Feb. 14th, 2007 09:32 am
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Stolen from today's Two Lumps cartoon, a succinct summary of how I'm feeling today.

(It's not great, because all I have here is Paint, but it's still funny!)

Also uploaded a few other ones, one of which is making me listen to the current song.


Feb. 25th, 2004 08:38 am
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So, Zach made a fun new icon for me. Love it.

Not much happening over here. Trying to crawl back out of the nasssty spiral. May get my next tattoo this weekend as part of the self-inflicted therapy. I have to get it soon or wait until As Bees closes, since I don't want to have to deal with putting heavy-duty makeup on healing skin.

Speaking of As Bees, I must get my hair cut soon. Also, rehearsals are going well. I'm still feeling out all of the characters, and I'm not even close to being off book yet. Eeep. Again, the hardest is Illya, because of the Russian accent. It needs to be light, but still there, and eep!

Purchased shiny new running shoes last night. These ones, to be exact. Yes, that is a $120 price tag. Yes, I flinched when I handed over my credit card. However, I have the money, and it's my feet we're talking about. Zach and I spent a good while in the shoe store, and I had the salesclerk running up and down with three pairs at a time. I tried on all of their stability shoes, and those were the best. They felt perfect as soon as I slipped them on. Heaven. So, the money now, and I avoid spending even more at the orthopaedist.

The other thing about shopping last night? I had to go all the way up to a 10.5. Dress shoes are normally a 9.5 for me. Aargh.

Random random random.

Still bitter about lack of new job. Still trying to apply elsewhere. Still feeling stuck here, like I'll still be filing & copying at 40. The ambition is slowly being siphoned off by the bitter.

Right. Back to work.

Have a good day, all. And thank you to everyone for their love and support.


Feb. 20th, 2004 11:02 am
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Bless Zach. I tell him I need a "happy" icon, and he gives me this. Yay!

Actual update coming soon, I swear.

Or maybe not. I do leave work in an hour. Yay!

To drive for 90 minutes in snow. Boo!

But we do get to stay in a hotel with a jacuzzi & sauna. Yay!
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No PhotoShop, so no clever words on the new ones, but hoo-boy, did I rush to put on the 5 extra icons paid users just got gratis. Whee!!!

All the new ones at the bottom
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I'm not sure I like the tan line or the way my hand looks, but there's my tattoos. That's my back.

I haven't been able to break the marathon down in my head. I really don't remember much about it. I remember the start, I remember most of the times Zach met me (he was a wonderful support, meeting me every two miles or so with water, Gatorade, oranges and CLIF shots), I remember seeing Carl, and Carolyn, and David and Tina. I remember stopping to stretch my quads and my hamstring cramping up in protest. I remember the sheer number of little kids putting out their hands to give the runners high fives. I remember pumping my fist and cheering on the two guys who sprinted past me to the finish line.

But I don't remember running Minnehaha Parkway. I don't remember the West River Parkway. I barely remember most of Summit. It's odd, because I can remember most of my training runs. Weird.


edit: Ah, hell. Just check out the three new icons at the bottom. (Ewan's a repeat, but so pretty. Kind [ profile] serenada gave him to me....)
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Yeah, I'm bored. So, I thought I'd update with two new user pics. One is modified from a postcard photo that Zach took for a production of The House Of Yes, and the other is the next tat that I'm getting. (Yes, it's kanji and therefore kind of cheesy. However, the overall effect when I finally have all of my tats is going to be great.)

GIPs! GIPs everywhere!!

Oh, yes. The kanji means "happiness".
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Can someone who is much more artistically inclined than I make an icon for me? Please? I offer nummy buttery goodness in return...

Basically, I want an icon the says "Impulse!Girl", for the days when I am such. Visual can be gothy, punk, whatev. You guys know me well enough at this point....

I'll bake you shortbread and banana bread and all sorts of yummies...


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