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It's a raw soup. Meaning the onion doesn't get cooked. Meaning your usual enthusiasm for all things Allium cepa needs to be toned down a notch. Or five. Keep this in mind when adding Allium sativum (garlic), as well. In this case, less is most definitely more.

In other recipe notes, the Bon Appetit recipe results in a creamier gazpacho than I normally like. It's still tasty, but not quite what I was looking for. The quest continues. (I think I'll try the Barefoot Contessa's recipe next, though I look askance at the tomato juice, what with the high sodium.) (Also, I'm working with a blender, not a food processor.)

Recipe under cut )

Still, I can haz gazpacho tonight. Nom nom nom.
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I'm in the throes of my annual Overdose of Stone Fruits. I love them - pluots, nectarines, cherries, plums.... nom nom nom nom. And the farmer's market is so close and has such a great selection. MY FRUITS, LET ME SHOW YOU THEM.

Today is such a perfect, mild, sunny San Francisco day that I would have been absolutely unsurprised if everyone at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market had burst into a spontaneous polka of joy. You know I would have joined right in, too.
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Went to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market today. The haul:

Torpedo onions
Sweet yams
Buffalo mozzarella (from Cowgirl Creamery)
Cherries (which are already gone)

I'm growing basil and parsley at home - I was thinking of baking some basil focaccia tonight (an act of hubris in my nabe), and sauteeing the morels in butter with the tops of the torpedo onions. Maybe the artichoke tonight, too.

Tomorrow, insalata caprese, cod, and a yam-and-onion bake. Nom nom nom nom.

There were also sweetpeas at the market, which made me think of [livejournal.com profile] jonquil. They smelled quite heavenly.

I also have to figure how best to deal with the rose I bought from Uncommon Rose - again, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jonquil. I know I'll need to repot it, but what's the best way? How do I not kill it? How do I keep it alive in my light well in a pot? Yipes! Thank goodness there's a gardening store near me. They'll be hearing from me on Saturday.

I love California. I love the incessant growing season, the relaxation, the produce. So nice.
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Made Spicy Chicken Black Bean Chili last night - first time I've ever made chili.

I deviated from the recipe a bit (no surprise): I added parsley, cilantro, and red & green bell peppers, used Guinness in place of the last bit of chicken stock (what? I ran out & beer is what I had), overcooked the chicken a bit (oops), & left out the cumin (didn't have any).

What I'd do differently: reduce the amount of liquid and not drain & rinse the beans (both pinto & black). Use all black instead of half pinto. Cook the chicken less, and maybe buy boneless skinless thighs instead of boning & skinning them myself. Use cumin - I like the flavor. Use red or yellow onion instead of white - the flavor's too sharp among the pleasant spiciness of everything else. Simmer it longer - the recipe only had me simmering for 15 - not enough time, I think. If I simmer longer, though, I'll probably leave out the green peppers and put mushrooms in their place.

What I'll keep: The Guinness adds a nice kick. The cilantro, parsley, and red bell pepper are tasty.

A cheap and tasty meal that will last a while. Pretty good. Also, an excuse to eat sourdough bread! Yay!!


Mar. 16th, 2006 02:23 pm
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(Still have to type up An Account of my mother's visit, but suffice it to say she was welcomed into my neighborhood and my various families around here with open arms.)

Farmer's Market Day here - it's a nice bit of carryover from Minneapolis, which has the Downtown Farmer's Market on Thursdays. Major difference being that this Farmer's Market is year-round, and they're offering newly-picked almonds and walnuts, as well as fresh tomatoes, strawberries, mandarins, etc. In March. Fantabulous. Spent too much money, but meh. It's all local and organic. I'm happy.

Oh, the strawberries are so good.... YUM.


Mar. 14th, 2006 03:37 pm
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I have not been able to find Brach's Chickies and Bunnies candy here in SF. That was always the best part of Easter, tracking down the bags of vaguely marshmallow/circus peanut-tasting, pastel-colored bunnies and chicks. Well, it was the only reason for Easter, in my cracked little head.

No chickies and bunnies. Woe.

On the plus side, no snow (except for Twin Peaks, and who goes up there?).
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As [livejournal.com profile] forodwaith said, I will never qualify as a foodie or an amateur chef. I am a good baker, and what I believe used to be called a "good plain cook," meaning that six days out of seven I can produce a decent meal from common foodstuffs. I actually prefer cooking at home, because I can make sure there's no random tastes sneaking in. (On the other hand, I just order out for Chinese. Why bother cooking it when I have all of Chinatown just down the street, and they can do it better than I ever could?)

Despite this, like anyone who eats I have some very definite opinions about food.

Prepared foods I prefer to the real thing )

Prepared foods I'm convinced are just as good )

Packaged foods which I will never let past my threshold )

What do you think?

(Okay, now I'm hungry.)


Mar. 9th, 2006 10:34 am
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I think I might need to stop drinking coffee. This induces panic in me, making me wonder how I'm going to stay awake through my workday. However, the physiological effects are starting to take their toll - I can feel my muscles bunching and trying to pull away from the bone as I finish my second cup. That area in my chest that tightens whenever I haven't eaten enough/am too stressed/whatever - the place that makes it feel like I have rebar sticking through my torso and/or am having a heart attack - that's playing up, too.

It's not like the servings are huge, either. I take in probably 12 oz. of coffee total, and always before 10 a.m., else I can't sleep at night. This is ridiculous.

But the muscle bunching? So not fun. I'll try cutting down first, see if that works.

Eh. It's a small thing in the grand scheme of things.
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December 14, 2005
Wines of The Times

Champagne: How Low Can You Go?
Mmmm, bubbly. )

Not that I'll be able to afford such bottles for a while, but it will be nice to have a guide when I can.
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I love fruit. There's not a fruit I can point to and say - "I won't eat that in any form" (although I've not yet tried durian fruit). Sure, I may not like some varietals - Granny Smith apples, for instance - but fruit as a whole? Delish.

My favorite fruits, the ones I can eat at any time, are stone fruits. Peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, these are all heaven-sent nummy goodness. I can quite easily eat a 2-pound bag of cherries in one sitting. I wait impatiently for nectarines to hit that 30-minute window of ripened perfection. A plum is a symphony in my mouth. The best, however, are pluots. Specifically, Dapple Dandy pluots. The right Dapple Dandy, eaten just before it starts getting mushy, has an almost spicy quality to it that reminds me of Japanese food.

Twin Girls Farm is my main crack supplier for all of these fruits. The Wedge carries plums and pluots from them, and there is no comparision between those fruits and the other kinds I find at the big supermarkets. The non-organic fruits don't have the complexity to them that the organic ones do - the Dapple Dandys are too sweet, the nectarines are bland.

We're moving out of stone fruit season, but the melons and berries are coming up strong to compensate. Minnesota is very good for growing melons, berries, and apples, even if we're a bit behind California's curve. Still, there's a nice watermelon waiting at home, ready to be messy and wonderful, and a pint of blueberries that I may eat right out of the carton. The melons will shift to apples, the apples will shift to satsumas, and then there's a slight dearth until stone fruits come back. Yum.

I love fruit.

Food list

Jun. 27th, 2005 03:55 pm
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1/2 English muffin with 2 tsp. peanut butter
Panera French onion soup in sourdough bread bowl
Panera turkey, bacon, & smoked provolone sandwich on wheat
2 plums
Buster Bar

Seriously - doesn't that seem like more than enough food for the first part of the day? That seems like a lot to me, and yet it is now 4 p.m. and I am ravenous. I don't have much more in the way of food here, so I guess I'll have another apple. I know I need more veggies, but I didn't get around to cutting them up last night, so no veggies today. Maybe tomorrow.
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We're coming up on the end of Week One of Zach's Grand Get In Shape Plan, and it's been interesting. He's getting advice from 3 separate sources - me, a woman he works with who is also a boxer and a trainer (R), and a man who is a martial artist (M). There hasn't been that much conflicting information yet, but the differences have been enlightening. I've missed a few things, primarily because my focus is so different from Z's. As a distance runner, I do not strength-train prior to running. I only do it after a run or on a completely different day. Z doesn't have that worry, so M told him to lift weights prior to cardio. As a freaky hippie eater, I try to avoid high fructose corn syrup in its entirety. R told Z not to worry so much about it, that there are a few things in which HFCS is okay to eat. Little shit like that. I'll defer to both of them, because R is used to whipping big guys into shape and M knows about being a guy, being a guy in theater, and being a guy in theater trying to get and stay in shape.

I'm currently in the middle of my own "Oh, fuck, I need to get in shape" plan, which is fun. We open Friday next, and I'm wearing a very skimpy outfit for a couple scenes. Vanity is a lovely thing.

I've also been concentrating on getting faster. My 10-K pace last year was 10:00, and I'd like to get it down to 9:30 in time for the Get In Gear Run. This is all part of a grand plan to run Boston sometime after I turn 40 (the qualifying time drops to 3:50 - which is a little less than a 9-minute mile pace over 26.2 miles). We'll see if this actually happens, since a lot can change in 12 years. And if I happen to speed up enough to qualify when the required time is 3:40? I won't complain.

The Good

Feb. 2nd, 2005 06:22 pm
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Zach got cast as Shane in Take Me Out at Mixed Blood. Rock. This will provide him with a reason to quit his day job as well as being a very good role for him to get more visibility. The only potentially frightening thing is that he has to look like a pro athlete in 6 weeks, which means dropping at least 20 pounds and toning his upper body (Shane is a pitcher). We spent a lot of time in the grocery store last night, examining labels and deciding what is best for him to eat these next few months. Did you know that everything in the fucking world is made with high-fructose corn syrup? Neither did I. This is why I shop organic.

So, yay.

The Bad and The Ugly? That will have to wait, my dears....


Jan. 21st, 2005 02:28 pm
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To all the New Englanders who were trying to tempt me their way when I complained about the cold and ice here, I say: Neener.

I will not mention the 6 inches of snow we're currently getting. I'm just glad we live right behind the Guthrie right now, so we don't have to deal with idiot drivers.


I am very sad that Satsuma season is over. I am trying to console myself with Clementines, but they are not the same. They are dry and bitter compared to the sweet juicy tartastic goodness of mandarin oranges. I've never found a citrus fruit that I like as much as mandarins. Hell, only raspberries and cherries top mandarins in my Pantheon Of Fruit.


Rehearsal is going well. I only wandered onstage for a total of 10 minutes out of a 3-hour rehearsal session last night, but my attention was absorbed by Leading Women: Plays For Actresses. I tore through 5 full-length plays - which I will review in my next post.

I'll need to bring crosswords or something to work on during shows, though. I'll have a lot of downtime, but not enough to allow myself to be absorbed into a book. Besides, I enter an incredibly private headspace when I'm reading, which is not conducive to performing.


Have I mentioned how much I love our treadmill? Because I do. It's so easy to just hop on for 20 minutes and then hop off. I could never do that with running outside - I either need to bundle up or apply sunscreen, and once I've gone to that trouble, I don't want to have it be a wasted effort, so if I don't have enough energy for a full run, I may as well just stay in and nap, and then I get out of shape. I do miss the outdoor runs, but they will return soon enough.

Other good things - If I feel like doing a hill workout, I can just program it in instead of having to calculate how many blocks I've run and what that distance is in my head and where I should go next. It also keeps me to a strict pace, which I'm incredibly lazy about doing on my own.

I'm a little obsessed with getting into shape right now, because I fear what the costumer will put me in for Measure For Measure. I am playing a whore, after all. I did have the goal of getting into super shape before the end of 2004, but I got a little derailed. I look upon this as catch-up. This week has been very good, with some sort of exercise occurring every day. (Monday's was before my tummy rebelled.) I hope I keep this up.

I think I love the treadmill most because it gave me another context to run in, so it revitalized all of my running. Yes.


Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] lysana - my Humor type:

Sunny/Dark: 1/10
Dry/Gross: 5/10
Traditional/Offbeat: 4/10
Active/Passive: 6/10

You are a SGT--Sunny Gross Traditional. This makes you a John Hughes.

Your sense of humor makes you the ultimate every- person, just I'm-a try not to trouble nobody. You're laid back. Like la-a-a-aid back. You might be from the Midwest.

You enjoy the occasional weird or dark humor, and the right joke out of nowhere can really make you laugh out loud. In fact, the funniest stuff for you is the stuff that takes you off guard. If you can see it coming, you don't want to see it arrive.

You probably don't think this site is all that funny. So it's weird that you're here. I appreciate it, though. Maybe I'll cut back on the ranting and say something nice for a change.

Your Active humor score of 6/10 means you are ju-u-ust right. You're probably pretty popular -- a walking social lubricant. You know how to take someone from on edge to relaxed, and from relaxed to larfing. You're kind of like an episode of Arrested Development. That show is good. Anyway. Rave on, funny one.

If you want to take it to find out yours, go here.


Jan. 6th, 2005 11:02 am
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I've learnt the difference between stress cravings and actual signals of distress from my body, mainly by waiting the damn things out. Lately, I've been needing rice and sea salt. Fish (especially salmon and tuna) is starting to come up on the list of demands, as well. I understand the sea salt, and I most definitely understand the fatty fish, but rice? If I need carbs, why not pasta or bagels or something else? Why rice?

Luckily for me, the Japanese place in the next skyway over carries homemade onigiri that is sushi rice, sea salt & smoked salmon, rolled in sesame seeds, with seaweed to wrap around it.

Time for lunch.

What do you crave?
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Hi. Popping on for a bit, but not long. I can focus on the keyboard, but not on the screen, so I apologize for typos and the lack of commenting and generally not being about. I'm also feeling amazingly futless and Percoset-ed up, so read at your own risk.

Where to start? I'm insanely lucky and insanely bored, all at the same time. I just spent three minutes talking to one of my bhodditsavas because I felt the need to acknowledge something greater than stupid dumb luck. A friend did some Reiki on me last night, and that was fantastic. The general outpouring of love and support and caring has been amazing.

I'm feeling pretty good lately. My right face hurts, but it's okay. I even went to Target today with Zach. he drove.

Surgery is on Tuesday. We're still hosting T'Day on Thursday. I may be more nervous about the party.

I can't taste very well right now. Everything is still swollen, and it's hard to chew, and there may or may not be nerve damage. We can't tell, and won't be able to for the next few weeks. Reed's Ginger Candy, therefore, is the bomb.

Also, Satsuma Mandarins have come in to the stores. If anyone wants to know what the holidays smell like to me, crack open a mandarin orange. We would get them in crates direct from Japan when I was a kid. Burning spruce is also a good smell, but you can't beat the mandarins.

I'm enjoying the solid food as much as possible, and do not plan to stay on the post-op liquid diet for a second longer than is necessary. (Solid is in this case relative, and mostly means applesauce, yogurt, portabella mushrooms, and Kashi GoLean shakes. Hey, it's better than jello.)


Again, thank you all for your support. Z will be updating you as things progress.

Love to everyone.
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It was to make sure you were never hungry, since the food apparently all looked like this. At least according to Weight Watchers.

Those pictures have put me right off my fresh fried lobster. Who looked at those pictures and thought, "mmm, yummy!"? Even the soup looks awful! The skewers would be okay if it weren't for the hideous infestation of parsley. Parsley has its place, and that place it not on a skewer. Yeargh.

Speaking of food, I am apparently a fluffy fish. And what the hell is that potholder doing in the picture?

You are Fluffy Mackerel Pudding!! You somehow
manage to combine seafood and dessert into your
wonderfully fluffy world. We should all be as
tolerant of New Taste Sensations. And of
big-yolked eggs.

What Weight Watchers recipe card from 1974 are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


Aug. 5th, 2004 12:10 pm
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My haul from the farmer's market today includes the first batch of apples (so teeny!), chives, basil, tomatoes, blueberries, gouda, and green beans. All grown (or made) in Minnesota or Wisconsin (the berries always come from Bayfield. It's A Thing). Yummy. It's the first week for the blueberries and the apples, and the first week that the tomatoes are actually tomato-like. I've already eaten my way through the pint of blueberries. I think I'll make a couple foccace tonight - one with basil and chives, and the other with basil, chives, and tomatoes.

There's an interesting dynamic at work in the Minneapolis Farmer's Market, especially in the downtown one. A couple vendors bring in produce from all over, so you can get pluots and oranges and bananas and other non-native produce at the Market. This upsets some of the local farmers, so now everyone who sells Minnesota-grown produce has a bright pink sign stating that fact. (This isn't an issue with the St. Paul market, because Minnesota-grown is a requirement to sell there.) Since I buy most of my non-MN produce at my co-op, I'm more than happy to stick to the local-grown stuff. That is the whole point of the market, as far as I'm concerned.

Speaking of Market, I went to karaoke last night after rehearsal, and am exhausted today as a consequence. Still, had fun. I need to remember that while singing "Express Yourself" is fun, it needs to be the last song I sing, because it rips the hell out of my vocal cords. Or, you know, I could actually learn how to sing. Nah, too easy.

Tried running last night. The knees felt fine, but the top of my foot/front of my ankle hurt so much that I had to give up after a half-mile. This is starting to worry me. My hope is that the pain is connected to the adjustments my legs & knees are having to make, and that it will go away by this weekend. I'm doing the golf ball massage thing and the ankle rotating stretches at my desk, and will ice and elevate when I get home.

Slow day at the office. Don't want to be here. Want to be at home, sleeping.
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Being that it is Week 3 of marathon training, I thought I'd babble on a bit.

Week 2 was not a good one. It was too hot in AK to run properly. When it's this hot in MN, I either get up at dawn or wait until dusk to run, thus saving myself the agony of having the Orb beat down on me whilst I'm struggling through my miles. Not really an option in Interior Alaska right after the Solsitice. So. I did run, just not well. My mom also was kind enough to purchase a pair of shoes for me for my birthday. Yay new shoes. Unfortunately, they need new inserts before they can be useable (which is standard for me). They're ASICS Gel or summat, and light as a feather. I'll keep using the Mizunos for regular runs, and the ASICS for long runs & races.

My usual, everyday, out-and-about shoes are becoming a problem. I have high arches and wide toes, so open-toed heels (pref. sandals) are really the most comfortable thing I can wear. However, I'm clearly starting to develop plantar fasciitis, which is exacerbated by wearing heels, especially sandals with no arch support. So, what to do? I've gone to Payless and purchased a pair of cute ballet-type flats, and these will be the shoes I change into for work. (I'm putting in soft inserts to help with the arches.) I'll go find heel cups for my running shoes. And I'll stretch. A lot.

I just hate wearing flats, though. They make my feet look like boats. The cuteness of the ballet flats (complete with decorative flower-type thing) helps, but still. Esh. At least it's just work. Who cares what these people think? Right? Right?



On the plus side, it was Downtown Farmer's Market today. I love the market. I love going to the farmers and seeing what's coming available. I've managed to eat a half-pint of locally-grown strawberries already. Yum yum yum.

And in cosmic news, the Cassini probe's success is just cool. I'm so excited.

And back to running, can you imagine running the Athens Marathon? I got goosebumps just thinking about it. Oh, that would be fantastic.


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