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I am not dead yet
I can dance and I can sing
I am not dead yet
I can do the Highland Fling…

The Good:

• Mom visited for a week, and we only had two or three nerves-scraped-raw moments. Which, considering the amount of stress I’m under, is pretty amazing.
• Heather visited the weekend before that, and was a generally awesome visitor.
• I really like my new job and the people at said job. Great people, great environment, and our clients are trying to save the world through cleantech and other environmentally sound things.
• The new hours have made it easy to go running in the mornings.
• I’ll be completing my tattoo this weekend. Hopefully.
• I’ll be seeing my MSP peeps in a week. Woah.
• I had no break in medical or dental insurance. Yay!

The Bad:

• I still haven’t written up Heather’s trip or the past few weeks or anything, really.
• I feel very unbalanced/unmoored. Part of it is leaving the comfort and routine at WF, part of it is the steep learning curve I have here, and I think part of it is that everything else feels a little… shut-down. Grey. I wanted to hug the entire world last night because I was so happy, but I couldn’t think of one specific thing to focus the happiness on. My brain can’t latch on to anything right now. I would normally call this wooly feeling depression, but that’s not what it feels like this time.
• I do not have vision insurance anymore.

The Ugly:
• The shift in my regular workday (it starts and ends an hour later now) has played merry Hob with my end-of-day routines.
• The woman who occupied the position before me left a week and a half before the office moved to it new digs. (First day in the office was also my first day. Whee.) I’ve spent the majority of my first week tracking down appliances, working with building management to find out why it was so arctic in our offices, arguing with contractors over when the bathrooms will be done (We don’t have bathrooms right now. We have to go up 3 floors to use the restroom. GAH), etc.
• I’ve been trying to lose weight & get in shape, and it’s not working so much.
• The new office is an entirely Mac environment. I’m not a Mac-hater, but it’s been a little weird, trying to adjust. Also, Macs are a little too – perky – for me. I’m much more functionality-driven. I even switch Windows XP back to the classic layout because the new one is too soft for me.

There will be more updating later, I promise. Right now, we have to do a champagne toast to our first week in the new office.


Mar. 14th, 2007 10:26 am
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So many things happening at work, I'm having a hard time pinning down what is actually happening, what needs to be done, and what I need to plan for. I can't grab the thread of any of it.

I do know I have my review at 1 on Friday. I'm not looking forward to that.

HOW did it become 10:30 already??? And why is it not 4:30????


Oct. 18th, 2006 04:28 pm
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I'm Snuffleupagus! )

Also, am woefully behind in updating. Need to report on Nashville, Folsom Street Fair, and Lucero. Not to mention The State Of The Juliana, which is mostly diet and workout musings, but Very Important naetheless. I've got one on the nature of geekishness as seen through the prism of the Discworld, specifically the wizard/witch split, but I think I need some serious sitting in front of the computer and drinking time prior to writing that one, and work seems to frown on the whole drinking aspect.

I really, really, REALLY hope I have a working computer by the weekend. I don't have to have all of my files back (and I'm mentally wincing at the idea of the techs seeing some of those files *ahempicturesahem*, but that embarrassment will be a damn sight better than never getting anything back), I just need 'Net access. It is my main social outlet, even as I live in the middle of North Beach. I think that shows how deeply geeky I am, which surprises a lot of people in my neighborhood.

Anyhoo. Back to that whole "work" thing.
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He really kind of sounds like a stripped-down Social Distortion. Which is not a bad thing.

wanders off to iTunes to buy Social Distortion

Also, I am now all officialed-up and California-ized. Yes, I went and got my CA DL. Only 7.5 months late, and only 3 days before my MN DL expired. The picture, as is standard, is crap, but it's there.

Work is making me stressed. There's this report that should be accurate, yet isn't, so I'm having to go back, and I can't find the right results, and ugh. I hate disappointing my boss. Hate.
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Will post description of cruise later when I have my brain back, but suffice it to say that

1) I do miss the forest-y feeling of the Northern bits of the continent

2) Vancouver remains hella pretty

3) If I EVER, I mean EVER, consider going on a cruise out of my own free will? Please to be bopping me over the head and locking me in a closet until the madness passes. Alternatively, get me massively drunk on shitty liquor so that I have a hangover and the spins/shakes for 3 days running - because that is exactly what my cruise ship experience felt like without the fun of drinking. The fucking earth still hasn't stopped swaying, and I disembarked over 12 hours and 800 miles ago.

(No, Dramamine, et al., did not help. No patch helped. No wrist bands helped. They mitigated it somewhat, but I was still throwing up and clinging to the bed like a drowning woman far more often than I would have liked - which is, oh, NEVER.)

I needed 2 shots of Fernet when I finally got back to North Beach just to normalize.

There were some highlights, but OMG with Teh NevAR AGAIN.
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HMOG, does my job have some nice perqs sometimes.

Saturday after next, I get to go to a Telegraph Hill/North Beach Neighborhood Association fancy dinner. The theme is film, and the honoree is Chris Columbus. Issues with his hackneyed directing style aside, it’s a pretty sweet deal to be able to schmooze with high mucky-mucks from my nabe and from film.

June 1-4, I’m a host for a WF cruise thanking high performers (I plan to dress like Julie from The Love Boat). We’re cruising from SF up to Vancouver and flying back, and I don’t have to pay for jack. In fact, I’m getting paid time-and-a-half! Awe.Some. Now to get over that pesky motion-sickness issue….


Jul. 27th, 2005 10:25 am
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I've been in my new job for a little over 4 weeks, after being in one place for over 3 years. I'm still re-learning my routes, even though I only moved across the street. The worst time is as I walking to work from the bus stop - I'll almost always go straight on 7th, past the Saks' Off 5th, when it's much easier for me to turn left on Nicollet Mall and go through Gaviidae to reach my building. If I walk in, I'm on Nicollet as soon as I hit downtown, so I don't have the issue. Also, I work in the friggin' bank building. There's a bank on the ground floor and on the skyway level. What did I do when I needed to pull money? I went over to the bank in the IDS tower, 2 skyways away, because that's where I always go. D'oh. I felt like a real jackass when I noticed that one.

The best part about walking through Gaviidae (which means "loon" in Latin - very exciting - and is basically an upscale mall) to get to my building? The Bruegger's Bagel place on the ground floor always makes the entire place smell of fresh bread and coffee. YUM.

I really enjoy walking in to work. It only takes 30 minutes, and my path is through a park and then a greenway/oasis between two huge upscale apartment complexes. Plus, I save $2, I get more exercise, and I am fully awake by the time I reach work (as compared to when I ride the bus and start dozing off mid-way through the ride). And, now that it's finally returned to an appropriate temperature, I can walk home too.

I am so much happier in this new job. The only fear I have is of not doing something right, and yet I know people will work with me and not yell at me if I do screw up. SO. NICE. I have heard through the grapevine that my former boss has been freaking out and saying that she doesn't know what I used to do, because clearly I didn't do anything. Kiss. My. Ass. My friends that are left in the group are not her fans. But here, I feel competent again! I feel interested! I'm also at that stage where I know just enough to be dangerous, so I'm being extra-careful.

waits for entire banking system to go 'splodey because of one bad keystroke from me

Also, I've switched to a new marathon training plan, because I just couldn't do 4 hard runs and 1 easy one every single week and still fit in the needed strength training and yoga. It was wearing on me, and then the heat wave came, and I was just screwed. This one is 3 very hard workouts per week, with hard cross training (biking, weightlifting) twice a week. Not easier, but much more do-able.

Anyway. New paths, new job, new marathon training plan, it's all good. I get to meet new people tonight, too. Yay!


Jul. 6th, 2005 08:57 pm
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I am wildly behind on all of my message boards, so I hope someone will let me know if any of the places catch fire or summat.

I got a gig assistant directing Flaming Guns Of The Purple Sage in the fall. Yay! I've been wanting to work with the director forever, so this is a great opportunity.

My new jobs is great. Mellow people, interesting work, it's all good. The only drawbacks are the lack of windows in our area, but I can deal with that. We're not that high off the ground, so I can be outside in a matter of seconds. Well, okay, and my monitor faces a main trafficway, but this is why privacy screens were invented. My old job called me FIVE TIMES yesterday to ask about various things. FIVE. And they emailed twice today! Sheesh. Here's hoping it was just panic.

Um, okay, I think that's all. Looking forward to [livejournal.com profile] mearagrrl's visit this weekend, and my birthday the weekend after that. Hope to get caught up sometime.....
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That's how long I had been on that floor at Big!Bank. Things changed around me, I got shifted to various groups and had 5 different managers, but my work world was pretty constant for 3 years. Now, NSM. It's good. I'm going to a better position with more pay, and it's not like I'm stuck in my new job. If it doesn't work out, I'm free to hop jobs in 1 year - a shorter period of time if I find a non bank job, but I'm not looking too hard anymore. I'm still looking for arts admin jobs, but not as hard.

So. Had Green Mill ordered in for lunch yesterday and then was taken out to Ike's for happy hour. It was fun, and I didn't have to pay for anything, so yay me. After everyone else left, the coworker who is in a band - J - and I went down to the Market for much cheaper drinks and some darts. After that, we met up with Z at our place, and then J went home and Z and I went to the Mill for some food.

Weirdest thing of the day yesterday - my boss (now ex, huzzah!) gave me a hug and got very choked up about my departure. Whatev.

Today, I'm going to wander into Uptown and deposit the small financial windfall that has come our way and that we are using to pay off the treadmill, with a possible stop at D'Amico for lunch. There will also be a run in there of 8-12 miles. I'm a little muzzy-headed right now, so I hope the sunshine and the walk will clear my mind.

How is everyone else doing?
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As in not being able to be online that much, but it is in the service of the greater good, AKA new job.

Today is my last day here! Whee!! Yay! General boinginess! There will be Green Mill for lunch and Happy Hour at Ike's after work. Yummy.

Then, 3-day weekend and NEW JOB on Tuesday. Yay!

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye

So. Anyhoo. In non-gloaty news, please consider yourself hugged, high-fived, licked, or whatever else you need in the interim until I am able to resume standard levels of slacking.

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If our IT Communications Department sends out 2 urgent emails saying that we're being phished and not to open any email with any nonstandard variation of Corp!Name or with certain text that they then quote, why in the hell do you forward said phishing email to the admins and ask us if the email is for real? Read the urgent emails, delete the phishing fucker and go on. Jeebus.

It was a good night last night. Z & I made dinner (shrimp & whole-wheat pasta with a soy-miso sauce), and watched Barton Fink, and then took a walk down to the store. I'd not seen the movie before, and it had been ages ago for Zach, so it made a good second choice. It was our second choice because we had originally planned to watch Blade Runner (which I've also not seen), but we discovered that NetFlix had sent us the Director's Cut. However, after talking to a friend that called as we were in the middle of Barton Fink, we've decided to give the Director's Cut a chance, and make sure to watch the theatrical release soon after, so as to compare and contrast. So, we have Blade Runner for next Monday. Hopefully we won't overschedule ourselves again and crowd out our date night - until we hit rehearsals for Fringe, of course.

Barton Fink though - I think I loved it. I'm not sure, since I take some time to process Coen films, but I'm definitely in favor of it right now. So strange. So disturbing. And John Goodman is So. Damn. Good. This makes it 3 for 6 films of the Coens that I've seen and liked: Barton Fink, The Hudsucker Proxy, and O Brother, Where Art Thou?. I'm so-so on Fargo, and have never been able to sit all the way through Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski.

I've been watching the Lord Of The Rings trilogy (theatrical release) as I've been running on the treadmill. Actually, I finished Return Of The King this morning. Now I need to buy the Extended Editions and watch those. Watching while I'm running makes me lose some of the nuance, but it sucks me right in to the grand scope of the thing. Of course, it also poses problems at certain points - I choke up easily during most of The Two Towers and at quite a few points of Return Of The King. I still think "flaaaaaaming DEATH!" at Denethor's passing, however. Personal experience shows that neither girly weeping nor hysterical laughter are conducive to attaining my V02 max, but at least it passes the time.

Favorite Tony Headline: Monty Python's SPAMalot Wins 5, no, 3 Tony Awards

Tonight, we see She Loves Me at the Guthrie. I'm meh on the show, but the tickets are free, so what the hell. I will get to see friends perform, and that is a good thing.
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I've done this one before, but it's been a while.

The drill:

Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me.
(don't tell me what it is)

Run a google image search on that word

Reply to this entry and post a picture from that search

Put this in your journal, so others can do the same, if you haven't already


Hmmm. My brain just got eaten by this Clay Shirky article - A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy. Hmmmm. [livejournal.com profile] suelac always has the most interesting links.

We are on track to sell out Saturday's performance of Streetcar, and may quite possibly sell out tonight, as well. Yippee kai yai, muthafucka.

Had an interview today, and she seemed to really like me - so much so that I'm going back on Wednesday to meet with her boss and other members of potential group. Sweet. I liked what I heard about the position, and it would definitely be a challenge. Something new is very needed right now. I'd rather have the development gig with the Francophile theater, but almost any ticket out of here is a good one.

[livejournal.com profile] chikat would be pleased - I sang "Blaze Of Glory" at karaoke on Wednesday. 'Twas fun.

Almost home. Almost.
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Look, lady. If you've pressed "0" once and rolled out to me, and I tell you I'm going to transfer you to someone else's voicemail and that you should leave a message for him, what in holy hell makes you think you should press "0" again?? And when you do, why are you surprised that I answer the fucking phone again? Especially on the third fucking time we've done this little dance?

I'd love to give you better customer service, I really would. However, I'm working within certain constraints, and you're really not helping me here. Just leave the man a message. He'll call you back. I swear. In fact, I swear a lot. Goddamnfuckingidiotwillyoupleasefuckinglistengotohellllllllllllllllllll
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Yessir, it's been 6 months since I decided to take a header off of a veranda. Another 10 days, and it will have been 6 months since my surgery to correct the damage caused by said header. 2 titanium plates, countless Percosets, and half a year later, I am here. Now I get to go to the doc and find out if any nasssssty bloodborne illnesses found their way in during all of that excitement in various hospitals. If the answer is negative, I get to get another tattoo. Yay!

My bodily recovery has been nothing short of amazing. None of my dentists nor the CT scan tech could tell that there had been any damage to my right cheekbone (until they started working on the affected area, of course). I wonder if it's too late to send a thank you to the ENT specialist who restored my face?

The mental recovery - we know how that's going. Slowly, slowly....

I have to move cubes today. Not only that, but I'm also the one in charge of moving all of the mail station crap. Not that that's ever been expressly pointed out to me, but I know it just the same, because I am the maid of the floor. I'm sure I'll do it wrong, just like I set up the copy room wrong (oh horrors, I set it up how it would be best and easiest for me to use it, because I'm the one who basically lives in there).

Uber-competitive people and perfectionist bosses annoy the everliving fuck out of me. "I *must* win! Ha ha, I won and you didn't! Nyah ne-nyah nyah nyah nyah!" "This isn't the way I want it, and it's your fault. Don't take any initiative, because you won't do it the way I want you to." A hearty fuck you to both classes of people. I wish I could actually say it to faces, but Miss Manners and our bank account forbid such dangerous living.

I ran 9 miles on Wednesday. I meant it to be 10, but I accidentally knocked the Emergency Stop button out at 9 miles and figured it was a Sign. Yesterday, I slept from 6 until 10 and from midnight until 7 this morning. Hmmm. Perhaps one should not run 9 miles and then go out drinking until 1:30 a.m. unless one can sleep in the next day? It's a thought. Since my general health and well-being improves dramatically when I have a 9+ mile run every 10 days (at the very least), I'll have to remember that little fact.

Not much going on this weekend. Take Me Out closes. We have Streetcar rehearsal on Saturday. We found a stage manager for Streetcar! Yay! I'l probably still have to house manage most nights, but that's a better deal. I won't have to watch the show every night - I'll be able to hang out in the lobby and read books. I like that kind of gig.

It's frickin' rainy and cold. Dammit. It's May! I should have packed my winter sweaters a long time ago!

I'd best go pack up my cube. Whee.

What are you planning for this weekend?


May. 2nd, 2005 11:43 am
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Well, it's been a busy time here, boys and girls. Between an entire floor remodel here at work and having to re-cast someone in Richard III, I've been doing my best headless chicken impression.

Richard III - well, the super-condensed Cliff Notes version is that it's a veryvery bad idea to say that you'll only take direction "if it's good" and then make a second threat to quit in front of the producer, the first threat having been directed to said producer approximately 6 weeks prior. Producers tend to take actors up on such things after such behavior. Things could have been handled better all around, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't relieved.

Work - they're gluing down carpet as we're here, so I'm getting pretty sick. Unfortunately, they're already doing all they can to blow the fumes away from our area, so I can either go home or suck it up. I am not best pleased. Actually, I'm pretty pissed, and have been pointedly taking breaks to go outside. In the 35-degree weather. Fuck. In addition, I'm apparently the office roustabout and have been moving crap that should have been taken care of by other people all this past week. I don't see that alleviating any time soon, at least not until mid-June, when we're done with this remodel. The one nice bit is that I'm the one who knows how to work all of the shiny new LCD projectors and assorted equipment. Mmm, shiny new equipment.

Back to the salt mines. We start tech tonight, and apparently the set is already walkable. Rock. On. Hopefully this will be a nice boost to actor morale.
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I'm loving the gallery option.

Underneath the cut-tag, a picture of what my desktop looked like yesterday.

Oh, the Cubesanity! )

I plan to document as many of the tableaus as I can. Currently, they're all reassembled and doing a victory dance.

Must. Get. Cubes Expansion Pack....
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We had quite a few large (275+) mailings that had to go out via overnight mail on Monday. I, being the office bitch, was in charge of coordinating them. I was scrambling from Thursday on to set these fuckers up, with a break on Friday to go to lunch with my boss to discuss my future goals. One mailing went incredibly smoothly, with the only problems being 1) a delay in label printing due to websites being down and 2) one envelope got stuffed with the incorrect items. Both of these were easily corrected and compensated for.

(We waited until Monday to print labels for both sets of mailings, because we did not have confirmation that the mailings could go out until 8 a.m. on Monday. Argh.)

The other mailing, however, did not go smoothly. The website going down ended up voiding about 100 labels, the other website going down meant absolutely no labels from them, the printing of materials to be stuffed was severely delayed, the alphabetizations of the label database and the material database were wildly mismatched, and we couldn’t get started until approximately 4 p.m. A lot of people stayed to help sort things out and write labels. Most people stayed until 8. I left (with the person in charge of the mailing’s permission) at 6:15, because 1) I Had been working on it for the past 3 days and 2) I had rehearsal that night, and we’re awfully close to cue-to-cue. (I normally leave at 4:30.)

Mind you, that entire situation had me stressed to the gills and upset. I was already stressed with trying to make sure everything was in place for both of those huge mailings as well as 20 other smaller ones, and then to have such royal FUBARs going on was very upsetting. The topper came the next morning, when my boss chewed me out for leaving when I did. Fine, her prerogative, although I think it sets a dangerous precedent, but what can I do? The worst part, though, came when the person that had been in charge of the FUBARed mailing decided to give everyone On The Spot Awards as a thank-you, and my boss told her not to give one to me. Now, I don’t really give a shit about On The Spots since they’re not worth much, but it’s always a very nice gesture. And to have my boss tell this other woman that I didn’t deserve one because I left early? And when the woman stood up for me and said that she had told me to leave when I did, my boss told her that it wasn’t her place to tell me when I could go. I still got the award, because the other woman rocks, but I haven’t been able to look my boss in the eye all week.

I haven't talked to my boss about it yet, nor have I (as some people have told me to do) gone to her superior (who is a very cool guy). I've been waiting until the rage dies down and I can be somewhat reasonable. And now he's out of town. So, that's fun.

I got my annual review today. 3 out of 5 possible, so I’ve Met or Exceeded Some Expectations. However, she made sure to tell me that she rated me a little higher than she thought I deserved on one key area, because it had been such a chaotic year. Thank you for noticing.

Lastly, some tax problems from 1999 have risen up to bite me on the ass, and I’ve spent all week (when I’ve not been running from fire to fire at work) trying to correct them.

So, yeah. That’s why I haven’t been around a lot lately. Fuckin’ whee…..
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V. bored at work. Have been productive little office monkey for a full week. Now have nothing of interest to do. Pfah.

Am amusing myself by figuring out Lucio's make-up in Measure For Measure. I think something like him combined with the Emcee (or this version, hee!) and Velvet Goldmine (JRM is entirely fey, by the way). Maybe using MAC photos as a template.

As is usual, I am exhausted. But more so. It's as bad as it was when I came back to work the first time. Bleagh.

Also, itchy. It's incredibly fucking dry everywhere I go, and it's been pretty damn cold, too. Neither of which help my face, which is still a mite swollen, and FUCKING ITCHES as a result. Gnargh. It's inside itching, so all of the Vitamin E oil I slather on isn't doing a goddamn thing. Feh.

But at least I get to look at the pretty mens in the makeup. Yup. Also, my home wasn't washed away by a tsunami. So, life's actually pretty good. I'll be over here.


Nov. 9th, 2004 12:36 pm
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What herb are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Let's see, what else is going on?

I saw Helen Thomas speak on Friday. She was... impassioned. I quite enjoyed the talk, but about 50 people (out of 2,000) left during her remarks. Their loss. One of the women who organized the event (it was sort of a "rah-rah women" event) said that they had expected her to be more positive and talk about being a trail-blazer in the Washington press corps. I can't help but laugh and wonder exactly who they thought they were getting.

Inherit The Wind rehearsals have started. I'm trying to figure out when I can meet with my actor for Santaland Diaries.

Just trying to maintain my personal haven in the face of the national adversity.

To that end, I finally kicked my ass into running this morning, after an almost two-week hiatus. One of the hallmarks of my SAD is a week-long discombobulation following any sort of Daylight Savings adjustment. It can get nasty.

I swear, one of the best sights available in the Cities is the southwest corner of Lake of the Isles as sunrise makes its first beginnings. The midnight-blue giving way to coral sky reflected on the lake, with the Minneapolis skyline visible in the distance. So pretty.

Also speaking of pretty, we saw the Northern Lights on Sunday night!! Yay borealis!!! Zach had never seen them before, and I've missed them so. It was a pale-green curtain, just above the horizon. Lovely.

Still contemplating career moves. We shall see....
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Okay, notsomuch. I just always have that song running through my head on Easter.

It's been a nice enough weekend. Zach and I went to a housewarming party last night for a couple very good friends of ours. They bought a house this past month, they're getting married in July, and she's pregnant and due in late October. I guess I'm not the only one pushing boundaries in 2004. But they seem happy and healthy and well, so it's all good.

Z's mom saw the show last night, which made me very happy. She's not been out much in the past year, so any socializing is a treat.

Friday was the after-work in-office party that I alluded to earlier. It was nice enough for having to socialize at work. I had picked out some fantastic wines (thanks be to corporate for picking up the tab), and the food was delicious, and everyone seemed happy. I only had a glass or so, but it knocked me a little further on my butt than I had anticipated. Sort of nervous-making when I had to do a show in a few hours. It was fine, but yipes. Neither Zach nor I have the tolerance that we used to, and I don't think either of us have adjusted yet.

Apartment - still iffy. I'm leaning towards taking it, but I'm still unsure.

Reception - still iffy. Haven't heard back from the space yet.

Allergies - knocking me on my ass. This is by far the worst I've ever had them. No good.

Gronk. Show tonight. Only 30 reservations on the book. They'd better be loud laughers....


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