it's your fault. Don't take any initiative, because you won't do it the way I want you to." A hearty fuck you to both classes of people. I wish I could actually say it to faces, but Miss Manners and our bank account forbid such dangerous living.

I ran 9 miles on Wednesday. I meant it to be 10, but I accidentally knocked the Emergency Stop button out at 9 miles and figured it was a Sign. Yesterday, I slept from 6 until 10 and from midnight until 7 this morning. Hmmm. Perhaps one should not run 9 miles and then go out drinking until 1:30 a.m. unless one can sleep in the next day? It's a thought. Since my general health and well-being improves dramatically when I have a 9+ mile run every 10 days (at the very least), I'll have to remember that little fact.

Not much going on this weekend. Take Me Out closes. We have Streetcar rehearsal on Saturday. We found a stage manager for Streetcar! Yay! I'l probably still have to house manage most nights, but that's a better deal. I won't have to watch the show every night - I'll be able to hang out in the lobby and read books. I like that kind of gig.

It's frickin' rainy and cold. Dammit. It's May! I should have packed my winter sweaters a long time ago!

I'd best go pack up my cube. Whee.

What are you planning for this weekend?
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Uber-competitive people and perfectionist bosses annoy the everliving fuck out of me. "I *must* win! Ha ha, I won and you didn't! Nyah ne-nyah nyah nyah nyah!" "This isn't the way I want it, and it's your fault. Don't take any initiative, because you won't do it the way I want you to." A hearty fuck you to both classes of people.
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I am not a maid. I may have high standards of cleanliness, but I am not a maid.

I don't think it's too much to ask that you wipe up after yourself, especially after you've spilt coffee all over the Formica counter. I don't think it's too much to ask that you put things back as you found them, and if you must add something to a shelf, please add it neatly. Most importantly, do not leave your empty pop can or coffee cup or water bottle out willy-nilly. Either put it in the fucking recycling bin, or just put it in the trash if the goddamned recycling bin is too far away. (Please recycle. It's not that bloody hard.)

Oh, and my fellow actors? That goes for you, too. There's been many a night wherein a select few have had to clean up after the rest of you.

We are responsible for our space, folks. That applies on a personal as well as a global level.

My apartment is as much as I can deal with solo, and even then I have to have help (and hindrance from the feline occupants). Is it too much to ask that the rest of you pick up after yourselves, not strew all of your belongings all over the place, and mind your goddamn manners? I only put up with clutter from Z because I adore him beyond all else (and the reverse is true as well - I do not pretend to be a saint. Just an occasional neatnik with bouts of packrattiness), and we still butt heads at times.

Do as your mothers (should have) taught you. Clean. Up. Your. Mess.

Or else I'm coming after you with a flamethrower.

(What really bothers me is that I have this blowup every 4 months or so, my boss agrees with me, and I'm still not allowed to put up "Clean Up After Yourself" signs at work. Not that it'll help that much - it's hasn't with the green room - but it would be something I could point to.)
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We had quite a few large (275+) mailings that had to go out via overnight mail on Monday. I, being the office bitch, was in charge of coordinating them. I was scrambling from Thursday on to set these fuckers up, with a break on Friday to go to lunch with my boss to discuss my future goals. One mailing went incredibly smoothly, with the only problems being 1) a delay in label printing due to websites being down and 2) one envelope got stuffed with the incorrect items. Both of these were easily corrected and compensated for.

(We waited until Monday to print labels for both sets of mailings, because we did not have confirmation that the mailings could go out until 8 a.m. on Monday. Argh.)

The other mailing, however, did not go smoothly. The website going down ended up voiding about 100 labels, the other website going down meant absolutely no labels from them, the printing of materials to be stuffed was severely delayed, the alphabetizations of the label database and the material database were wildly mismatched, and we couldn’t get started until approximately 4 p.m. A lot of people stayed to help sort things out and write labels. Most people stayed until 8. I left (with the person in charge of the mailing’s permission) at 6:15, because 1) I Had been working on it for the past 3 days and 2) I had rehearsal that night, and we’re awfully close to cue-to-cue. (I normally leave at 4:30.)

Mind you, that entire situation had me stressed to the gills and upset. I was already stressed with trying to make sure everything was in place for both of those huge mailings as well as 20 other smaller ones, and then to have such royal FUBARs going on was very upsetting. The topper came the next morning, when my boss chewed me out for leaving when I did. Fine, her prerogative, although I think it sets a dangerous precedent, but what can I do? The worst part, though, came when the person that had been in charge of the FUBARed mailing decided to give everyone On The Spot Awards as a thank-you, and my boss told her not to give one to me. Now, I don’t really give a shit about On The Spots since they’re not worth much, but it’s always a very nice gesture. And to have my boss tell this other woman that I didn’t deserve one because I left early? And when the woman stood up for me and said that she had told me to leave when I did, my boss told her that it wasn’t her place to tell me when I could go. I still got the award, because the other woman rocks, but I haven’t been able to look my boss in the eye all week.

I haven't talked to my boss about it yet, nor have I (as some people have told me to do) gone to her superior (who is a very cool guy). I've been waiting until the rage dies down and I can be somewhat reasonable. And now he's out of town. So, that's fun.

I got my annual review today. 3 out of 5 possible, so I’ve Met or Exceeded Some Expectations. However, she made sure to tell me that she rated me a little higher than she thought I deserved on one key area, because it had been such a chaotic year. Thank you for noticing.

Lastly, some tax problems from 1999 have risen up to bite me on the ass, and I’ve spent all week (when I’ve not been running from fire to fire at work) trying to correct them.

So, yeah. That’s why I haven’t been around a lot lately. Fuckin’ whee…..
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"Please" and "thank you" are not mere empty phrases to be discarded in this fashionably informal age. They are acknowledgements of a person's basic humanity, a recognition that your request is being processed by a human and not a machine. To not use them informs the requestee of their exact status (or lack thereof) in your mind, fostering resentment and rudeness. Giving commands should be reserved for crises and affairs of state - times when immediacy of action supersedes the need to be polite.

Whether you are addressing a fast-food worker, an administrative assistant, a fellow passenger, or the President of Burundi, basic manners should remain in force at all times. Otherwise, you risk a marker being thrown at your head.

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New Icon! (made for me by [livejournal.com profile] maidengurl.) Yay pretty fractals!

So, I was finally set to go out last night. Back to G0, which I haven't been to in over a year. Z had even agreed to go with me, because I don't really like going there by myself. And what happened? My body betrayed me, and I was in bed by 8:30.

Way back in the day, I did go much more often. I never really talked to anyone, just danced by myself (or with Z), but I was out. We also used to go to the Metro, and dance either upstairs or downstairs, depending on the night and the DJ. I miss the Metro. A lot. I miss dancing. I miss having energy and going out all the time.

I would be happy to blame this on the recent accident, but we all know that's not true. I've not been going out for longer than that. Much longer. Hell's bells, I don't even make it out to karaoke that often.

Feh. You kids, offa my lawn!!!
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My given name is Juliana, but I spent much of my early life going by Julie and then Juli. I finally figured out that Juliana suited me much better, so I started going by that over 10 years ago. That is how most of the people here know me.

However, people have taken to calling me Juli. Or worse, Julie. I didn't mind the shortening when it was just Zach, but it has spread far beyond my very inner circle, and it's starting to really bug me. I am not Juli. I left her behind manymany years ago. The people who refer to me as Juli are family. I absolutely refuse to be a Julie. That name has way too much baggage and is very not me. I can be j or juliana to the world at large, but I never want to be generally known as Juli or Julie again.

Again, it's small, and it's silly, but it bugs, so I had to vent.

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1. As stated before, spring is the WORST time for me to get new clothes. Nothing is slinky or structured or just clean-cut or red or black. It's all ruffly and pink and green. Hrmph.

2. I am very VERY tired of the current skirt lengths. Tell me who, precisely, does the mid-calf length flatter? No woman I know looks better in a mid-calf than an at-the-knee length. It's all about lines and proportions, and most of us have legs that look like we use them. Also, when the mid-calf is combined with the high-waisted, I look like the dowdiest dowd this side of Dowdonia. It ain't good. I've taken to shopping in the Petites section, because at least I know the waist will hit at the right spot. Sheesh.

3. I am having to shop for new clothes at this, the worst time for it, because all of my old clothes are starting to look worn, and the worn that can't be repaired or redyed. Bother.

4. Men? If you are going to dye your hair (which I am all for, believing as I do that hair is a fashion accessory), pleasepleaseplease spend the extra $5 or so and plonk down for Feria or Herbal Essences, because the Just For Men colors Do Not Cut It. They look flat and fake-R. It's not good. Believe me. Either that, or go to Aveda. They know what to do.

5. What happened to the tall, sexy, yet still sensible-making wide or flared heels? Why is everything all about the stiletto heels now? I'm not liking it. It feels like the fashion designers are trying to make us all helpless and girly and unable to walk for more than a block. And the wedges aren't much better.

6. For the love of all that's holy, do NOT let spandex bike shorts come back into fashion acceptance. Please, let us just bury that horrific time and move on. Please.

Okay. That's it, for now.
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I still have this damned cough. It's starting to piss me off, because I'm leery of running with it, but I Need To Run. I'm getting very nasty about not being able to run. But when I can't even get through my weight routine or a yoga session without coughing, the idea of running (especially outside) just doesn't seem like a wise one. Grump.

Party planning continues apace. A local gourmet bakery is donating a ton of baguettes and other party breads. Sally, Z, and I go shopping for the majority of foods tonight.

Problem is, I'm not sure I want to go to this party. I'm in full-on hermit mode, not even going out to karaoke. Part of it is the sickness, part of it is not wanting to spend money that could go toward gifts, and part of it is sheer cussedness. I'm not feeling anti-season or anything, I'm just anti-socializing. The Humans have become scary again, and I don't want to cope. So why am I in love with one of the most classically extroverted people I know? He gets upset if he has to spend more than 2 days at home, I get upset if I don't get serious time at home (with him there). This didn't work so well last time around, so I'm verra curious to see how we'll work it this time.

Work stuff - we're still up in there. It's been admitted that the 1/1/04 deadline is, to put it mildly, ridiculous. They've given us no other details since the official announcement. It appears that there won't be any layoffs, but I'm still searching for a new job. I'm working (and being compensated) far below my potential, and I'm tired of it.

Still about a month behind in Angel. Must to organize tapes and watch.

Z is impressed at my fortitude in waiting to go see Return Of The King. I assumed that we wouldn't get around to it until Christmas Day, as is the tradition with our people. I might watch the two previous ones before that, but I only have the theatrical releases. I'm banking on a gift set type of deal when RotK EE is released next year, and then I can get all of them at one fell swoop. This may be a bad plan. We'll see.
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Ohhhhhh my!  You're 'Othello!'
Ohhhhh, my! You're 'Othello!'

Which famous Shakespeare play are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

NO idea how I got this one.


We converted to Windows XP last night. I hate the format. I hate the look. I need sharp delineations, instead of this fuzziness and shading. I hate the fact that I can't modify the view as far as I could with WinNT. We've lost a ton of programs.


Being human, I'll adapt. I still don't like it.

Also? This collapsing shit, where all of my Explorer windows are underneath the same tab on the bottom? Unacceptable. Must fix.


Sep. 11th, 2003 02:35 pm
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This article has succeeded in making me furious about something completely petty:

Cads are all around us.

Among the offenses is the openly-expressed sentiment that the only guys that are any fun to have around are the ones who are "a man who acts with deliberate disregard for another's feelings."

Another quote: 'The cad is not an evil guy. I think of him more as a charmer, a bit of a rogue. And he's ultimately more fun than the self-involved 'new man' that we've had since Alan Alda."

Admittedly, there is often only a fine line between a healthy self-interest and deliberate disregard for others. But my god.

Leaving out the fact that any woman who displays the behavior described in the article would be labelled a royally self-centered bitch, why do we persist in believing the myth that genuinely good guys can't be a little wild as well? Why do we denigrate and/or dismiss males who will actually admit that a) they care, b) they are aware of their feelings, and c) they respect others and their feelings?

Question: How many attracted-to-women males on my friendslist have been told, at one point or another, "Oh, _____. You're such a great guy. Why can't I find a guy like you? Why don't you have a girlfriend? I can tell you anything." High praise, surely. But cold comfort when the guy in question hasn't had a date in umpteen years.

So the guy gives up, one way or the other. He either decides that he'll never get a date, or he decides to become a "cad". And we lose.

Deb brought up a great point in Buffistas a while ago: There is no male counterpart to the book "Reviving Ophelia". Society assumes that boys will be fine, that boys can be broken and will recover with nary a scratch. Even my beloved John Mayer says so. Society is wrong.

So, anyone who ever deals with a "nice guy"? Tell them thank you. Anyone who's even remotely involved with a boy's development? Show them how to be fun and be a nice guy at the same time.

And for fuck's sake, let's stop applauding and praising the people who treat us like shit.

A-hem. Sorry. Apparently I'm wearing the crankypants today. Which is funny, 'cause I thought I had put on a skirt.

edit: Okay, I'm taking a frivolous piece a little too seriously. I admit it. But It's kind of a hot-button topic with me these days.

2nd edit: I know, I know. "Physician, heal thyself."


Aug. 21st, 2003 09:34 am
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Ran 6 miles yesterday. Why so short? A few reasons....

1. Heat
2. Humidity
3. Distinct lack of sleep
4. Legs still exhausted from Saturday. Yes, I am a wimp.
5. Due to heat, humidity and exhaustion, I haven't been eating enough. Notsogood for the energy levels.

So, I decided to cut my run short when self-destructive behaviors started to sound like a really good idea. You know - punching people who got in my way in the head, openly mocking people's sartorial choices, kicking people who let their dogs run free on the path in the shins, composing angry missives to exes, throwing annoying children into the lake - that kind of thing.

Anyhoo. No time for the running tonight, so yoga and weightlifting. Yes.

This cartoon seemed appropriate....

Oh, yeah.

Aug. 15th, 2003 09:03 am
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Something very petty, but I'm a little pissy at our local newpaper right now. They published a gushing piece about Lyn-Lake, which is the commercial district I tend to revolve around. It's fun and funky, with great theaters, restaurants, and shopping. It's also still overshadowed by the ultra-hip and mega-commercial Uptown just six blocks to the west. That's not going to stay that way for long, as gentrification is creeping its way east in the form of new condos and townhouses springing up in former parking lots.

Fine. I can deal. My immediate neighborhood will probably stay funky-esque for a few years at least, because there is nowhere for gentrification to come in. We're packed. However, I do resent my favorite place to wander and people-watch becoming the New!Hip!Thing!! It happened with Uptown, it's happening with Lyn-Lake. I live in the city (and avoid downtown on the weekends) to get away from the suburbanites, and they keep invading. What happened to NorthEast becoming "hip"? Why aren't they all up there???

Yeah, I know. I sound like an aging cranky pretentious hipster. Okay, the first three are accurate.


Maybe I need more sleep.

Get offa my lawn!!!


Jul. 23rd, 2003 09:18 am
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Dear Universe,

Kindly BACK THE HELL OFF my friends and loved ones, okay? We need no more of the following:

Debilitating diseases
Mental-health issues
Pregnancy scares
Financial hardships
General panic at the world situation
Unsupportive spouses/partners

We are full up. Give us some bloody hope, please.


Mama Bear

P.S. I mean it. Don't make me come over there.

P.P.S. If the hope includes nekkid pirates with eyeliner, so much the better.


Apr. 4th, 2003 02:08 pm
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Just snapped at my producer. Yes, they're setting up the photos late, but I shouldn't snap right now.

So. Tired. I have to work tonight at my retail job, and I Don't Want To. I'll be taking a leave of absence at the end of this month, but I don't know if I can last that long. One more thing I have to do, one more place to be.



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