Jul. 1st, 2008 10:38 pm
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It started in California.

The elders would say it started in New York, or New Orleans, or even Chicago. Cities steeped in tradition and lore. The historians might even trace it back to Eastern Europe, or the jungles of Haiti. The places where traditions begin.

But this? This started in California. Specifically, it started in San Francisco, home to transients and romantics, most vibrant at night, where no one will look twice at anyone else, no matter how lurid or outlandish. It spread through the underworld and spilled up into the bars and clubs, places packed with beautiful people looking for the next fun thing.

It's so easy to disappear in San Francisco. Easier than you think.


May. 24th, 2007 10:56 am
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I find myself obsessed with myths and storytelling lately. Well, moreso than usual. I've re-read American Gods, I'm reading the Arden versions of Hamlet and Macbeth, I'm researching the Bible, and Virgil is always in my head, whispering.

Wonder why. I wonder what I'm processing that's requiring these cycles. Maybe it's a response to putting a myth on my back.
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You know...

I had caught the awesome print of a Haida or Tlingit raven on the wall of the professor's office in "Tall Tales", but then I got so caught up in LAUGHING MY ASS OFF that I forgot about it.

Someone stop me before I go through all of the screencaps looking for Coyote & Ananse & Monkey &...

Also, [ profile] kroki_refur's "Tall Tales" picspam is a thing of hilarious beauty. Oh, show.
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I normally don't let myself indulge in the "What if?" game, because it would too easily consume me and/or I get irritated with the wondering about a moot point. However, in this case, not only is it a moot point (for most people), it's been a moot point since before I was born. The question?

Who would I be if I had been born a male? Who would I have become in place of Juliana?

Let's start with the obvious - name. I would have been named Kevin, most likely. I can't imagine myself as a Kevin. The uncle I would have been named after eventually drank himself to death, and the other Kevins I've known have been nice enough, but not especially quirky. More nerdy, which is a distinct possibility. I may have actually gone behind my mother's back to play D&D (she banned it during that period of "D&D causes your children to worship Satan and commit suicide!" hysteria), instead of bowing to the anti-nerd pressure from my girl friends.

I probably still wouldn't have played any organized sports in high school. I definitely wouldn't have been a cheerleader. I doubt I would have had the build to play rugby in college. I also doubt that I would have gone to Gustavus.

The dynamic between my father and me would most certainly have been worse - a replay of the dynamic between him and his father.

I would have been angrier as a teenager. Much angrier (but probably happier in college and beyond. Go figure). Extrapolating from that, I probably would have listened to much more punk and metal. Considering where I grew up, probably metal. I probably would have smoked a lot more pot.

I would probably still have gone all swoony over the idea of The Vampire Lestat and being a vampire. Some things are more a product of teenagerdom than gender.

I probably (and this is a statement of great danger) would have been a better actor. The things that trip up my acting are problems that female performers - comedians especially - run into all the time. The need to be liked. The need to be accepted. The need to look good. The fact that if a woman is tough, she's a bitch, but if a man is tough, he's sexy. If a woman complains, she's whining. Shit like that, both mental and external.

I have no idea of what my sexuality would have been. I'm sure I would have been straight or straight-acting in high school, because Fairbanks is very much a small town and it's hella dangerous to step outside the norms there.

Beyond high school is really a cipher to me. I can imagine what a young & a teenaged male me would have been like, but the events that led to me going where I did for college were so very random that I can't make an educated guess on what an XY version of me would have done.

So. That's a possibility of what would have been me. What about you? What if you had been born a different gender?


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