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Because I keep using it and misremembering the letters I don't use much:

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, yay! )

The history and diversity of phonetic alphabets is fascinating.

To-do list

Sep. 14th, 2006 09:27 am
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Okay. So, tonight, I have to:

  • Run

  • Lift weights

  • Stretch

  • Shower

  • Do laundry

  • Do dishes

  • Clean kitchen surfaces

  • Clean bathroom surfaces

  • Begin deep-cleaning

  • Dust

  • Vacuum

  • Sweep

  • Mop

  • Pack for Vegas, baby!

  • Go harass M at work

  • Sleeeeeeeep


I think I'm going to have a burrito for lunch today - The Chronicle's Search For The Perfect Burrito installed a craving within me. I would perhaps say a fever, but the prescription is burrito, not cowbell.

Vegas tomorrow! YAY!

Also: Mmmmm, Mars.... )
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Take Z to Vegas and run amok with him.

Go to London with Z and soak up all the theater history.

Go to Greece with Z and soak up all the theater/civilization/everything history.

Go to Japan with Z.

Go to Madagascar with Z.

Just generally travel with my husband.

Learn how to do a kip-up. I understand the physics, I just can't get my body to do it.

Be better about initiating and maintaining friendships.

Get my eyes LASIK'd. I'm tired of the contacts.

Listen to more music. My music knowledge base is narrowing, and that's no good.

Tread that fine line between awareness and worry-wart-dom

Go to grad school in London? Maybe? Could be very good. Could kill me.

Be much better about sticking to a budget, so when big things come up, there are spaces for them.

What about you? What do you really want to do?


Jul. 29th, 2005 10:06 am
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(Heh. Meant to post this yesterday, but work has a way of pulling me away from things that really matter. I have ordered the boots, by the way. I love Zappo's.)

So. I have announced my intention to return to dressing like a rock star. Problem is, this requires shopping. Most of my old rock star clothes are for the body I had 3 years ago, and that is not the body I have now. The weight I regained after dropping down to Scary Skinny Weight didn't go back to its old stomping grounds. Grumble. So - shopping! Internet shopping is quite fun, as long as you know what you're looking for. I have issues with clothes-buying sight-unseen, but some days that's the best way. Onward and upward.

I started my day by finding out that the Caterpillar Disclosure boots that I so adore are still on half-off at Zappo's. I think I have to get them tomorrow.

I love the Steve Madden Bombers with a burning passion, but I would not be able to walk properly in them. Steve! Give us the punk-rock shoes with thick heels! They can be sky-high, they just need to be a width that can support a human that weighs over 100 pounds. If that shoe had a 1/2 inch thick heel, I'd be seriously considering it, $99 price and all.

The Steve Madden Valet mules are very cute, but I don't deal with mules well.

Mmmmm, the rsvp Marcias are fun.

I know it's not very rockstar or gothy of me, but I don't like pointypointy shoes (I'm more favorable disposed to pointy boots). I've got wide feet and long toes, and those generally do not mesh well with the pointy. Still, I like looking at the Steve Madden Baracuda.

A good example of the fun pointy-toe boot: Steve Madden Metallic. Still wouldn't wear it, but it's close.

I like the Sudini Janna II. Almost mod, very nice.

I have these boots. I call them my Bitch Boots.

Then again, these Paloma 2400s are Mega-Bitch Boots.

Is it wrong that I really want a pair of Dr. Scholl's?

Ooooooh. wink*'s Emilio-05. Those might be a good replacement for my Most Favored High-Heeled Sandals.

And these would be a good replacement for my Most Favored Boots.

Aiiiiieeeee. flail NaNa Kei Love these. Want these. Must have these.

Indigo by Clarks - Tease. Very nice boot.

I do love the Fluevogs, especially the Maxi BondGirl.

Shoe that made me go "WTF, Mate?"
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If Someone's Behavior is Confusing, Befuddling, or Upsetting you? Ask them for Clarification.

Also, sometimes Being Blunt and Tactless is Necessary and Right. Not often, but sometimes.

(Additional Addendums as Thoughts Permit.)
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Being Direct is a Very Good Thing.

Being Direct does not equal Being Blunt and Tactless.

Being Direct does not equal Being Rude to People You Do Not Like, especially when in Social Situations.

People You Do Not Like may turn out to be People You Like, or People That Can Help You.

Even if People You Do Not Like remain People You Do Not Like? Being Polite and Civil to them helps grease the wheels of Social Situations.

It is better to err on the side of Too Polite and Civil. Use the many drawing-room comedies and BBC dramas you have seen as your Model.

If the People You Do Not Like are nasty to you, be even more Polite and Civil to them. They will go crazy wondering what you are Up To.

Even People You Do Not Like can be Amusing at times.

Being Polite and Civil can co-exist quite comfortably with Being Direct. It's simply a matter of Place, Time, and Mode of Expression.

Semi-regularly revisit and reassess your Opinions of People, especially the People You Do Not Like.

And Most Importantly:

To Thine Own Self Be True. Just remember that Thine Own Self can always be Improved.

(Actually, to be Blunt for a moment - I tend to think that most people in my personal aquaintance could stand to learn and remember and put this into practice. I can only speak for and to myself, however. And it's not easy, by any means.)

(There will be Addendums as Thoughts Permit.)
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We're listing off happy-making things in Buffistas, so I thought I'd put my list in my LJ for posterity.

A By No Means Complete List Of Juliana's Happy Things

Dozing during a storm.

Running well.

Most angles of Downtown Minneapolis as I'm speeding on the freeways at night are so. damn. gorgeous. that I can't help but be happy.

Seeing a good performance (sports, acting, music).

The middle of striking a show, when everyone's in full swing and people are scrambling up and down ladders yelling "Cable dropping!" and everyone is just busy and joking around and looking forward to the first beer. I think it's the feeling of group effort and capability that gets me.

Curling up next to Zach under the warm covers.

Watching the cats play.

Planning our wedding together.

Laughing until tears are streaming down my cheeks and my stomach hurts.

Trying to keep it together onstage as Ari (Einstein) genteely mugs for the audience.

Watching actors crack up onstage.

Hosting parties.

Showing Eddie Izzard to people who get it.

Sitting with my friends and family, drinking and eating and laughing and talking.

Having friends all over the world.

So, what's yours?
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The truck just died. $1200 worth of repairs - for the fuel pump and damper. I have a vague suspicion that we're getting bilked, but as we do not have AAA and the truck weighs a good 3/4 ton, we're between the proverbial rock and hard place. We really do not have the money, but since we have a show opening in a week, we need the truck now. Well, all this weekend. Gah.

However, I am trying to keep my spirits up. In that vein, I offer my list of Good Things that happened over the week:

- I ran more than once.
- I finally got my raise (& retroactive).
- Z spent an evening trying to teach me how to breakdance in our expansive living room.
- I have ordered absinthe & a pretty spoon to go with it.
- There have been some cool storms.
- I cry with laughter at least once a rehearsal.
- The ad agency I am pursuing has called back for a phone interview.
- I may be getting a motorcycle.
- I have just had lots of yummy Vietnamese food.

So there. Not too shabby.

Now, back to unpacking.

Oh, doG.

Oct. 23rd, 2003 02:03 pm
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This day is going so freakin' slowly. Kill me now. Please? Or send me home?

After work, I have to:

  • Run.
  • Clean my apartment thoroughly, since [livejournal.com profile] la_perkins will be here tomorrow.
  • Go to Z's mom's house and get more photos taken. She's got these great purple walls that will make a kick-ass background.
  • Make it to Dykes Do Drag by 10 p.m. (See what you've started, [livejournal.com profile] mearagrrl?)

A nap would be good, but that ain't gonna happen. Sigh.


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